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I had it all planned, Mike, my boyfriend, was going to be at work I had all my sexiest outfits and lingerie ready. I had phoned Anton, a photographer who also happened to be my boyfriend’s best mate. He was to come over tomorrow at 10am and help me take some naughty pictures to put in an album for Mike’s upcoming birthday. I went to bed full of excitement I couldn’t wait to see Mike’s face when he saw his sexy surprise. The next morning I woke, satisfied Mike’s lustful urges, then I ran the bath to make sure I was clean and shaven. He came in gave me a kiss goodbye and left. I got out the bath walked to the bedroom, no point getting dressed as Anton would be here in about an hour and I would just have to change into various outfits. I slipped the towel down, admiring myself in the full length mirror that was positioned strategically in the corner of the room, facing the bed. I slipped my dressing gown over my shoulders loving the feeling of the red silk against my naked body. I straightened my hair and applied my make up ensuring that I had full crimson red lips.

The door bell rang, I bounded to the front door and there was Anton.

“Hi, come in!!” I exclaimed “I can‘t wait. Mike said the other week if I ever need photos doing to get you in. Can‘t wait to see his face when they‘re done.”

“Aren’t you a little bundle of joy today!” he laughed “and I understand this are of a somewhat naughty nature, needing to be developed discreetly?”

“Erm, well ye! But I don’t know good they’ll be as I haven’t really done pictures of this type before”, my confidence and energy now residing as I realise in a few moments I have to be practically naked in front of this mans camera in next to nothing posing like a pro.

“Don’t worry!” he reassures “I’m a pro, I’ll tell you what outfits, what pose, all you got to do is relax and follow my instructions and you’ll have superb photos!”

I lead him into the bedroom so he can set up the photography equipment and show him the array of outfits and accessories that I have chosen. Gradually we work through the outfits one by one various poses with me bend over some revealing parts of the flesh to tease, some with my pouting red lips wrapped round various dildos and vibrators. The last outfit was the most exciting and Anton had been brilliant he had directed me to give the best pose picked the outfits and never once over stepped the mark. I knew he wouldn’t as he would never step on his mates toes as those two put it.

I pulled my leopard print corset round my back clasping it at the front, “fuck, I cant breathe” I gasped. Anton came up behind me “I‘ll loosen it at the back” he laughed as he pulled the pink silk loose that was criss-crossed all the way down. Air filled my lungs, “that should do” I giggled at my inexperience. I slipped the matching thong on and my black stockings with silk pink ribbons on. Now for the final touches I thought I wanted it to look real and be effective so I got Anton to handcuff my wrists behind my back and gag me with a stocking. He placed me on the bed first on my back, then on my knees sitting up as he snapped away. He then placed me on all fours taking pictures from various angles.

“It would be better if we got a picture of this with a cock down your throat, fancy a big black cock?” he leered.

I shook my head, panic washing over me, he couldn’t be serious, he wouldn’t do that to his best mate and I wasn’t exactly in a position to defend myself should he decide he wanted it. At 6ft tall and a muscular build even if I wasn’t in such a compromising position my small frame would be no match against him and he could easily throw me around like a rag doll. I backed away from him as far as I could until I was in the corner.

“What‘s up Louise? Don‘t you want this big black man to take you? To have his way with you? You must‘ve noticed me staring at you all these months” he mocked as he crept closer to me, freeing his cock from his trousers, stroking it slowly like dirty pervert “Haven‘t you seen my cock growing as a took picture after picture, admiring your slit through your various panties, admiring your breasts as I convinced you to take topless photos, suggesting you get your nipples hard by tweaking with them?”

THE FUCKING BASTARD HAD BEEN TOYING WITH ME THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME. NO WONDER HE WAS SO DAMN FUCKING KEEN FOR ME TO DO THIS PHOTO EVEN THOUGH I WAS DUBIOUS. I tried to express this thought to him but as I was gagged just muffled sounds escaped my lips. “ah rite” he grinned he grabbed me “that a yes then”. I shook my head vehemently, struggled against his body. He grabbed me pulling me onto the bed on my stomach he grabbed my hair as I tried to pull back away from him, the more I pulled away the harder he pulled me toward him it felt like he was tearing my hair out from the roots. Fighting was futile so I gave in allowing him to pull me to the side of the bed, my head hanging over the edge, expertly he flipped me onto my back like I weighed no more than a feather. I could feel the tears well in my eyes, THIS CUNT WASN’T GETTING THE BETTER OF ME.

He removed the gag only long enough to force his cock between my lips I sank me teeth straight into it as hard as I could, not caring if I bit it off or not.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH” he yelled as he quickly withdrew his cock “YOU FUCKING WHORE, YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN AND I WILL KILL YOU!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? THIS IS ABOUT ME AND WHAT I WANT . AND YOU WILL SATISFY ME YOU FILTHY SKANK OR I WILL HURT YOU AND JUST TO SHOW YOU I AM SERIOUS” SMACK!!! The sound echoed through the bedroom as my cheek began to sting, nodding meekly was all that I could really do. He once more thrust his mammoth member into my mouth, stretching it wider and wider. Grabbing the back of my head pushing my mouth further onto his cock as I struggled to breathe. He forced his crotch into my face forcing more of his cock into my throat, my eyes were bulging, my throat constricting round his cock. I could feel the vomit rising from the pit of my stomach each time he forced himself further down my throat. The last thrust I couldn’t help it I raised my head slightly and vomited all over his huge erect cock.

“that‘s it you fucking dirty cock sucker take my big black cock, taste your vomit you dirty little cum whore” he groaned as he looked down seeing tears streaming down my face, seeing my face getting red from lack of air, seeing my eyes pleading to let me breathe. He grabbed his camera “click,click,click” THE BASTARD WAS TAKING PICTURES OF HIM DEGRADING ME USING ME! He withdrew his cock hungrily I sucked in as much air as possible not sure if I would get another chance, feeling it rush into my lungs as I panted and gasped. The gag was swiftly placed back over my mouth.

“I ain’t finished yet slut! Just don’t want you passing out and missing anything!” he snarled. He flipped me back over onto my stomach “turn round, bring your ass to me” he ordered as he grabbed my hair. I struggled to wriggle round, knowing he wouldn’t let go of me incase I tried to be clever. This wasn’t about sex I realised this was about power and him having it all, the worst thing was he did have it all I was defenceless and I’d made sure nobody was coming round so we could get all the pictures done. SMACK! Straight across the back of my thighs. My scream muted by the gag still tight in my mouth. “Hurry up!” he growled. I managed to move my body so my ass was near him, he let go of my hair grabbing my hips he pulled me up. I raised my arms knowing if I wasn’t on all fours whatever he did to me next was going to hurt like hell. He pushed my arms from under me my face now buried into the bed my ass high in the air my legs spread. I felt the tip of him on my cunt, stupidly I tried to wriggle and pull forward unsure of what I would do if I managed to get up, he grabbed my hips harder holding me steady as he tried to force his hard cock into my dry pussy. “should I be nice and get you a little wet” he laughed “or should I just do this” as he rammed his cock into me. The pain ripped through my entire body, I have no idea how I didn’t pass out but I wish I had as I felt his cock thrusting in harder tearing my pussy open, “ I haven’t even got the head in properly yet” he laughed as he thrust again harder this time “fuck for a slut you’re awfully tight,” as he thrust again “look in the mirror”. I refused, he grabbed my head forcing me to watch him rape my pussy. His cock was only halfway in as he pulled it all the way back and thrust the whole length of his shaft deep inside my aching hole, I felt my pussy stretch round his cock, felt the excruciating pain tear through me as he seemed to rip me in two with his huge erection. "You fucking slut I’ve wanted this since i first saw you and you can tell who you want nobody will believe you everybody knows your a dirty cum faced slag that loves cock" he panted his words spurring him on as he ravaged my pussy. I was in agony as he rode the life out of me pounding hard his balls smacking against me. At 1 point I thought he was trying to get them in me too he was fucking me so hard

As he pulled back to thrust again, I saw my blood covered on his cock. My pussy felt like it was on fire as he pounded hard and fast, his cock ramming into me like a piston in an engine, him still making me watch the whole sordid thing. He thrusted and thrusted, ramming his rod into the hilt. My pussy sore and tight bleeding all over his cock. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!” He roared as he emptied his balls, his hot salty load splashing against my womb and I could feel nausea sweeping through my body again. he removed my gag and forced himself back into my mouth "suck me clean" he demanded as once more he skull fucked my face, I could feel him growing again as he violated my throat he didn’t last long this time as he grabbed my head thrust his cock deep into my throat and expelled his salty load. I choked and spluttered spitting as much as I could out. I felt it dribbling down my chin mixed with saliva.

He pulled his pants up took some pictures of cum and blood seeping out of me, and of my face covered in his cum.

“If you ever tell anybody whore I will publish this pictures all over the internet! And when I call round, you will do whatever I want, whenever I want or I will tell Mike about this little liaison and don’t forget I got pictures to prove it!! So who do you think he will believe a common tart or his mate of over 20 years?”

He undid my cuffs and left.

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