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Housewifes Brutal Rape that Changed Everything

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Mary Jo James put her 2 year old and 4 year old daughters in the double stroller and locked the front door of "Miller Adult School" where she was principal. Even though only 26 and married to Richard for 5 years, her life was about helping others less fortunate and raising her 2 beautiful daughters.

Jerome Woodson, 58, prisoner #25436 at Hammerstead Maxium State Prison just heard the clang of the cell door for the last time. He had just finished a 12 year beef for rape and assult. Standing 6'4 and 280 he was scarred from years of fighting and his corn rolled hair hung past his shoulders. He smiled a toothless smile as he got on the bus.

Jerome ducked into the dark and put on his mask. He spotted the tall women walking down the stairs pushing the stroller. "Click" went the switchblade, the 6" sharp blade exposed. Jerome waited, he needed some pussy, white made it all the better. He crouched as she drew closer, he could hear her. The excitement ran thru him, that hadn't changed as his prey approached.

"Hey honey, mommy loves you Susie, Laura give that back to your sister you silly girl. "Mommy loves you both very"..........Mary Jo never saw the hand grab her around her neck and a huge hand cover her mouth. She was dragged into a dark alley but never let go of the stroller. The girls started crying. The stroller came loose from her hand rolling away a few feet.

Thump, Wack,........ her head hit the wall, the punch in the stomach took her breath away. Mary Jo saw stars, couldn't breath, and couldn't hear the girls, she shook in fear. Regaining her breath, "please take the money, please don't hurt us, please, no please"......Mary Jo pleaded her head pulled back by her long blond hair that had come loose from her hat.

Fuck Jerome thought to himself this bitch be feelin good. 14 years without pussy......"shut the fuck up you stupid bitch, you goin to be quiet if I's take my hand off ya?"........he ask.

Mary shook her head yes, turning,her eyes wide with fear as she saw the black mask. "please don't hurt us, please, my babies, please don't".......Slap!! then another Slap!! as she stopped pleading. Then she saw the ugly blade pointed at her eye. "please, please.".....she wispered. A drip of blood trickled down her cheek burning from being jammed against the brick wall.

She felt the blade closer........."listen bitch, I'll cut you, I'll cut those kids if u's don't do what I say, you understand".......Jerome said.

"Oh God No my babies, no no, please, yes, take the money, take it, I won't say anything, please don't hurt us"....Mary begged crying.

Jerome grabbed her jerking her head back by her long hair......."listen you stupid bitch, I's going to fuck you baby, I'm goin to give you's somethin you ain't ever had befoe, understand?"........turning her against the wall, jerome said.

"No, No,I'm married, No, No, please don't, no no".........Mary Jo pleaded.

Jerome pulled up her long granny skirt exposing her long legs on her 5'10" body. His large black hand slid inside her cotton panties massaging her smooth white skin. He inserted a thick black finger up her asshole, looking down........'damn baby you got nice legs and fuck a great ass"......he said, Jerome could feel his 13" black uncircumcised cock was stirring.

"Aasaahhh oohhhh"......Mary Jo groaned at the invasion in her virgin asshole. Mary Jo had only had sex with her husband, she was ashamed .......'Please, no, god it hurts, no, no".......Mary cried. Slap, another Slap to the back of her head.

"shut the fuck up, damn baby your asshole is tight".......Jerome said taking his finger out and licking it. "Mmmm baby, you's taste good"........Jerome said getting on his knees spreading her ass cheeks and inserting his thick black tongue up the white mothers asshole. Licking in and out deeply.

Mary Jo and her husband were both conservative towards sex and she had never felt in her life a wet tongue in her ass. She was ashamed that deep inside her body responded.

"turn around, let me get a look a dem tits".....Jerome ordered ripping the buttons off her top. "what's this?"......he ask.

"Oh please, please don't, don't please, no"......Mary Jo begged. She wore sports bras to school to hide her voluptuous 32DD breasts, as she felt this animal cut it off her. Her blue eyes looked into his.

"Jesus, look at the size of these fuckin titties, why you's hide these baby"....Jerome ask, as he mauled her tits, licking and bitting one nipple then the other, they were soft and hung heavily in his dirty black hands. God her smooth white body was driving Jerome crazy. He rubbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, they were hard.

"please, no, no, don't, please no".....Mary Jo pleaded. Ashamed her nipples hardened at this animals touch. She felt his hand enter her panties felling her pussy, Oh God she thought, her pussy was wet. Oh God help me she prayedl

Jerome said......"you fuckin slut, yo pussy all wet, you like that, like that huh slut." Grabbing her he layed her over some old dirty boxes, lifting her skirt, sliding her panties down her long legs.

"oh no, no please, no don't".....Mary gasp, feeling her labia being spread open, his tongue entered her licking first one side then the other, her clit became unsheathed out of its protective hood. She fought but her body betrayed her......" oh God, OhhhhAhhhh"....she moaned......."fuck this pussy taste good"..... His thick tongue found her sensitive clitoris.

Jerome got up unzipping his pants and bringing his 13" hard dick in his hand pulling the soft tuft of black skin down exposing a bulbous cockhead. A large piss hole was leaking pre cumm. He spread her legs, he couldn't wait any longer. rubbing the cock head wetting it with the wifes leaking pussy juice.

"O please, no, my husband, don't do this, please don't, OOOOhhhh".....she gasp as the cockhead entered her and her pussy snapped shut grabbing the unknow invader, he pushed,"God it hurts, oh please, its to big, no, no, no,oh please"....he pushed again....."AAAAAAhhhh. ooohhh, please no more god it hurts"....she moaned.

Jerome paused letting her pussy get used to him, he could feel her pussy coating his cock with her juices. "fuck baby u's got a tight pussy, shit."He raised up and pushed again.

"AAhhh God, please, no, no".....she pleaded but something was changing, her pain was being replaced by a tingling feeling that was in her stomach but moving quickly all thru her body. Her legs and smooth inner thighs started sweating. She felt her hand being grabbed.

She had never felt another man's cock before and her hand wouldn't fit around this black spear. "baby's that tight pussy, I's still gots this much left , and u's going to get it"......Jerome said, enjoying the hot tight wet pussy champed to his cock warming it with her juices. "I's goin to rip dat pussy open"

Mary Jo knew his cock was against her cevix wall and it would never withstand the barrage

or pounding to insue. She felt him raise up. "AAAAAAAhhhhh OOOOOhhhhhh God, OOOOhhhhh. god, ohhh, oooooo, please, oooohhhhhh" He thrust again, WHAM, WHAP, WHAM, again, again, and again,deeper, and deeper, again WHAP, deeper still, she felt her wall break "AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh, oh god, her 1st Ogasm ripped thru her, another, then another, bright lights shot off in her head, her eyes rolled back in her head" .......she could hear his heavy balls slapping against her. She wrapped her long legs around the huge black ass that was now starting to sweat.



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