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The Debt Rape

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The Debt Rape

The ropes were tight, the gag secure, he could move his head a bit but that was about it as he struggled in the chair. It was fun watching the blonde, surf-bum, failure of a man strain and try to threaten him through his tight gag. His red swim trunks rode up his leg and his white t-shirt stretched across his chest.

"Unemployed, in debt, and leeching off a hot little thing like Charlotte. You owe twenty G’s and believe me we collect one way or the other. This is going to be a little show of what can happen." Marcus punched his victim in the jaw, then grabbed his hair to look him in his infuriated eyes. "She should be home any time now right?" He put the silenced end of his .380 automatic under Billy’s chin. "Shouldn’t she?" He nodded.

Not much later the key was heard at the door and in walked Charlotte. She looked beautiful in a pale yellow sweater and blue slacks, her curves perfectly accentuated and every bit the professional legal secretary. The long dark mane cascaded down over her shoulders until it stopped mid way down her back. As soon as she saw Billy bound and gagged in the center of the front room of their San Diego home she screamed and dropped her bag, running to the chair and trying to undo the binds. That’s when Marcus came out from the kitchen and put the gun to her temple.

"Back away, Charlotte. Stand in the center of the room."

"Oh god, please don’t hurt us. What do you want? Money? What?" Charlotte backed up, her hands up, her dark eyes staring at the struggling Billy, still screaming muffled threats. Finally her frightened gaze looked at Marcus. "Please don’t do this....we’ll give you what we have and not say anything...."

"Your husband here owes some money to some people and this is payback." Marcus put the gun to Billy’s crotch.

"No, please don’t hurt him!" Charlotte screamed, fighting back sobs.

"I won’t hurt him if you behave yourself. You see I want him to watch you pay his debt."

" you......mean?"

"I mean strip off your sweater and pants," Marcus said coldly. "Billy, think she’s wearing panties?" He gave the bound man an elbow to the face.

"Stop! Please!" Charlotte’s hand trembled as she stood there staring at Billy and then at Marcus. "What do you mean he owes some money? To who, what about?"


"He can tell you that later. Come on baby, show me you love him by being a good girl."

Marcus could feel his cock hardening inside his khaki pants as he tugged his black polo from his waist band, staring at Charlotte’s indecision. When he snapped back Billy’s little finger to an agonized muted scream, she finally pulled her sweater up and off.

"The pinky isn’t that important to the hand anyway," Marcus laughed.

Charlotte then fiddled slowly with her pants button but finally lowered them as she slipped off her shoes. Now nervously fidgeting and covering up, she stood shaking, looking down. Marcus ordered her to put her hands on her head and she reluctantly complied.

"Yellow lace bra and panties, Billy. I bet you fuck her all the time. Is she good?" Billy looked at Marcus with intense hatred, but Marcus just laughed. Charlotte was crying softly, staring at the floor, quietly pleading for Marcus to leave them alone. "On your knees Charlotte, hands remain on your head." The young, beautiful woman lowered to her knees. "Arch your back a little sweetheart, let me see those tits."

Marcus came up and let his fingers trace the mounds of soft flesh inside the lace cups, 36C he guessed, firm, natural. Charlotte was a gorgeous creature, tanned, toned, just scrumptious. "I could kill Billy, and walk on out, leave you be.... no problem. My people can help me disappear. Should I just do that and save you this trouble?" He pointed the gun at the bound man while he squeezed her left breast.

"NnnooooooOoooooo," Charlotte cried.

"Okay, let go of your head....and pull down my pants, briefs too."

As Charlotte cried, her tears streaking her cheeks with hints of mascara, she undid the buckle and snap, tugging his pants down revealing his hard cock. He stepped to the side and told Charlotte to do the same.

"I want Billy Boy to have a good view. You watch Billy, if I see you looking away, I’ll kill her." Then Marcus looked down at Charlotte and put the barrel of the gun to her mouth, her thick lips trembling with terror. He smiled as he heard his tied up captive trying again to scream and threaten. "You want to suck my gun or my cock? Either of them can cum in your mouth, but one has a little more bang than the other." He let the barrel slip past her lips but Charlotte turned her head away. "Or I can just end this......" he took a step toward Billy and Charlotte screamed again.

"Gun or cock, bitch? Say it."

"C...c....cock," Charlotte whispered.



"Tell Billy you wanna suck my cock to pay his debt."

"I’m going to suck....his" Charlotte broke down and sobbed, but then straightened up and finished the statement.... "pay your debt." Billy shook his head no, screaming, but Marcus took a handful of hair and slid his cock into his captive’s wife’s warm mouth.

"Don’t even think about biting me or I will give you and Billy a lesson in pain you’ll never forget." Marcus moaned and smiled at Billy as Charlotte moved her face back and forth along his shaft, her eyes pouring out tears, masses of black streaks permeating her face. "She’s a pretty good cocksucker, Billy Boy." To Billy’s wife- " Charlotte dear, slip that bra off while you suck, don’t you let your mouth come off.."

Charlotte winced but did as she was ordered, never stopping her movements as she reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it slide forward and on to the floor. While Marcus watched her service him, he kept glancing at his captive, laughing, and slapping the bulbous tits of the man’s poor wife.

"Moan over my cock, sweetheart, show him you like this." Charlotte sobbed but kept on sucking. "Well I guess I can accept that as a moan." He slapped her tits harder, getting wincing vibrations from her unwilling face. Part of Marcus wanted to grab her head and fuck her mouth, brutalizing her, but making Billy watch his wife perform was far better torture for both of them. He could feel his cock stiffen to pre-cum stages and so he pulled her face off by her hair.

"Tell Billy you wanna lick my balls." Charlotte just cried and again pleaded for him to leave them alone. He pressed the gun to her left nipple.

" his...balls."

Marcus pulled her face to his sack and felt her lick slightly, but mostly sob into his flesh, his eyes stared at Billy. "See what your wife has to do to save your deadbeat ass? Did we come to you, Billy? Or did you come to us?" He moved Charlotte’s face back and forth before pulling her to her feet with a tight grip of hair and the gun to her throat. "I think it’s time I fucked this whore. You see, this is a debt rape, rather than a date rape. Get it?"

Dragging her to the dining room table, Marcus pushed Charlotte face down and spread her legs, her toes barely on the floor. "Don’t you dare move." He went to his bag and pulled out an elastic band with cuffs. He secured her wrists to each side of the table with the band traveling under, holding her in place.

"Please....please stop.......I will pay much money is it?" Charlotte coughed from her crying, letting her forehead rest on the shiny wood of the table.

"Twenty thousand dollars, Baby," Marcus said as he took out a knife, sliding it along her soft inner thighs. "Hold still my little slut." He sliced her yellow lace panties open and then off.

"Twenty thousand? I don’t understand. We don’t have near that much," she cried, her body struggling against the table.

Marcus gave Billy another punch in the face and then put toothpicks in his eyes to keep him from shutting them. "You will watch me fuck your wife and know that unless we get paid, it will be worse next time." He then moved up behind Charlotte and spanked her ass hard, THWACK!!!!!

"He gambled five thousand and lost and now it has risen to twenty. This is the kind of a man you have, Charlotte." Marcus spanked her ass again, harder...THWACK!!!! He then slid a hand between her legs and stroked her shaven slit. "It’s a little damp, not really wet.....but.....I think I can get my cock inside."

"Don’t! Please! I can pay you in installments."

Marcus grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. "This IS an installment. The next time I’ll take you down to the city and let one of the gangs have you for a night. Plenty of them owe us a favor."

As Charlotte screamed, Marcus pushed his cock into her slit, it was tight, fighting, but he rammed it in. Soon he was thrusting himself into her unwilling breach, raping her for Billy to watch. With every stab of his sword, his victim grunted a screaming cry, while Billy had fallen silent, watching helplessly, desolate, as his wife was used and abused.

"My offer to just kill Billy and walk away still stands," Marcus yelled as he grinded his cock into her hole. "Well?"

"Just get this over-with. I will try and get you the money." Charlotte was sniffling, trying to get herself together. Marcus knew she must be a strong woman and therefore needed to broken further.

"You ever butt-fuck her Billy?"

"Noooo Pleeeeease," Charlotte screamed.

"You’re a deadbeat’s whore, Charlotte." Marcus told her, ramming his cock into her slit harder, deeper. "Say it, or you’ll get it in the ass."

"I’m a deadbeat’s....whore...."



Marcus fucked her mercilessly, ripping into her savaged pussy, spanking her ass with hard hands, THWACK THWACK THWACK, and then twisted her hair tight and turned her face to Billy. "Tell him to his face!"

As Charlotte began to speak, Marcus pulled out and pushed into her tight ass, making her squeal out a high pitched scream. "Tell him now or it will get worse!" He repeatedly shoved his cock into her most private hole.

"I’m a...deadbeat’s......WHORRRRRRE."

Marcus pulled out of her ass and moved up along the side of the table, pulling her face over, her arms stretching with the elastic. He shot his cum all over her mouth and face and shoved her head viciously to the wood.

"Women who pick dumb guys, pay a price," Marcus said. "Unemployed and gambling your money and you allow it. Who is the loser, Billy or you, Charlotte?"

Marcus dressed quickly and packed his bag. He’d already raided Charlotte’s jewelry chest and he’d taken some other valuables in an effort to recoup some of the loss. There was no sense in taking it further, they didn’t have the means to pay.

"I’m leaving you two now." Marcus let Charlotte feel the silencer of his gun inside her slit. "Should I shoot her Billy? I mean would you want her back?" Billy screamed through his gag, the chair leaving the floor and falling to the side.

Charlotte cried and begged for her life. "Please don’t kill me. I’ll try and get your money and I’ll say nothing. Pleeeeease."

"Billy caused this, not me." Marcus slid the silencer from her pussy and kissed the small of her back. "You’re a sexy woman, Charlotte. You just remember that it’s him that caused this turn of fate for you." Marcus moved to the door. "I’m sure someone will be by soon enough." He left the house and soon was driving away.



Marcus made a call to the city as he drove down the freeway.

"Yeah?" It was Cedric.


"I’m done with them, Cedric. You and your guys can go get them. They don’t have much money, so get rid of Billy. You and the boys can have fun with her for a night, but not too rough, no broken bones. I want her to bring enough to recoup most of our loss."

"You got it, Man!"

If his body is found, or she somehow escapes, believe me you and your gangbangers will be die slowly. Am I quite clear?"

"Chill, man."

"No cummin inside her, you cum ON her, not in her."

"Yeah, yeah."

"In a couple days some friends from the middle east will be in town and they’ll pay some good money for her. She’ll be a good desert whore somewhere and then we can split the dough. Got it?"

"You bet, man. Excellent."

"Call me in a day or two." Marcus clicked the phone shut, then opened it back up....


"Hi honey.....yeah...long day......I’m on my way home. How you and the kids get ready and we’ll go out for dinner?"



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