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A wife Betrayed

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"Hey John, I am getting an early parole. I'll be

out in two weeks! Can I stay with you?"

With that one phone conversation John knew that his

life was about to change. Again.

He had not heard the voice on the phone for over

five years now. A lifetime for both of them. Ronald

had been convicted of the brutal rape and abduction

of a prominent Senator's daughter. What idiot would

be stupid enough to let him out after only 5 years?

Now he wanted to come stay with John and his

family. Ronald could not have picked a worse time.

John and his wife of just over 4 years, Susan were

having serious marital problems. They might have

had a chance of working through them if it was not

for his step-daughter Donna. They used to be a

loving family but the way she treated him lately...

John hoped he never hated another person as much as

he did that young cunt. Things had only gone down

hill when he was forced to take a pay cut to keep

his job.

Susan began to work to help make ends meet, and was

now making more money than he did. At first she was

very supportive but lately it was clear that like

her daughter she did not respect him. It was crazy

to even consider bringing his buddy the rapist home

for a visit. Except for two things.

1. The Senator's daughter was not the first woman

Ronald had raped.

2. He had not raped them alone, John had helped.

His best friend had just spent 5 years in jail and

never told anyone that John was involved. They must

have asked, little Miss rich bitch had sure gotten

a good look at his face. He had loved the

expression on her face when she realized that there

was no escape, that it was really going to happen.

He savored the sound of her begging, crying and

gagging on his 8 inch dick. The surprise when

Ronald began fucking her ass for all he was worth.

It had been 5 years since John had been able to

enjoy a good rape. He'd never had the courage to do

it alone. But with Ronald out it would be just like

old times.

"Mi casa es tu casa, amigo. Stay as long as you


Susan and John were arguing again.

"I am so tired of having to wear the pants in this

family. Be a man John. Start looking for another

job, or you may have to start looking for another

wife and a new place to live." Susan threatened.

Just then Donna walked in the room. She was a

younger version of her mother. A blond haired, blue

eyed, heavy titted, ball breaking, cock teasing


"Way to go mom, it is about time you dumped this

loser, we can do a lot better than this deadbeat."

John had enough. "Don't you talk to me like that,"

he bellowed, "I am still your father and the man of

this house. You will learn to respect me. My god

what is wrong with you! I loved you once, what

happened to my little girl?!"

Just then the doorbell rang. Susan opened the door

to find a six foot 4 inch, 270 pound man looming

over her. He was mean looking and had a tattoo that

said "Born to Rape YOU!" on his right bicep.

"Can I help you?" Susan stammered.

Ronald liked what he saw. There was a beautiful

blonde piece of pussy meat. He wanted to throw her

down spread her ass and fuck her till she bled. But

he realized this must be John's wife (Damn!).

"I am here to see John," he said in his low

menacing voice.

John came to the door and grabbed him in a fierce

bear hug. "It's been a long time brother, let me

grab your bag and we will get you settled in."

Susan and Donna looked on in shock as Ronald

entered the house.

"John who the fuck is this, and why would you be

stupid enough to think this mutant thug would be

allowed to stay in my house?" she demanded.

The room got very quiet as Ronald walked over to

Susan. He stared at her and said, "Bud you better

get your woman in check before I beat the living

shit out of her. Nobody talks about me like that."

"Susan I think you better apologize to our guest.

You will have to forgive her I forgot to tell her

you would be staying with us." John said in an

oddly civil tone.

Susan could not believe what she was hearing. She

was scared of this hulking stranger, but she

refused to be intimidated in her own home.

"That's it John. I want you and this PERSON out of

my home, you will be hearing from my lawyer in a

few days."

"I'm sorry you feel that way, is there anything I

can do to change your mind?" John asked in a

resigned tone.

Susan's only response was to look over at Donna.

They both began to laugh at him.

They would not be laughing for very long. John

walked over to Susan grabbed her shirt and quickly

pulled it over her head. Before she knew what was

happening he had ripped her bra off as well and was

pulling her shorts and panties down around her


"Say Ron why don't you tell my little family why

you were in jail?" Ronald reached in his bag and

pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He grabbed Donna

and fastened one end to her right hand and the

other end to her left ankle.

"Well you see ladies sometimes me and your man like

to find a nice stuck up bitch-like yourselves and

fuck some sense into them. We are always real nice

about it, and almost never cause permanent harm.

I've been wanting to rape you since the moment you

answered the door."

Susan was sprawled on the couch naked, shivering

and afraid. "John could not be a rapist, he is just

mad and trying to scare me," she reasoned.

"John, honey lets talk. I am sorry I lost my temper

earlier I want to make our marriage work, I love

you." she sniffled. John looked at Susan and said,

"If you want to make it up to me fuck my buddy

good, make him real happy. It's been a long time

since he had a good piece of ass."

With that Ronald began taking off his clothes. He

walked over to Susan and demanded she suck his fat,

smelly, cock. She did not enjoy oral sex under the

best of circumstances, but Susan had a daughter to

protect. She was scared of what might happen to

her virgin daughter if she did not do what they

wanted. There was no escape, they had her. She

opened her mouth and took Ronald's nasty member

into her.

"That's right suck me good baby," he purred.

She licked and kissed his 10 inch cock. Ronald

grabbed the back of her head and began a slow face

fuck. She could not help gagging as he entered her

throat. She felt John slip behind her on the couch.

He positioned her on all fours and put his face in

her ass. He began licking, and sticking his tongue

in her asshole.

"No what are you doing, that is disgusting" she

mumbled around Ronald's dick. When she was good and

juicy John pressed his cock against her tight butt

hole. Susan began crying, "Please John don't.

Stop!!" she begged.

John laughed as he filled her ass with his cock. He

had wanted to do this for a long time, but she had

never let him. Big mistake. In four years she would

have been nice and loose. John's dick was

throbbing, pulsing, twitching inside of his wife's

pretty little ass. He loved the sound of her fear,

the wet slurps of her mouth on Ron's heavy cock. He

grabbed her hips like handles and pulled her back

to meet his hard powerfucks forward. Susan's

breath was coming in pained gasps and gags. She

looked so sweet, so silly as she tried to crawl

away from her rapists. John knew he was hurting

her, he finally had her attention and respect.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck,fuck, I'm gonna tear it

open, I'm gonna rip you, shred your tasty round


He was so excited, and she was so tight he knew he

would not last fvery much longer. So he decided to

pound her for all he was worth.

"Do you like that slut! Does it hurt, bitch!" he

shouted as he savagely raped her ass, slamming deep

and holding it for several seconds before ripping

her again.

Susan had never been in such pain, she would do

anything to get them to stop. She was having

difficulty catching her breath. Every time John

slammed into her ass it pushed her farther along

Ronald's cock. Every time he rammed her mouth she

was forced to push back even harder on John's anal

invader. As she was about to lose consciousness she

heard both men give a loud grunt. Her mouth and ass

filled with hot sticky cum. She was made to swal-

low, and clean Ronald's shaft. Then unbelievably

John presented his shit stained dick for the same

treatment. He pressed his filthy dick against her

nose, and dragged it across her eyes, before stick-

ing it in her mouth. As Susan laid panting and

sobbing both men congratulated themselves on a

fuck well done.

Donna was siting in the chair with a terrified

expression. She had just seen her mother brutally

raped and knew she was completely at John's mercy.

She regretted all of the mean things she had said

to him. "Hey John we got a problem here. No way I

am going back to jail. What are we going to do with

them, I mean what is to stop them from turning us


Both women were crying now. John winked at Ronald

and said "well we could kill them right now...or we

could make Susan here our accomplice. I sure would

like to see a little hot lesbo action while we rest

up. How about it Susie will you rape your daughter

for me?" Susan could not believe she had married

such a sick asshole. But she loved her daughter and

realized this was their only chance, what choice

did she have? At least this way Donna would still

be a virgin and Susan would be as gentle as

possible. As the men looked on Donna begged her

mother not to do it.

"They are going to kill us no matter what we do,

this is wrong mommy, please don't rape me." she


"I am sorry baby but I have to do this."

Ronald unlocked the handcuffs and sat down to enjoy

the show. Susan pulled the shirt off of her

daughter and gently removed her bra. She laid the

young girl down and began kissing and suckling on

her soft, round tits. She teased first one then the

other until both nipples were hard.

She was suprised at how sweet they tasted. This was

her daughter, and Susan had never had a desire for

lesbian sex but...she could not deny that hearing

Donna's moans of protest and involuntary pleasure

excited her, at least a little. Slowly she licked

her way down her daughters's tummy and sucked on

the nubbin of her outie belly button. Donna began

struggling to get her,mother off her. She

scratched, and begged her mother to stop,"Please

Mommy you are raping me, don't rape me!"

Susan looked at Ron and could see he was enjoying

the show. His monster cock was already hard. If she

stopped now he would just fuck Donna himself. As he

fondled his thick dick, a plan formed. If she was

nasty enough maybe he would masturbate himself to

an orgasam. That would be two in a short period of

time, it might be enough to satisfy him. She hoped

she could reason with John. He had been Donna's

father for over 4 years, the only one she had ever

known. Surely he would not rape her. But Ronald...

she had to make him cum, no matter what it took.

She just wasn't sure how to go about it so

she decided to stall. Susan slowly licked her way

up to her daughter's lips and planted several soft

kisses around the corners of her mouth. She gently

rolled her nipples between her thumb and fore-

fingers and gradually deppened her kisses as her

daughter's nipples became even longer and more


"Oh no you don't. That's enough, I can see where

this is going. She is not just going to lay there

while you lick and suck her. I want to see this

young bitch with her legs spread open, I want to

see her lick her mommy's pussy clean" John


Susan forced herself to push Donna's legs apart. It

was not easy because she was bucking wildly and

kicking. Eventually the young girl got tired and

could not prevent her mother from burying her face

in her pussy.

Susan lapped her daughter's dry cunt for several

minutes to no avail. Donna was so disgusted, so

afraid she could not cum. The more her mother

forced her slippery tounge, and grunted like a

filthy pig-the angrier and less aroused Donna


"Shit John she's just laying there, that's no fun."

Ron proclaimed impatiently.

"Wait-let me try something else. I just know this

will work, Susan said in desperation to save her

daughter's virginity. She rolled Donna on her

stomach and quickly began licking her ass. Susan

peeled her apart and shoved her face deep in her

butt, licking and sucking wildly on her assmeat.

Trying to arouse her daughter. Donna was crying

now, crawling as best she could to get away from

her attacker. Susan's tounge was wiggling in her

anus and her fingers were playing in her cunt and

with her tiny little clit. A slow trickle began to

build but it was not enough for either man.

"If the hot little slut can't catch, maybe she can

pitch. Make her eat you Susan, make her drink your

girl cum. I want to see you cum all over your only

child. I want proof that you are a Rapist too.

Donna is going to know what you really are. Do it it NOW!" John roared. Slowly Susan

squatted over her daughter's face and said, "you

have to lick me honey, go ahead it will be all

right". She ground her steaming wet pussy into her

child, rubbing it hard against her nose and mouth.

The teenager could not breathe with her mother's

pussy resting on her; bouncing and dripping on her.

It had to stop-there was only one way. Donna began

to methodically lick her mother. As she swirled her

tongue in Susan's pussy, and around her clit, Susan

felt a strange sensation in her lower stomach. She

began to hump her daughter's face, to grind her

pussy harder and faster, to squeeze the young

girl's face between her thighs. Suddenly she let

out a loud groan of obvious pleasure and began to

spew burst after sticky burst of female fuck juice

on her little girl's face.

"Mom what are you doing, you fucking slut? You are

enjoying this. You are just like them, you are a

rapist!" Donna screamed in a hurt, betrayed voice.

John pulled Donna up into his lap and held her. He

rocked her in his strong arms and held her like he

used to when she was younger, when they were still

close. His daughter's tears were salty and wet as

they spilled on his chest. Her body was wracked

with uncontrollable shivers and shudders caused by

her mother's unatural lesbian assault. By

comparison it felt good to be held by her daddy-by

a man. His strong masculine arms erased her

mother's perverted attack.

"There there honey don't be too hard on your

mother. It is only natural that a beautiful young

woman like you would turn her on. You mother is a

woman and she raped you, can you just imagine how

me and your uncle Ronald must feel. Daddy has

wanted to make love to you for a long time, and I

am sure your new uncle Ronald would also. I have an

idea, if you really want to teach your mom a lesson

make love to the both of us while we make her

watch. That will drive her crazy seeing her pretty

virgin daughter become a real woman. It's up to you

honey, what do you say.

Donna looked her mother in the eye and said,

"I'll do it dad. I am going to suck you both, and

spread my legs wide so you big men can fuck me all

you want. I can't wait to taste my handsome daddy's

cum, and feel my big strong uncle's cock fill up my

butt. Oh god, he's going to hurt me so bad. He's

going to break me isin't he? Well I don't care. I

want it to hurt. I want to feel that thick piece of

cock meat in my ass, and I want to worship it. I

want to humbly spread my pussy and my ass and take

it. Anything, any fucking thing you want to do to

me is fine. Daddy I want to make up for how mean

I've been to you lately.I am going to be the

hottest, little slut you have ever had.

what mom did to me was very bad and I want her

punished. I want her hurt. I am going to give her a

spanking on her fat ass till she is raw and red,

but that is not enough. I wonder if Uncle Ronald

would mind fucking her ass till it is nice and

bloody-wet? Dad I know you have been trying to make

some money...why not make mom a rape whore. Some

men would pay a lot of money to use a bitch like

her any way they want. Make mom your whore, but let

me be your slut. "

Ronald and John looked on in fascination at the

beautiful, brilliant fuckslut in front of them, and

could not help but to chuckle at the beautiful soon

to be rape whore laying on the floor at their feet.

Slowly Donna spread her legs wide and said,

"Daddy will you take my virginity before uncle Ron

fucks my ass? Please."

He smiled at her touseled her hair and said" Honey

I am your father so I will fuck your virgin pussy

AND your virgin ass. Uncle Ron is too big for you,

until I loosen you up. I'll let you practice on me

for a few days-then you will be ready for him.

Besides he's gonna be busy breaking your mother,

getting her ready for our customers," John said as

he hugged his daughter tight and looked down at his

wife with cold unfeeling eyes. Susan looked at him

in horror. Her life was over, her daughter was

corrupted. There was nothing she could do, it could

not get any worse. Then Ron stood up and walked

over to her. He thick, fat pole was fully erect. It

was twitching, anxious to rape her again.

"John you can't do this to me, I'm your wife. Donna

I'm your mother. Don't you love me anymore, even a

little? Please, I am so sorry, but You. Cannot. Do

This!" she begged and pleaded as tears and sweat

and snot dripped down her pretty face.

John, Ron, and Donna lookd at each other and burst

out into loud, hysterical laughter. There simply

was no mercy left in any of them. They were all

looking forward to raping the helpless woman at

their feet. There was nothing she could do to stop

them and everyone in the room knew it.

Susan began to scream.

She did not stop for a very, very long time.

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