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Violated Justice

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I remember when it all started. When I witnessed something no 13-year-old child should witness. I saw my father raping my sister. She was 15, and had a very attractive frame. She could draw men to her like flies with her sensual curves, and long jet black hair. She had breasts, dark, perky, and luscious. We all believed she was far too developed for her age, and apparently, our father figured he'd be the one to force her into womanhood, whether she was ready for it or not. It was 11PM that night, when I heard loud moans coming from my sister's room. I pulled away from my bed covers, and went towards her room. Her room was directly next to mine. I walked quietly to her room, and saw that her door was slightly ajar. I inched it further, and saw her stark naked on the bed with tears streaming down her eyes. Our father was on top of her, he had a hand covering her mouth, diminishing her screams to loud moans of unwanted pleasure. I froze instantly in shock and fear as I watched my lustful father penetrate his daughter forcefully with this massive 7 inch penis. He finally caught my gaze, "Get out of here" he shouted. I woke from my trance and ran to my room. The image of my sister's tears clouded my mind, keeping me from thinking of anything else. Completely devoid of thought, and a body pulsating with rage and anger at my father for hurting my sister, I didn't hesitate to move from my room, and run back in there. He had now forced himself behind her and was penetrating her from behind. "I thought I told you to leave" he said.

"I'm gonna kill you" I whispered hatefully.

"Whatchu gonna do boy?" the rugged voice of my 39 year old father rattled my bones, but I didn't let it chill me. I was going to keep true to my word. He kept a gun in his pants drawer. I had seen it there once before when I was browsing through there once. I also knew that he kept it loaded. I ran off in that direction, and he must've sensed what I had in mind cause he ran after me. I got into his room and his drawer before he could get there. By the time he entered the room, I had the gun targeted at him. "Gimme that gun boy, before you hurt yourself. You don't want anybody to get hurt, do ya?" he asked with a hint of fear and power in his voice.

I held the gun in my fingers trembling, small tears running down my face, but I refused to let it go. My fingers were pressed against the trigger, and was more than ready to shoot. "I'm gonna kill you." I said softly inbetween sobs.

"What you saw was just your sister and I having harm done. We were just...playing" He explained defensively inching towards me hoping I'd drop the gun.

"I'm gonna kill you." I repeated softly, not backing down, but finding it harder to pull the trigger.

"No you're not. I'm your father boy! Put the damn gun down!" He shouted. I hadn't even noticed that the man that bored before me was naked. Semi-erect penis still dripping my sister's juices, he stood at 6ft with a muscular build. The only thing that might hurt him is a bullet. I may have been young, but I wasn't stupid. I knew what he had done had killed my sister. She'd never be the same again. She'd be hurt and betrayed. I couldn't let that go. I couldn't have that feeling in her or me. No...I had to make him pay. I also hadn't realized that he had gotten right in front of me. The barrel of the gun still quaking in my young grip faced his torso. He stood in front of me, hoping I would buckle down, and fall under his stance. I'm not that kind of kid. I leaned my head up, and found his soulless brown eyes...and put a bullet in his sternum. He fell back, holding his torso as the blood trickled through his fingers. "How could you? You're own father?" his whimpered as his body fell to the ground.

I leaned over him, gun still in hand, eyes still locked on his, "You're not my fucking father. You're a rapist." And with that, I put two more bullets in his body. One in his chest, the his head.

Yeah...that's when it started.

After that, my sister and I became orphans. Our mother had died of cancer last year, and our dad suffered internal bleeding from three bullet wounds. The police believe it was a robber. My sister and I staged that well. We were turned over to our Aunt in the next county where my sis and I were very close, and I never let anyone come near her. We grew up with my aunt and tried to leave the past behind us. However, I would have horrible nightmares about the incident, and how nuch I wish I could do it again. Suddenly, it became an addiction. I felt that anyone who did that: Steal a piece of someone's humanity deserved to die. And I wanted to kill them. Well, I got my chance again.

I went to school with a girl named Scottie Sharpe, she was 17, Caucasian and had a busty figure. She had a huge rack of 42C tits and a thick figure to match. I decided to talk to her, and before I knew it we had become fast friends. She wouldn't let me touch her though. Despite her rapidly increased figure, she was more than timid about our physical contact. I can understand though, it wasn't like we were dating, we were just friends, but I found it hard to be friends with her whenever she'd do or say or even wear something that drew attention to my lust. Finally, she decided to tell me about her apprehension towards me. "Kevin, I really like you, but I can't do that. I'm just too scared."

"Hey, it's okay. I'm not gonna rush you or anything." No matter how bad I wanted it, I wasn't going to force her into it. That's just not the type of guy that I am.

"Can I tell you something?" she asked.


"Promise you won't get mad."

"Uhhh...sure." I said apprehensively. Scottie took in a deep breath as she started.

"Ok...a while ago, maybe about a month ago...I was...I was uhh..." she trailed off.

"Yeah, Scottie?" I said trying to urge her on. I could see the limpness grow in her voice.

"I was...raped." she finished. My anger rose immediately.


"I was raped." She repeated.

"Did you call the police?" I asked.

"That's it. It was a police officer who raped me." she said.

I couldn't speak. I was too angry. I just looked at her with the heat in my eyes, wanting to know why. She offered to explain. "I was walking home one day when a single cop police car stopped me. He asked if I was walking towards Lanier street. When I said yes, he told me that it had been blocked off due to a gang fight, and he didn't want me to be caught near it. I thought that was decent of him, so he offered to drive me home. I accepted and got into his car. He took the back way to Lanier street which went through the side streets and back alleys. In one of the far off ones, he decided to stop the car. I asked what he was doing, and he said that I was too pretty of a girl, and he had to have me. I told him no. I wasn't that type of girl, but he didn't care. He was ogling my breasts and licking his lips. He put his hand on my leg, and I tried to squirm away. I got to the door, and tried to open it, but he grabbed me by my throat, and pulled me back in. He brung me back into the backseat, and tried to remove my clothes. I screamed and struggled, punched and kicked to get free, but he collapsed his weight on top of me."

"What did he look like?" I interrupted.

"He was about 6 ft 2 in, 255 lbs, real muscular fit. Caucasian, and had a trim black beard. He laid on top of me, and ripped my shirt open. He said your tits are fit for a man, not a boy. He sucked on them, caressing them. I could feel his hard-on bulging in his pants. He slipped his hand inside my shorts and into my panties, and started fingering my clit. I begged, and pleaded for him to stop, but it was hopeless. He pulled my shorts down, and took out his nightstick. He said, it's either this or the real one, you decide. Truth be told, I would've been happier with the nightstick, at least I'd know he wouldn't be inside of me, but even he wanted something more. He wouldn't be satisfied unless he penetrated me. He tugged down on his pants, and out flopped this massive ten-inch prick. He said don't be upset, you're going to love this. And then he laid down on top of me, and entered into my pussy. I'm not going to lie. I wasn't a virgin before this, but I still didn't want him to be inside me. He thrusted in and out of me slowly, then faster, then harder until I screamed with him. He said, I bet you love it when a guy cums inside you. I was so frozen with disgust that I could barely make out what he said. He continued to fuck me like a little bitch. A whore that needed to have his cock pumping inside of her. He picked me up, and forced me to ride him. He guided my hips onto his dick as he fucked me some more. Draining every ounce of living out of me Oh, your pussy is the best, he screamed, as he jolted a high volume of semen into my cunt. My body now limp, and fragile. I passed out from exhaustion. When I woke up, I was at home with no memory of how I'd gotten there or if anyone even knew what had happened to me."

"What was his name? Do you remember?" I asked still with a great amount of fury in my voice.

"Officer Caniston" she answered.

"Ok...I'll be right back."

To Be Continued....

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