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 My wife had to go for her check up with her gynecologist. She was scheduled like usual once a year appointment. Usually she asks me if I would go with her, but this time I was not in town to be able to attend with her. So she headed in by herself. Now she has never had an issue with her doctor and she has been seeing him since she was pregnant with our youngest daughter. She got to the office on time, and waited in the waiting room for her turn. There were a lot of other females there waiting for their appointments too. After about 30 minutes, she was called in. now if you know anything about your wife’s check ups, you know there is always a nurse in the room with a doctor. Well my wife said that her appointment started out like usual. The doctor asked her to put her feet up in the stirrups, which she did. He dropped down between her legs started to touch and feel around and at that point he asked the nurse if she wouldn’t mind stepping out and grab something for him. My wife said the doctor asked her if she would mind, and since my wife felt comfortable with him, she said it wouldn’t be a problem. My wife’s legs were still in the stirrups and she was still exposed. The doctor told her to relax and just close her eyes while he examined her. She figured she might as well just follow along and did as he asked and closed her eyes and laid her head back on the pillow. She said she heard a click but didn’t think anything of it. Shortly after she heard a click the doctor was touching her again and placing his hands around and on her pussy. She said she was letting him do his job, when all of a sudden she felt wetness in her pussy area. She figured he must be wiping her down with a wet cloth, until she felt something start to get strapped around her thighs. She said she started to sit up and open her eyes, when the doctor spoke up and said he wanted to do a biopsy on something he was seeing and needed her strapped in to be still. So she relaxed and started to lay back down again. Then she felt her arms getting strapped down too. Now she started to sit up again and her doctor once again told her not to worry he just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be able to get in his way or interfere with what he was doing. She figured this must be something he has to do with his other patients when he finds something, and since it was her first time, she was just unaware of it. She kept her eyes closed while once again he started to touch and probe her pussy area. Then she felt her pussy area getting wet all over again. She once again thought he was wiping her own or sterilizing her. Until she felt something wet, go into like her pussy and start wiggling up and down inside her pussy. Whatever was inside her was moving in and out of her pussy and now going from her clit to her pussy. That’s when she realized she had the doctor’s tongue inside of her. Her doctor was eating her out. She felt his tongue going up and down and in and out while he was starting to rub her clit. She couldn’t believe this. Her doctor is like fifty years of age, and has seen her for many years and has never done anything like this to her before. Now she felt his fingers sliding into her pussy and anus. He was finger fucking her while he was licking her clit. My wife said she didn’t know what to think or do. She was totally upset and in shocked, but in the mean time what her doctor was doing to her was turning her on and making her extremely wet. After a bit her doctor raised up off her pussy and stuck his fingers into his mouth. He looked at my wife, while she looked back at him in shock, and told my wife he has wanted a piece of her for years. That if she does as she is ordered she would be fine. Not to worry he does this to all his hot, little, sexy patients. He got up next to her head and started to remove his pants. He pulled out his cock and started to stroke it. Her doctor told her that it was her turn to return the oral favor and placed the tip of his cock at her lips. When she refused to open her mouth to take it in, she said he started to remove her top. Her doctor pulled out her tits and told her again that she better start sucking his cock. When once again she refused he started to tweak her nipples. She said she gasped in pain and as soon as he saw her mouth part open crammed his cock into her lips, entering her mouth. He told her if she bit him he would make sure she suffers all day long in his office since she is strapped down and couldn’t do not do anything about it. My wife said she slowly started to let him fuck her mouth, while licking his shaft and head with her tongue. He started out slow at first and the harder he was getting the faster he started to fuck her mouth. She said she started to taste the precum on the tip of his cock. That’s when he stopped and pulled his cock out of her mouth. That’s when my wife heard a knock at the door. She figured the doctor would stop, pull up his clothes, and untie her, but she said she was totally wrong. He went to the door with his cock swinging around and opened the door. The nurse that started out in the room came back in. she has to be in her mid twenty’s my wife said. She asked the doctor how things were going in the room, and the doctor told her they started out rough, but my wife was starting to catch on. The nurse asked the doctor if he was ready for her to assist him, and he told her yes. My wife said at that time the nurse started to remove her clothing to. The doctor went back around to my wife’s pussy and told the nurse, he was going to continue to get her wet, while she worked on him. My wife said the nurse smiled and crawled on her hands and knees to the end of the table, and at that point was out of view. She had no clue what the nurse was doing to the doctor, while the doctor once again dropped his mouth down to my wife’s pussy. The doctor continued to eat and finger my wife’s pussy and anus, while the nurse stayed out of view. The doctor started to moan a little, and quiver. My wife figured he must be having an orgasm, and hoped that meant he was done. He was still eating her out, and she said she couldn’t help it but started to moan herself a little. As soon as the doctor started hearing her, he told the nurse to stop and get up. Once the nurse was up he told the nurse she did a great job, and now it was time for her to muffle my wife. The nurse climbed up on top of the table and placed her pussy at my wife’s mouth and dropped down on her. Once my wife had the nurse’s pussy on top of her mouth, she once again felt something going on at her pussy. That’s when she realized what she was feeling was the doctors cock head at her lips. He told the nurse to make sure her pussy kept my wife quiet, while he examined her deeply. My wife said she felt her lips start to part as he slid his cock into her. The nurse started to grind her pussy against my wife’s lips, and told my wife to lick her pussy. The doctor was telling the nurse that my wife had one of the tightest and wettest pussy's that he has ever felt or had in his office. She said when he got all his cock into her he just let it sit inside of her pulsing. Then after what seemed like forever he slowly started to slide it out of her till it reached her lips, and then crammed it back in. the nurse kept grinding her wet pussy on my wife’s mouth. My wife said the doctor slowly picked up his pace with every thrust. He was telling the nurse he couldn’t believe he waited so long to fuck this patient. My wife was really starting to get aroused as he kept fucking in and out of her, that finally she broke down and started to lick and kiss the nurses pussy. The nurse started telling my wife that’s it be a good patient and really get her wet. The doctor was pumping in and out of my wife, when the nurse dropped her body and head down towards my wife’s pussy and started to lick her clit while the doctor fucked her. Every so often the doctor would remove his cock and the nurse would tell him let her taste my wife’s juices on his cock. Then he would slide right back into my wife’s pussy and fuck her some more. He unstrapped my wife’s legs and started to suck on her toes while he fucked her. She said she was being sent over the top. The nurse had an orgasm on my wife’s face, and the doctor pulled out and came on the nurse’s face, and my wife’s belly. He told the nurse to clean herself and my wife up. He dressed and unstrapped my wife. He told my wife that all the results turned back negative and that she was healthy and fit. He told her not to worry or think anything of what just happened that he has done this exam on many of his legal, safe, and healthy patients. That she is welcome to continue to use his services and come back for the deep examine whenever she needed to or it seemed fit. He left the office, and the nurse looked at my wife and told her that she was one of the VIP patients. That all the nurses who work for him have to go through that examine to just for the job. She told my wife that many of the patients come back to see the doctor when ever their husbands, boyfriends, or lovers were away from home just to get a fix. My wife said she left the office, and felt ashamed at first. As she was leaving a lot of the females were looking at her and a few had a little smirk on their faces like they knew what she just had done to her. She said she came home and the first thing she did was shower to get, and feel clean. Then she waited for me to come home and told me what had happened to her. I asked my wife if she wanted to sue him? Or change her doctors? And she said it would be his word against hers, and he would even use his nurses to say they were there the whole time. So I asked her if that meant she wanted to change doctors, and she looked at me and said, well I have been with him for many years, he has seen me inside and out now, and closer than any other doctor. I asked her ok so what does that mean, of what she wants to do. She said I will stay with him, and see what happens next……………….


The End


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