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sister in law gets raped by drunk brother of her husband

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One night, after making dinner Suman went to her room to sleep, thinking about why she was living, for whom? She had always been a brave soul thus the idea of suicide never occurred to her. Her mother-in-law had already gone to sleep, Gopal hadn’t come home yet. As Suman lay on the bed the doorbell rang. Shanti slept on the roof and without her hearing aid, which she took off while sleeping, she couldn’t even hear a bomb blast right next to her, and so Suman went to open the door.

As she opened it she saw Gopal standing there. A heavy scent of liquor hung around him. He was dead drunk. Suman quickly went back to her room and locked the door from inside. She sat down on her bed. Suman didn’t know why but she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

After about five minutes there was loud knocking on her door, Suman was startled.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s me,” Gopal replied. “Give me food.”

There was a sort of huskiness in his voice that frightened Suman.

“It’s in the kitchen go have it,” she said, tiny drops of perspiration starting to form on her forehead.

There was silence for a few minutes; then again there was a knock on the door.

“What is it? I told you it’s in the kitchen, serve yourself,” Suman said, loudly.

There was no reply. She was getting scared. Suman sat there in silence. After what seemed like hours she got up thinking that Gopal had most probably gone to have dinner. She slowly went up to the door and carefully opened it. As she unlocked it someone pushed hard on it from the other side, the door hit her hard on the head and she was thrown back on the ground.

Gopal opened the door and entered the room closing the door behind him. Suman could see him unzipping his trousers. She started to scream. 

“No please, no!!”

With a jump Gopal hit her hard on the face. Suman saw his eyes, drunk and full of covetousness before everything blacked out...


                                       *                                       *                                    *


Suman’s head was paining like hell. It felt as if someone had hammered a nail into it. Her eyes were closed, she was lying spread-eagled. Suman tried to remember what had happened before she passed out and suddenly the lusty eyes of Gopal flashed in her mind. She remembered now, Suman tried to get up, but wasn’t able to move. She tried harder and realized that she was tied up. She opened her eyes and saw her hands and legs tied with ropes to the bars of the bed. Suman tugged harder trying to release herself.

As she was desperately trying to free herself, Suman saw a shadow moving at some distance in front of her. It was then that she realized that the bed was propped straight up on one of its sides. As she tried to figure out what was happening, Suman saw Gopal nearing her, a big vegetable knife in his hands.

“No please, stop! Don’t kill me please,” Suman cried, tears falling from her eyes, as he neared her with a hungry expression on his face.

Gopal’s lips curled in an evil smile, he had no plan of killing her, at least not until he got what he wanted. Suman knew that Gopal was totally under control of the liquor and lust, brewing up in him ever since she came here. She always feared that one day this was going to happen.

As Gopal reached her, he took a full look at her trembling body, his mouth watering, a slight bulge visible through his trousers. Suman thrashed frantically trying to free herself, but it was of no use, the ropes were tied tightly and securely. 

“Please someone, help!!” she shouted, in hope that someone would hear her, but her attempts went in vain. Shanti was fast asleep and the nearest neighbors were a street away.

So Suman cried and wailed asking for mercy as Gopal put his huge paws at her breasts and stroked them through the cloth of her blouse. Unable to hold himself any longer he pulled at the blouse with a strong jerk, the flimsy cloth tore away and uncovered Suman’s torso. Gopal stared lustily at her. 

Her breasts were still covered by the bra that she was wearing; Gopal considered it as a huge hindrance and cut the strap in between her big round globes with one sweep of the knife, the bra cups fell apart revealing her luscious bosoms. Gopal then took one of her globes in his hands and started sucking on the nipple.

Suman was sobbing silently, disgusted by the feeling of his lips on her nipples. As Gopal hungrily sucked on Suman’s nipples, in spite of herself, they started to swell. 

Suman again tried to free herself from the bonding of the ropes, but failed. So she loosened, giving herself up, seeing no way of escape. She prayed for it to end soon and cried continuously but silently, tears falling from her eyes, down her cheeks, her neck, through her cleavage and down her stomach. 

Gopal was like an animal. He had no expression, other than hunger, on his face, as he played with Suman’s body. He impatiently suckled on her nipples for some time and then started reaching down. He unfastened her pajamas and pulled them down as far as they could go. Gopal then inserted his fingers into her vagina through her panties. Suman let out a low moan; the tears were constantly flowing in a continuous stream.

Gopal then parted her panties from the side exposing Suman’s pussy. He made a swift lick and felt it wetting up. The taste was like a catalyst for him and suddenly he turned extremely wild. He pulled hard at the panties until they tore apart and threw them away, revealing her full crotch area, mounted by a soft tuft of hair. Suman suddenly let out a loud wail, but he ignored it. Gopal dug hungrily into her cunt licking and biting frantically. Suman wriggled uncontrollably, now loudly wailing and pleading for him to stop, but he continued.

Gopal ate Suman’s pussy for some time and stopped when he was out of breath. Then he got up and wiped her juice of his face with the sleeve of his shirt. Gopal then held the knife by its blade and with a slow move inserted the full length of its handle into Suman’s vagina. Suman shouted loudly, tightening her body as the massive knife-handle almost disappeared into her. Gopal then went to the side of the propped-up bed and carefully, with immense strength, placed it down in the normal position. The bed fell with a thump, further inserting the knife into her, now only the blade visible outside her cunt hole. 

Having placed the bed down, Gopal unzipped his trousers and took out his penis. He crawled up on the bed, kneeled down in front of Suman, took out the knife from inside her vagina and dropped it on the ground. He then inserted his rock hard, massive penis inside Suman and started moving it in and out, fucking her. 

“Please don’t do this to me, please. For god’s sake,” Suman wailed, out of breath due to the huge shaft pumping inside of her. But Gopal lay down on her thumping her hard. She was almost buried under his gigantic structure, she wasn’t able to breathe.

Suman thought she would die, when suddenly the frequency of his insertions increased and soon she felt his hot, disgusting cum inside her vagina. Gopal grunted loudly and rolled sideways and dropped down beside her. He lay there still for some time, breathing heavily. Suman was sobbing uncontrollably, feeling ashamed of her exposed nakedness.

Finally Gopal got up and closed his zip; he picked up the knife from the ground and cut Suman free from the bondage of the ropes. He then walked unsteadily out of the room and out of the house.

Suman lay there curled up, with her knees close to her breasts, crying and cursing her beauty, because of which this had happened to her. Then finally she got up, wiping the tears, a firm look on her face. She dressed up, took out a suitcase and filled it with all her belongings and some money which she had. After packing up she washed her face and went out of the house and away from it...

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