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Ella's Brainwashing

The_Kid on Forced Stories

 Part One: Not Even a Slave


I groaned and woke up. Even before I opened my eyes, every part of my body started aching, my legs, my pussy, all the way up to my face. I was on my knees, and my hands, I couldn't move them. They were tied behind my back. Slowly, gently, my eyelids fluttered open, and I was shocked by what I saw. There was a mirror in front of me, so I could see myself. But I wasn't who I remembered.


What did I remember? I panicked a bit, as I realized I could scarcely remember a thing, but that worry quickly faded to the more pressing one: I was bound, and didn't look like myself, even if I couldn't remember who 'myself' was. First off, I was tattooed. My previously flawless skin was now covered in one huge design. The ink began at my neck, and went down my entire body. I couldn't see my lower legs or arms, but I assumed they were painted also. It was very artful work, with flowers, vines, animals and symbols, completely covering me. Then, the piercings. I had those everywhere as well. In my right ear, I had three. Two in the lobe, those had medium sized rings through them, and one near the top, a jeweled stud. My left ear had two, one in the lobe, with a ring like those on the right, and a stud higher up, just like the other one. There was a little gold ring through my right nostril, and a silver one through my lower lip. I stuck my tongue out, and saw (and felt) that there was a silver stud in there, as well. Each of my nipples had a tiny golden rid running through it, and these both were attached by a slender golden chain. I couldn't see my pussy, but I figured I had one there two. Some hair fell into my eyes, and I noticed that it wasn't right either. Instead of my old short black hair, my hair was now auburn, and reached the floor.


I heard something, and I craned my neck in that direction. I saw a door opening to my right, and glanced a large bed on the opposite wall. Out from the door came a tall man. He was slender, had dark hair, and was wearing a polo shirt and a belted on pair of jeans. He looked familiar. "Awake, I see." He smiled and spread his hands out. "Well, Ella, how do you like your new home?" That was it. My name was Ella. It all came flooding back. I remembered everything, up till the poker game. That fateful night, this man, Hank, I remembered, won me. I was sure I would beat him, I had 4-of-a-kind! So when he bet 10 billion, and everyone else folded, I put myself on the line. And lost to a straight flush. After that, nothing.

"What have you done with me, freak?!"

Hank chuckled. "I just took what was mine, and touched it up a bit. After all, why should I settle for B cups, when I can give you E's?"

I looked down, and noticed that my boobs were larger, abnormally so, than they should have been. 

"Enjoy this conversation while you can, Ella, since it's the last one you're ever going to have. You see, you are going to have very strict rules. From now on, you will never leave this room. Ever. Food will be brought to you here, and there is exercise gear in the closet. You are now my property. You aren't even a slave, since you aren't a person anymore. Just a mouth, pussy and asshole for the enjoyment of me and several others."

 I pulled at my bonds and tried to get at him. "You asshole! Let me go!"

His smiling face grew stern, and he slapped me. Hard. "What did I just say? The only words you will ever speak, for as long as you are mine, is dirty talk while being fucked, or simply asking how you can serve. For that is all you do now: Please cock. These words will be your whole life from now on: 'The cock is my Master. I live to serve cock.'

Say it"

"Fuck you"

He slapped me again, much harder than before. "Do you think I'm kidding with you? SAY IT!"

Begrudgingly, I said it. "The cock is my Master. I live to serve cock."

"Good." He said, "and if you ever disobey me again, you will be raped to death, unless you die of starvation first. Now. Let's pretened this never happened. With this conversation in mind, imagine I just walked into the room. What do you do?"

Recalling what he said, I asked "How may I serve, Master?"

"Very good. I would like to cum in your mouth."

I sighed and tried to get closer to him by waddling in my knees. I finally reached him, and realized he had not pulled down his pants. And my hands were still tied. After a few tries, I got his belt open with my mouth, and tugged down his jeans and boxers, revealing a semi-erect monster cock. It must have been 8" long and was thick too. I grimaced and opened up.

I slid the large purplish head into my mouth, and rolled my tongue over it, utilizing the stud. Slowly, gently, I pushed deeper. I got the head in. One inch. Two inches. Three. I stopped there, and wrapped my lips around the hot shaft. I began sliding it up and down, pumping it into my mouth. I was a blowjob expert; I started when I was 14 (I needed money, and my step-brother paid for it), and continued until my current age of 30, both for cash and pleasure. I loathed using my skills on this guy, but I knew that the better I was the faster it would be over. 

I pushed harder, and kept going. It was difficult to take him in without my hands, but I managed to get all 8 inches of him into my mouth, and I found myself right next to his pubic hair.

"Ah, yeah. That's good." Those were the first words Hank ahd uttered since he ordered my to blow him, and he suddenly grabbed the back of my head with both his hands, and held me close. I moaned and struggled, but he held on, untill I thought I would pass out from lack of air. Then he let go, and I unhooked my mouth from his tool to take a breath. I didn't have much time though. He grabbed my head again, and forced me all the way down on his cock, making spit come pouring out  of my mouth, getting all over my chin, andeven oozing onto my tits. Holding me like this, he pulled out a bit and slammed in again, quickly getting into a quick pace, and beating a steady tatto on the back of my throat. I don't know how long he lasted, only it was a long time. Finally, he moaned, shuderred, andhis cock began shooting his thick juice into my throat. I swallowed quickly, but it was too much. The stuff oozed out of the sides of my mouth, as he continued blasting rope after rope into my abused face. When I thought I would burst, he took the long shaft out, and nuked me a few more times on my face and tits. The guy's supply was endless. When he was done, I was covered in his cum, the stuff coating my boobs and leaking down my cleavage onto my torso. He left me there, then. Naked, bound, cold, hurting, and covered in spunk.

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