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Fantasy Becomes Real Life

slowfix50 on Forced Stories

Hey Folks, Wanted to write about the ex again. Sherri was really young when we got married and she had looked older so got in most places without an ID and all. I got her wearing low cut shirts and blouses to she her 38DD tits and after a little she enjoyed the attention she got too. She was insecure when we met and did not think she had a nice body but even though she was a little plus sized she was proportioned and sweet. Wel, I managed to get her to wear a see through body outfit that snapped in her lower back after going through her legs and it was almost a thong at that point. It was see thru lace and realy nice. I fixed it so that her nipples were visible and then got her to wear a mini-skirt that had one button at the waist so that if it came undone she had no skirt. We had a few drinks at the apartment and smoked a joint so she was really high before we left at 9 PM which is what I wanted. She had a fantasy about being tied and gang banged by a bunch of guys and not being able to get away. We got in the car and I had a friend that owned a bar out in the country and he said it would be great to have us out. He had bikers in a lot and so he made a phone call and invited the club to come in for a gang bang.

Sheri and I were in the car and driving there and I stopped and kissed her deep, massagging her tits and getting her hot. She was begging to pull over and fuck and I just told her that I had something better planned. She looked at me, "Okay, but it better happen soon." she said and I laughed and drove on. We drove up and there were a bunch of bikes parked all over. There were men and women drinking beer outside and all around. Sherri got out and held my arm and looked around. "This is the something better?" she said and I winked and said, "Tonight you get the fantasy you have been asking for" and she looked at me. "Are you serious?" she said and about that time a guy lots bigger than me took her arm and pressed her to his chest, "Understand you are the entertainment tonight, damn, you look good." eh said and led her to the bar, "Let's have a drink for the lady." he said and suddenly she had a drink in her hand. "Drink up little lady." she did. He took the drink and led her to a small stage and put her on it, "Okay, lets see what you have." he said and the music was loud. Sherri looked at me and I motioned for her to enjoy it. She took the pole and began moving around it and slowly got it so that she was moving up and down with it between her legs. I could tell she was geting tuned on and was not seeing anything but the pole and the crowd of men telling her to fuck them and geting her hotter. This was almost identical to her dream fantasy.

Two men got on the stage and began fondeling her, one taking her tits out and pinching her nipples making her moan and the other pulled her shirt off and the snaps on the body sit came undone and now she was naked. The music had her now and she was oblivious to anything except the sex ofered to her. There was a mat on the stage floor and she was on her knees in front of these two men and then they had huge cocks out in her face. She massagged one then the other licking the heads and then taking them into her mouth as much as she could. "Lay her own," another man said and they did and spread her legs. He was between her legs and his cock plunged into her wit no warning making her scream but then she was moaning and begging him to fuck her. "Oh baby, I will fuck you and the rest of these men too." he said and she looked around and saw the bar was full of men and there were some women. He rammed her deep and hard, deeper than I had before and she was moaning but afraid. He filled her pussy and then another man was on her and one in her mouth and she sucked him off till he filled her throat. Suddenly a guy moved her to sit on his cock and he moved it to her ass so that now she had a cock in her ass and then one in her pussy at the same time. Two other men were next to her filling her toroat in turns. Over and over they repeated this and she was just sucking and getting fucked and having orgasms that made her scream to fuck her more. I do not know how many men fucked her that night but she was till being fucked at 2 AM and she was begging for more as each finished her. Men kept drilling her deep and harder and harder and then there were none left. She laid on the at, filled with cum and dripping from all her holes. I went to her with the guy that owned the bar, "Is there anything else I can fuck?" she moaned. "Well, if you don't mind that they are not human." he said and she said, "Just so it has a cock." and he brought in 5 huge dogs, all males. "Oh yes, yeh, " she moaned and we got her on all fours and the first dog mounted her and found her pussy. He humped and his knot went in making Sherri moan and geting the attention of the guests again. The first finished and as he was licking himself she reached out and pulled him to her mouth and sucked him as he laid down. Another mounted her and this one took her ass. He knoted and she just moaned and sucked the dog in front of her. He got hard again and soon filed her throat as the other dogs took turns on her bottom. Finally she laid there and looked asleep. "Ready to go home?" I said and she said yes. "That is the best present I have ever had but a little early for my birthday." she said. "That was just to see if you wanted that for your birthday Hun." I told her. "Oh fuck yes." she said. I helped her to the car, toally naked still and drove home. She slept about 14 hours and woke up and showered and came in and kissed me, "Come on, I need to fuck." she said and we went to bed. After we finished she kissied me, "If you let me fuck like that once in a while then you can have any woman you wnat to okay?" she said. "Sounds great to me." I told her and we kissed more and her mouth found my cock and we started again.

See ya later folks.

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