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The Three Sisters

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The Three Sister's

The months of preparation were about to pay off. The last light inside the house had been turned off. But Andrew still waited. He'd been waiting for more than a year, there was no sense in blowing everything now by not waiting one more hour. He patted the satchel bag that sat beside him on the seat, reassuring himself that he hadn't forgotten to bring anything.

Inside the house were his unsuspecting victims. Three sisters. He'd found them more than a year earlier, when he was working as a home security consultant, installing the alarm system in their house. He had been obsessed with them ever since, and had spent much time and money researching them, learning everything he could.

The oldest girl, Charlene, and the middle one, Jess, shared the same parents. But their father was a drunk who abandoned the family shortly after Jess's birth. The youngest, Stephanie, was the product of the mother's trust with a stranger while vacationing in Spain two years later. The mother and two fathers managed to create three beautiful girls. They were spaced about three years apart, and were now aged nineteen, sixteen and thirteen. Almost as a bonus, they were blonde and brunette, respectively. They were also alone. A year and a half ago, their mother was killed in a car wreck. Unable (and unwilling) to locate Charlene's and Jess's father, and having no close relatives able to take them in, they had successfully petitioned the courts to grant Charlene, at age eighteen, guardianship of her two younger sisters. Since then Charlene had been working full time and going to college at night. Between her paychecks and her sister's Social Security benefits, along with a modest inheritance and insurance settlement, they were able to provide for themselves adequately.

Andrew's observations had shown him something of the character of the sisters. Charlene had a fairly well-paying job, considering her age and experience. A friend of her mother had taken her under his wing after the tragedy and given her a position as a receptionest with his company. The job was flexible enough to let her concentrate on her college studies, and she was managing to maintain a high "C" average. Charlene had hopes of going into the college's chef program. Between work and school, Charlene had little time for a social life and didn't seem to be romantically involved with anyone. Not seriously, anyway. From what he'd seen of her infrequent dates though, Andrew suspected she might be either a lesbian, or bisexual.

Jess, on the other hand, seemed to have a very active social life. Through a friend's teenage son, who happened to be in the tenth grade with Jess, Andrew had learned that Jess had several "boyfriends", none of whom she dated exclusively. She was a cheerleader, and had something of a reputation as a slut. There was speculation that she had slept with most of the basketball team, and a good part of the football team, though Andrew sensed that his contact may have been exaggerating her "easyness" because she had turned him down when he asked her out. The fact that she had received an "A" in math last semester had raised a few eyebrows as well, considering her otherwise low "C" average. She insisted it was because of the extra "tutoring" she'd gotten from her teacher, Mr. Ballder. Jess was also known to be something of a bitch.

Then there was young Stephanie. Having a different father than her sisters meant she looked a bit different. She had brown eyes to their blue. She was shorter and curvier while her sisters were taller and more slender. Stephanie looked as though she might eventually end up with larger breasts than either of her older sisters. Andrew knew the least about Stephanie, mainly because it was hard to observe her at the junior high school. Being noticed watching the girls there would raise suspicion, which he certainly didn't need. So he'd had to settle for watching her walk home from school, and occasionally observing her at the mall. She didn't seem to have many friends, and at age thirteen didn't date. Stephanie always walked with her head down, as if she hoped nobody would notice her. Her baggy clothes mostly hid her figure, but Andrew had managed to be at the public swimming pool one day when the sisters had been there, and had enjoyed studying young Stephanie's blossoming body in her modest bikini outfit.

At eleven o'clock, heart pounding with anticipation, Andrew quietly got out of his car. The satchel bag in hand, he approached the girl's house. Before doing anything else, he took the remote control from his satchel bag and silently deactivated the security system he'd personally installed last year. Then, hiding behind the bushes beside the house (bushes that he had conveniently neglected to point out as a security hazard) he crept to the window that he knew belonged to young Stephanie's bedroom. From his bag he took an electronic listening device. Bearing headphones he pressed a suction cup microphone to the glass and listened carefully. Stephanie's slow, steady breathing told him that the girl was asleep. Good. The same procedure at two more windows confirmed that the older sisters were likewise slumbering. He returned to Stephanie's window.

It was a simple matter to get the window open, especially since the blonde youngster had foolishly left the latch undone. Andrew reached inside and quietly placed his bag atop the chest of drawers beside the window. Then, taking pains to be silent, he gently eased his body through the window. Inside, he stood stock still and listened for anything that might indicate he'd been heard. Nothing. As his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, he was able to locate the girl's stereo, positioned conveniently next to her bed. He checked the CD that was in the player. Slipknot. Perfect. He looked at the sleeping teenager. She was on her back, just as he'd hoped. That position would make things much easier. Taking his satchel bag from the chest of drawers, Andrew opened it and selected three items: a large, scary-looking knife, a ball gag, and a short length of rope. Standing up, he took a deep breath and let it back out, slowly. This was it. No turning back now.

With the gag and rope in one hand and the knife tucked in his belt, Andrew leaned over the sleeping girl. Moving quickly, he simultaneously pressed one hand to Stephanie's chest and his mouth to hers. As expected, she woke with a start. It took a second for her to realize she wasn't alone. Her scream was effectively muffled by Andrew's mouth covering hers. He kept his mouth locked to hers, while his hand on her chest held her down until she finally stopped struggling. He could feel her heart pounding rapidly. She was breathing quickly, but through her nose because her mouth was covered. When she finally stilled, Andrew carefully replaced his mouth with his hand, which he kept clamped in place while he climbed on top of the girl. She was still under the covers, so Andrew's knees served to tighten them over her. Only her head was exposed.

"Okay," Andrew whispered, "I'm going to uncover your mouth for a moment. I don't want you to scream. I don't want you to make any noise. Promise me you won't scream." The girl nodded frantically, terror in her eyes. "Good girl. Remember your promise." He moved his hand a fraction of an inch, and the girl was good for her word and didn't scream. She whispered when her mouth was free. "Please, mister, don't hurt me! I'm only thirteen! Don't hurt me!" A few tears welled at the corners of Stephanie's eyes. "I know you're only thirteen," Andrew whispered back. "That's why I like you." He saw a flicker in the girl's eyes when he said that. "Y-you like me?" Stephanie whispered back, looking right into Andrew's eyes.

"Yes, I like you very much. Now, I need you to do what I say, okay?" The young girl nodded. "Good. I need to put this in your mouth and fasten the straps behind your head." Andrew held up the ball gag. "So open your mouth wide for me." The girl obeyed, and was still as the ball was placed into her mouth and the straps were buckled at the back of her head. "Now, I want you to hold your wrists out to me." Andrew lifted himself up off the girl, enough that she could get her arms free and raise them up to him. When she did, he tied them together with the rope. "There. I'm going to get off of you now. I want you to keep still." Carefully, he climbed back off the bed. Next he pulled the covers off of the trembling, frightened girl. Her nightclothes consisted of a thin tank top and white panties. The shirt clung to her small breasts, and her fear-hardened nipples were clearly visible. She looked so sexy lying there that Andrew was tempted to take her right then. But it wasn't time.

Andrew helped her into a sitting position and then sat beside her. They were both facing the bedroom door. "So, you like Slipknot?" he asked her. She nodded. "Do your sisters like him?" Stephanie shook her head vigorously. "They probably like those boy bands, don't they?" The girl rolled her eyes and nodded. Andrew decided that she was taking her situation surprisingly well. "Well, since they don't like your favorite band, I wonder what will happen when I do this!" Andrew reached for the stereo and turned the volume knob all the way up. Then he hit the ‘play' button. Only a few seconds after the raucous heavy metal started blasting from the speakers, the bedroom door flew open. As Andrew had expected, it was Jess who had come to deal with the noise, since her bedroom was right next to Stephanie's. She was already yelling before she turned on the light. "Dammit, Steph! Turn that shit off..." her voice trailed off when the lights came on and she saw a strange man holding a knife to the throat of her little sister. "Oh my god! Steph..." She looked with panic at Andrew. "She's only thirteen!"

"Yes, yes, I know she's thirteen!" Andrew responded, turning the loud music off. "And you're sixteen. Now, instead of standing there looking stupid, how about calling your nineteen-year-old sister in here. We're going to have a little party." There was a mocking tone to Andrew's voice. When Jess didn't obey his order immediately, but instead stood there staring at the two of them, he pressed the knife harder against Stephanie's throat. The knife was actually just a prop, dull as a spoon, but Jess didn't need to know that. "Call her!"

"Charlene?" Jess called down the hallway. "Charlene, you'd better come in here! Hurry!"

Judging by the speed with which the brunette haired sister arrived, she must have been already on her way. "What's going on in here..." Charlene stopped abruptly, obviously very groggy, but suddenly awake once she realized what was happening. Andrew could see her trying to fight down her own panic. She looked at him, then at her youngest sister. "Has he hurt you, Steph?" When Stephanie shook her head, Charlene looked at Andrew, fire in her eyes. "You bastard! You'd better not have hurt her! She's only thirteen!" Andrew rolled his eyes. "Well, I'm glad we all agree that this cute little girl is thirteen! Since we all agree on that, perhaps the two of you," Andrew motioned to the girls at the doorway, "will agree that you need to take off your clothes." They just stared at him with horrified expressions on their faces. "I said, take off your clothes! All of them!" He emphasized his command by making a cutting motion with the knife across Stephanie's throat. And he was sure he heard a muffled groan from her. "You first" he said to Charlene.

Charlene's night clothes consisted of a over sized t-shirt and a black thong. Never taking her eyes off Andrew and her sister, she pulled the shirt off. Her bare breasts were now fully exposed. Andrew's mouth watered at the sight of the smooth, perfect, round c-cups with their small, pink nipples. Charlene's face wore a look of pure hatred as she next lowered her thong to the floor and stood there naked. Andrew smiled at her shaved pubes. At Andrew's order, she turned around slowly to show him her firm, round butt.

Satisfied, Andrew nodded at Jess. "Your turn."

Jess stared defiantly at him. She was wearing a long, sheer black nightgown with the top half see-through, so Andrew had already had a good view of her breasts. But as she dropped the gown to the floor Andrew was able to admire her twin globes better. Jess's tits were smaller than Charlene's, but her nipples were bigger. When her panties came off Andrew saw that her dark patch of pubic hair was neatly trimmed in a straight line, but Jess's skin was so uniformly pale that Andrew doubted she spent much time in the sun. Her body was more curved than Charlene's.

With the two older girls now naked, Andrew stood up and helped Stephanie to her feet. "Now, let's all go downstairs to the basement. Lead the way, Charlene." The basement was windowless, so there would be no telltale shadows visible to neighbors and passersby. The below-ground basement would also silent the amount of noise that might alert outsiders that something was wrong in the house. Andrew remembered that the basement was furnished, and hoped it still contained the same stuff that he remembered. The satchel bag in one hand and Stephanie's arm in the other, he followed Charlene and Jess to the basement stairs. Before they descended he said to them, "When you get to the bottom, just stand there. I want you to stay right where I can see you." Once Charlene and Jess were at the bottom of the stairs Andrew and Stephanie followed. He then ordered the older girls to the opposite side of the room. Looking around, he saw that the room was still arranged just as he remembered it. Beside him was a small bar, though it was not stocked with alcohol due to the ages of the girls. There were three barstools. In the center of the room was a pooltable. At the other side of the room, where the two sisters stood, looking very scared, was a sofa. The room also contained a TV, and a couple more stuffed chairs. Best of all, there was a heavy wooden post near one wall, and an exposed beam across the ceiling.

"You two, sit down!" Andrew motioned to the sofa and Charlene and Jess quickly sat down. He guided Stephanie onto one of the stools and then sat beside her. He whispered into her ear, "Are you a virgin?" She nodded. "Good. That's another reason I like you." He noticed she gave him the same wide-eyed look that she'd given him the last time he told her he liked her. He wondered if she really believed him. "Now, I'm going to take this gag off you, okay? But I want you to stay quiet." He unbuckled the straps and took the gag out of the girl's mouth. She was quiet, but worked her mouth a few times to get rid of the stiffness in her jaw. Then she closed her mouth and sat quietly with her tied hands in front of her. "Good girl," Andrew told her. Reaching into his bag, Andrew took out a hammer and a foot long nail. He walked to the wooden post and drove the nail into it, higher than his own head, at a forty-five degree angle. He left about six inches protruding from the post. Returning the hammer to the bag, he pointed to Charlene. "Hold out your wrists." With another short bit of rope he tied Charlene's wrists together, and then did the same with Jess's wrists. "Now," Andrew said to the blonde and brunette, "I expect the two of you to cooperate fully with me. The better you cooperate, the longer your little sister over there will remain safe. He glanced back at Stephanie, finding her sitting there just staring at the proceedings. "Both of you, get on your knees!" Charlene and Jess scrambled to obey, fearing for Stephanie's safety. Andrew reached into his bag again, this time producing a riding crop. He stepped in front of Charlene and opened his pants, and took out his cock. He heard all three girls gasp when they saw his ten-inch tool. Stephanie had a clear view of what was happening. "Okay, Charlene, open your mouth, and take it!"

Afraid of what he would do to Stephanie if she refused, Charlene did as instructed. She wrapped her lips around the head of the dick and proceeded to suck weakly. Her eyes shot upward when Andrew smacked the side of her butt with the crop and ordered her to look at him while she sucked. "And one other thing to keep in mind. Make sure I don't feel even a hint of teeth down there! Teeth might make me think you're being uncooperative." Andrew glanced at Stephanie and then grinned at Charlene. "And suck harder! You act like you've never done this before!" He grabbed her hair with one hand and guided her motions, forcing her to take his cock deeper. He could hear her gagging as the head of his cock banged against the back of her throat. He started holding around 8 inches in her mouth for longer making her gag more, just as it seemed she was about to pass out Andrew looked over at Jess.

Jess was watching wide-eyed, Andrew pushed Charlene away and turned his dick toward the blonde. "Okay, slut, I know that you know how to do this!"
"No! I've never..." Jess's protest stopped mid-sentence when she saw the look on Andrew's face. "I mean, I..."
"Too late, bitch! That's count number one!" He walked over to Stephanie, first taking a pair of scissors out of his bag. With the scissors he cut the shoulder straps of her tank top. "Raise your arms over your head, Stephanie." The young girl readily obeyed, though she perhaps didn't realize what he was doing. Her face was expressionless as she stared at him. She sat still while Andrew pulled her shirt off, leaving her top bare.

Andrew gazed with admiration at the thirteen-year-old's tiny breasts with their puffy, pink nipples. He watched her chest heave up and down with each breath, and saw her cheeks blush. "You have very pretty breasts, Stephanie," he said softly so that only Stephanie could hear. He smiled at her, eagerly awaiting what he was going to do to her. "Now," said Andrew, turning back to Jess, tell me again. Are you going to suck my cock?" This time, Jess nodded her head, frantically. "I thought so. Show me!" He shoved his cock into her mouth and pulled her head down onto it. His cock went easily down her throat. He made her hold his cock there for a few seconds before he started guiding her up and down on his shaft. Tears trickled from her eyes as she stared up at him. A minute later he let go of her head and ordered her to keep it up on her own. She eventually settled into her own rhythm, she wasn't as good as Charlene so it appeared that the rumour's were false and Jess has had near to no experience. Andrew wasn't ready to come yet, so after a few minutes he let Jess stop sucking him. Turning back to Charlene, he took her by the wrists and hauled her to her feet. "Get over here! Up on the pool table with you!" He lifted her onto the pool table, seating her right on the edge. The whole time, he could hear her mumbling under her breath, "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!"

"Now lie down!" Andrew moved her onto her back. Now her butt was still at the edge of the pool table and her legs were hanging over the side. Andrew noticed young Stephanie still watching, wide-eyed. What was she thinking? Andrew next dragged Jess to her feet and forced the blonde to the side of the table. "Get your ass up there!" With the riding crop, he dealt a stinging ‘THWACK!' to her curved ass, and chuckled at her squeal of pain. Hands still tied, Jess awkwardly climbed up onto the pool table. Both Charlene and Jess were motionless, afraid of whatever humiliation was coming next. "I bet you wonder what I have in mind now." Andrew smirked at the two sisters. "Let's see if your cocksucking skills are as good as your pussy eating skills Charlene" He laughed at the shocked expression on there face's. "Didn't your big sister ever tell you she likes girls? Tsk tsk tsk. Secrets between family aren't good!" Andrew looked at Stephanie, and saw her sitting there with her mouth hanging open in disbelief. She was still young enough that lesbians were just something to think about. Her big sister was one?

Jess's expression was just as disbelieving as Stephanie's. Then her expression changed to one of horror when she realized what Andrew was about to make her do. Andrew didn't make her wait long. He stepped between Charlene's legs and positioned the head of his cock at the opening of her shaved pussy. To Jess he said, "Straddle her face! Spread your slut pussy across her mouth!" Charlene cried out, "No! Don't make me lick her! She's my sister! Do whatever you have to do to me but not this... not this..." Andrew sighed. "That's two." Then he stepped back and walked over to Stephanie again. She was trembling. Kneeling in front of her he whispered, "I have to take your panties off now. Okay?" Stephanie nodded slowly. Andrew took hold of the waistband and said, "Raise up a little." When she lifted her butt Andrew slipped the panties off her hips and tugged them down and off her legs. He was surprised when he saw her crotch. Her pubic hair was sparse. There was only a narrow strip of soft hair, just above her slit. He looked up at her and asked, "Do you trim down there?" She replied with "Yes, it makes me feel more comfortable".

Back on his feet, Andrew returned to Charlene and Jess. "Are you going to do as I tell you?" Both blonde and brunette's were weeping. Jess nodded and slowly lowered herself to Charlene's face, lowering her pussy to her older sister's mouth. She shuddered when she felt Charlene's nose brush her asshole.
Now here's the deal. You eat her pussy good and hard. I'm gonna stick my cock inside you and fuck your lezzie brains out. If I come before your sister comes, you're both going to suffer. Got it?" "Yes!" With that, Andrew rammed himself inside the resisting cunt, burying a good 7 inches inside Charlene. He heard her squeal; she'd obviously never had anything as big as his cock in there! At the same time, he saw Jess's body tense up, signalling that Charlene's tongue had gone to work. He fucked the brunette hard. Each stroke of his cock drove deep into her pussy. She writhed uncomfortably, but judging by her sister's reactions her tongue was still working. Andrew amused himself by slapping her bald pubes and hearing her yelp. Looking up, he could see her chin moving rapidly under the dark patch of Jess's pubic fuzz. He slapped Charlene's belly and barked, "Make her come! Do it! Make her come!" Another slap.

Jess, in spite of her distaste for this incestuous lesbian contact, was obviously being affected by her sister's tongue. Tears poured from eyes that were rolled back in their sockets. Her face and jiggling breasts were flushed and gasps came from her mouth. Andrew knew she was close to having an orgasm, and found himself wondering how many orgasms the sixteen-year-old had actually had in her life. She had supposedly slept with several guys, but he knew that high school boys were notoriously unconcerned with their dates orgasms. He intended to let her come before he did, and she did so after a matter of minutes. Charlene's experienced tongue had done its job. It probably would have happened sooner, had Jess been more willing.

Andrew pulled his cock out of Charlene. "Did you like that, Jess?" "No!" she cried.

Chuckling, Andrew said, "I'll bet you'll like a big fat cock in your pussy better, won't you! Get yourself down here! Quickly!" Jess hesitated only a moment, and then climbed off the table seeing her glistering pussy. Andrew grabbed her and put her between himself and Charlene. He held her by the back of the neck and shoved her face into Charlene's crotch. She wailed in misery when Andrew said, "Now, you are gonna do your sister the same favor she just did you! Start licking, slut! Same deal as last time. If I come before she does, the two of you are gonna find out what else I have in that bag! Now lick!" He held Jess's head in place until he was satisfied she was licking, and then he stepped behind her. The blonde's knees nearly buckled when the rapist sank his ten-inch tool into her, allthough he only stuck 7 inches in just like he did with Charlene. A low groan escaped her throat, unbidden. She was still a bit worked up from her tongue-induced orgasm. Andrew raped her very roughly, peppering her pale butt cheeks with hard slaps. Each spank left a clear, red imprint on her. He planned to come first this time. There was little doubt that he wouldn't, Jess had never eaten pussy before and he didn't expect she would be able to produce an orgasm in Charlene. She didn't. A few minutes of fucking Jess triggered Andrew's own orgasm. Feeling its approach, he pulled out of her cunt and forced her by her hair to kneel. Keeping one hand twisted painfully into her blonde hair, he shoved his cock back into her mouth. Just before he exploded he pulled out and stroked himself with one hand as he blasted the unwilling teenager's face with his hot spunk. Before he finished coming, he stuck his cock back into Jess's mouth and ordered her to finish sucking his cum down, cum started overflowing out of her mouth.

Jess's face was still covered with semen when she was forced to stand again. Andrew put his softening cock back into his pants and then said,"Now, as promised, because I came first, we're gonna have some fun! Well, I'm gonna have fun anyway. It probably won't be fun for you!" Andrew reached back into his bag and pulled out another short rope. "Both of you - get to opposite sides of the table!" When the sisters didn't immediately obey, Andrew reminded them, "He would have to take the next step with Stephanie!" Charlene and Jess quickly went to opposite sides of the table. "Good. Now both of you bend over and touch your arms together!" The sisters bent as instructed, their bound wrists stretched out in front of them. Their arms overlapped each other, and Andrew used his rope to tie their arms together. Now they were effectively restraining each other. Neither girl would be able to change position. Going to his bag again, Andrew retrieved a short flogger. He held it so young Stephanie could see it first. Her expression didn't change much, but her eyes got wider. Then he let the older sisters see it. He could see the fear in their eyes. Then he walked behind Charlene. With no further delay, Andrew went to work. He raised the whip and proceeded to flog Charlene's round ass, hard. She screamed in pain as the flogger cut across her ass over and over and over. When she had taken twenty lashes the whipping stopped. Charlene's butt was criss-crossed with red stripes. She was sobbing loudly. The rapist walked around to the other side of the table, and heard Jess begin pleading with him. "Please, no! Please don't! Don't hurt me!"

Andrew grabbed Jess by the hair and yanked her head up. "Shut the hell up, slut! I don't want to hear anything but screams coming out of that mouth!" He let her head drop and then went to work on her ass. He flogged her mercilessly twenty times, just like he'd done to Charlene. Jess's paler skin showed brighter red welts, however, and Andrew was pleased with his handywork. He walked back around to Charlene. Charlene started screaming almost before the lash struck. She thrashed and struggled while Andrew dealt another twenty cruel strokes with the whip. He whipped the backs of her thighs as well as her ass, and more than once the ends of the whip brushed her pussy lips. The pitch of her squeals went up when that happened. When he was done with Charlene, it was back to Jess. Andrew flogged her the same way. She screamed even louder than Charlene when the whip touched her pussy. The next thirty minutes were spent this way. Back and forth, back and forth, Andrew brutally flogged both sisters. The pool table's surface was stained with their tears. Both girls had received hundreds of lashes. Most of the strokes had tormented their asses, but both of them bore red stripes from their shoulders to their ankles. But while the lashes were painful, they were never hard enough to break the skin. Andrew didn't want them damaged. He had long-term plans for them.

The flogger was put back into the bag. The next items out of the bag were two butt plugs and a tube of lubricant. Andrew placed the plugs on the pool table where both Charlene and Jess could see them. "Do you know what these are?" both sisters shook their heads. "Good! This will be entertaining, then!" He picked up one of the plugs and stepped behind Jess. First he spread a thin coating of lubricant onto the plug. Then he reached down with one hand and spread Jess's asscheeks. He heard her yelp in pain at the contact with her tortured buttocks. When he pressed the tip of the plug against her asshole she tensed; sudden realization of what was happening made her cry out. "No! Don't! Not my butt! Noooo!" Andrew just laughed at her panic. As expected, the sixteen-year-old clenched her anus tightly shut. She didn't realize that would only make it more painful when the plug finally penetrated. And Andrew fully intended for the plug to penetrate. With determination, he began to press firmly against the resisting hole. Jess emitted a choked, but long groan of pain. Her legs kicked and she struggled against the ropes that held her helpless. Her resistance was in vain. The narrow tip of the plug eventually forced its way past her defense. After that, inch by inch Jess let out a shreik of pain and it penetrated her ass deeper and deeper. Jess squealed in agony as the rapidly-widening plug slid inside her. Then her sphincter clamped shut around the narrow collar at the base of the plug, effectively sealing it inside her. She cried and squirmed in discomfort.

Now it was Charlene's turn. The second plug was taken up and Andrew moved behind the blonde. She resisted even more fiercely than Jess had, but in the end her ass was plugged as effectively as her younger sister's had been. Now there was one final act to perpetrate upon their bodies. He quickly untied the rope that bound the two girls to each other. He hauled Jess to her feet and forced her to walk to the post he'd driven the nail into. She walked awkwardly, due to the plug in her ass. At the post, Andrew turned her around so her back was to the post. He raised her arms and then hooked her bound wrists over the nail. This left her feet flat on the floor, but the nail was high enough that Jess would be unable to get herself down from it. Likewise, Charlene was tied by another rope to the overhead beam. Out of the bag came two pairs of clamps which were attached to the sister's erect nipples with weights. Andrew grinned at the tears rolling down their faces. Those clamps really hurt they screamed!

"Now, ladies," Andrew said, "I think you should know that I found your resistance to the butt plugs to be very uncooperative!. I'm afraid you've left me with no other choice." He looked to Charlene, and then to Jess, and then back to Charlene. "I will have to see if your little sister Stephanie will be more cooperative!" He watched both bound sisters faces go pale, and saw that they were about to protest. He held up his hand for silence. "I suggest," he said with a grin, "that you remain silent. The louder you protest, the more ‘fun' I'm going to have with Stephanie. Understand?" He got frightened nods of agreement from Charlene and Jess. Now it was time for the part of his plan that he'd been most anticipating: having his way with the thirteen-year-old virgin. He walked to Stephanie and sat beside her. He put an arm around her shoulders, and he felt her nervous tension. Andrew squeezed her to him and whispered in her ear. "Just relax, and it will go easier for you." Stephanie was looking into his eyes as he continued. "It's going to hurt you, but I won't hurt you as bad as I hurt your sisters. I like you better than them." "Let's get started." He quickly untied her wrists.
Pulling the naked young girl across his lap he said, "You will keep your hands in front of you. If you try to protect your ass, it will only get worse for you." As he spoke he was roughly squeezing her butt cheeks with his right hand. He stared at her ass. He'd only seen her body from the front until now, and was delighted to discover the perfection of her ass. Spanking that ass was going to be a lot of fun! The girl was holding herself motionless. That needed to change, so he moved his hand from her butt to the backs of her thighs. He ran his fingertips up and down, between her butt and her knees, then he slipped his hand to the insides of her thighs.

Stephanie started to squirm when the fingers came near her pussy. When he touched her there, she jumped and gasped. "arghhh.." Her legs opened just a bit, and Andrew's fingers pressed hard against her puss. The whole time he was yelling at her, he started to hand spank her. She was really squirming! Andrew concentrated on the spanking now, silent while his hand clapped against Stephanie's firm cheeks. He wondered if she was an athlete, because her muscles felt like they were well-toned. Occasionally, he stopped spanking long enough to rub her pussy, and found her to be very wet! Stephanie reacted with "No! It hurts! It hurts bad! Please stop spanking me! I'll be good!" She was crying for real, which made her pleading sound pitiful enough to get a reaction from her older sisters. "You bastard!" Charlene yelled at Andrew. "Leave her alone! She's just a kid, you son-of-a-bitch! I'll kill you!" Tears were pouring down Charlene's face. "I'll kill you!" She was straining, unsuccessfully, against her bonds. "Bastard..." Charlene broke down in sobs. Jess, on the other hand, had her eyes tightly closed, and was mumbling under her breath. It looked like she was hoping this was all a dream and that everything would be all right when she woke up.

Andrew kept spanking little Stephanie for a good fifteen minutes. He covered her entire ass with his hard hand, from top to bottom, and including the tops of her thighs. When her whole ass glowed bright pink, he started spanking even harder. Stephanie's legs kicked with each SMACK, and she finally reached back to protect her burning butt. Andrew's hand came down on the palm of her hand. He could feel her shaking with sobs. "Didn't I tell you not to reach back? Now you're going to get it even worse!" Andrew lifted the girl off his lap and deposited her roughly on her butt beside him. She squealed at the contact with her butt. "Stay there!" Andrew ordered her. She obeyed, staring at him with eyes brimming with tears. "I'm going to have to tie your wrists again." He carefully did so, then stood up. Andrew went to his bag once more, this time taking out a big wooden paddle. He turned so that Stephanie could see it. The way her eyes widened at the sight. The paddle he held was made of solid oak. It was a half-inch thick, with numerous holes drilled in it. It was six inches wide and eight inches long, not counting the handle. In other words, this was going to hurt. A lot. He could see Stephanie starting to shake.

"You don't like the looks of this, do you?" Andrew grinned at the young girl as he brandished the paddle. "No! Please, don't spank me with that! Please don't!" Her voice was higher than it had been before. Andrew just laughed. "I'm afraid I must. You don't have any choice in the matter. Stand up!"

Trembling with real fear now, Stephanie obediently stood. Was he really going to hit her with that paddle? Momma never spanked with anything that big! Filled with apprehension, she let herself be led from the love seat to the sofa. The man made her bend over the arm of the sofa. Now her face and hands were buried in the seat cushions and her butt was pointed straight in the air. The youngest sister was now positioned so that her older siblings could see everything. Andrew paused to admire the view of her perfectly-shaped, glowing-brunette ass. Then he laid the paddle across that ass so that the girl could feel its weight. With that, Andrew stood and raised the paddle. He took careful aim and then brought it crashing down on Stephanie's tender, upturned butt. WHAM! "AAAAIIIIIEEEEE!" Stephanie's head shot up and her ear-splitting scream filled the room. Motherfucker that hurt! Stephanie could barely think, the pain was so intense!


Andrew paddled extremely hard, and Stephanie shrieked and thrashed and kicked. Jess's eyes were wide open now. Both Jess and Charlene were stunned by the ferocity of the rapist as he beat their little sister! But it was over as quickly as it had begun. The paddling only consisted of twenty blows, though those blows were incredibly hard. Stephanie just laid there, sobbing hysterically. She was given almost no chance to recover. Andrew grabbed her by the hair and hauled her to her feet. He roughly led her over to where Jess was bound, and then forced her to kneel. The petite blonde was shocked when Andrew shoved her face into Jess's crotch and ordered her to lick it. She didn't dare disobey, after the beating she'd just taken. Desperately she stuck her tongue into her sister's pussy and licked, hoping that she was doing it right. Andrew wasn't concerned with whether she was doing it right, of course. At this point he was more concerned with totally dominating the thirteen-year-old and gettin immediate obedience from her. He made her lick Jess for only a minute, and then hauled her over to Charlene and made her do the same there. Finally, he picked Stephanie up and deposited her on her back in the center of the pool table. He grinned at the look of pain on her face when her battered butt hit the hard surface. While she laid there weeping, Andrew got undressed. His erection stood out proudly, eager to at last deflower the virgin blonde.

Climbing onto the table, Andrew straddled the young teenager. He laid his cock between her small breasts and began rubbing it back and forth. She stared back up at him, still crying. "Open your mouth." When she didn't obey quickly enough, he grabbed her left nipple. Pinching it and then twisting it hard enough to make her squeal, he yelled the instruction again. "Open your damn mouth!" The frightened girl obeyed, and was rewarded by getting her mouth stuffed with hard cock. She gagged when the head bumped against the back of her throat. Stephanie had to fight her gag reflex down, fearing it would only make Andrew angrier if she threw up. She let him fuck her face, even sucking on the big rod like she'd seen her sisters do earlier. Maybe he'd be nice to her again if she did that. Andrew pushed his cock in and out of the girl's mouth for several minutes. He could tell her jaw was aching by the time he finally pulled out. It was time. He moved back and pushed Stephanie's legs apart. Cock in hand, he stared down at the sight before him. His pulse quickened and his breaths came shorter. He hadn't originally intended to spank her as severely as he did, but she had seemed entirely too willing. Now... now she was ready and un-willing. Perfect. He reached down and untied her wrists.

Leaning over her, Andrew positioned the head of his cock at the outside of Stephanie's opening. "You're mine now, girl!" She just stared back at him terrified. He entered her slowly, or tried too, she was so tight it took alot of effort to just get his head in, once he finally got going, he felt the natural barrier inside her. Then Stephanie's eyes came wide open and she squealed as, with a quick thrust, Andrew's cock broke her hymen. He started picking up the pace, the deeper he went the louder she screamed, after about 5 minutes of non stop fucking the ten-inch cock was buried to the hilt in the thirteen-year old's pussy, more then he used on the other girls, he wanted to make sure she was stretched open nice and wide. He began to stroke in and out, taking it easy on her at first. Her back was arched and she was breathing hard. Andrew's big cock was a tight fit in her unused pussy. A soft groan escaped from her lips. It felt good and was uncomfortable at the same time. It was a completely new sensation, this feeling of something big moving inside of her! And each slow stroke sent tingles up and down her spine. As the conflicting emotions fought for Stephanie's attention, Andrew gradually increased the speed of his thrusts. In response, Stephanie began to move with him. Her legs opened wider of their own volition. She closed her eyes to hide the humiliation she was having down there. How could anything hurt so much and feel so good at the same time? Hardly realizing what she was doing, she wrapped her legs around Andrew's hips and pulled him into her, deeper and deeper. After a few more harder thrusts, Stephanie lost conciosnios but at the same time her eyes rolled back in her head and she came.

It was amazingly powerful for a first orgasm! Her whole body convulsed, and she let out a cry that started as a low growl in the back of her throat and burst forth as a high-pitched squeal of humiliation. She was completely oblivious to everything around her. The only thing her body was aware of was the cock in her pussy. That cock continued to pound in and out of her. Andrew was amazed at Stephanie's reaction - he had never before caused an orgasm in a virgin who was passed out! He fucked her even harder, Stephanie regained conscionius. Almost instantly, she was knocked into her second orgasm. "Oooooooohhh! Aaaaaa! Oh-oh-oh-oh!" Stephanie couldn't believe how good she felt right now. He little-girlish voice was filling the basement with sounds of pleasure. "Oh! Yes! Yes! Mmmmmmmmmm..." She didn't want anything more right now than for that great big cock to go deeper and deeper inside her. Her second orgasm was way more intense than her first.

Andrew was ready to pop. Stephanie was just too stimulating! He continued thrusting harder and harder until he finally unloaded deep inside of her, spraying over and over, flooding her pussy. After he extracted his cock, cum oozed and oozed out of her pussy, for nearly a minute straight, she lied there exhausted at what just happened. Eventually Andrew had to get up and get dressed. Once dressed, he untied Jess. After taking the clamps off her nipples and weights and the plug from her ass he led her upstairs to her own bedroom, where he tied her to the bed. "Get some sleep," he instructed. He then did the same with Charlene, adding, "We're taking a trip tomorrow."

"A trip? But..." Charlene started.

"Yes, a trip. It's summer and your sisters aren't in school, and you have the next two weeks off. And I know the three of you were already leaving for a family vacation tomorrow. Nobody will suspect a thing when you drive away in the morning and don't come back for a few days." "How did you know?" Charlene looked confused. "You don't think this evening was a spur-of-the-moment thing for me, do you?" Andrew replied. "I've been planning this for more than a year! I learned everything I needed to know. Now, get some sleep. You'll need your rest for tomorrow." He left Charlene in her darkened room. He went and got Stephanie and led her to her room, as he laid Stephanie down to sleep, he stuck his soft cock into Stephanie's mouth. "Now sleep." He closed his eyes and relaxed, listening to Stephanie's breathing. It was sometime later that she finally fell asleep, and he soon followed. He had good dreams.

 To be continued...


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