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The Boys Raped Me

Sophiabrendasniece on Forced Stories

Hey everyone, Hope you are all well. I have something that happened a couple weeks ago and it at first was something I was not going to tell but I have decided I will. I went to the Georgia Square Mall near where I live shopping one day. There were not a lot of people there which is really what I like. I ate at the food court and began walking towards he Victoria Secrets store. I stopped for a moment and notice 5 boys (by that I mean under 16 yrs old) following me. I had on a blouse, no bra, jeans and a coat that was light weight. My nipples were hard from the cool air that had been hitting them. I really like that feeling. Well, I went into the store and they stayed outside kind of walking around but always ending up there. I made eye contact with one and smiled and he smiled back and began talking to the other boys.

I bought a thong and a top and walked out. The boy I had smiled at came to me, "you live in the ....apratments don't you?" he said. "Yes, how do you know?" I said to him. "Oh, my friend and I live there and we have seen you there. You have lots of women visit you, are you lesbian?" he said right out. "Well, I usually prefer other women but I am open to other varieties too." I said and felt myself getting excited over this boy and his friends. We had been walking towards the other end of the mall and the boys were behind us a little. The one talking to me reached his arm around my waist and pulled me to him as if we were walking toether. "I think I would like to ask you out." he said. "Oh really, and is it just you or you and your friends." I asked him. "Does it matter?" he asked. "No, just wanna know how many I will be entertaining." He turned and faced me and his hand slipped under my coat and blouse and was carressing my nipples. We had stopped back by the rest rooms near the food court and were in the hallway. The other boys were out at the entrance of the hallway. Suddenly he pushed me to the Family Restroom and opened the door and held me tight. The other boys all came in quickly and locked the door and one had his hand over my mouth. He held me from behind while the others took off my clothes and tossed them aside. One puled out a knife and opened it and the razor sharp blade ran down my chest between my breasts to my belly button leaving a small streak of red. "If you yell or say anything we will shove this someplace that normally you would enjoy something, understand?" he said and I shook my head. I felt fear but not really. I knew that I was going to be okay and that I was going to get fucked. I enjoyed both thoughts.

They spread my coat on the flor and laid me on it and spread my legs. One boy had his cock out and was on his knees between my legs. His fingers found that I was soaking wet and he laughed and slipped his cock into me. It felt good and he moved in and out and soon filled my pussy. I was left wanting more. I kissed the hand over my mouth and he moved it. "I can make this a lot better for all of us if you let me." I said and they moved away. I reached out and took one hard cock into my hands and moved my mouth over it. The boy shuddered and smiled as I gave him a nice slow sucking. The next one I asked, "In the mouth or the pussy..." I hesitated, "Or the ass." I said. "Wow, the ass would be great." he said and I got on all four and he got behind me and slipped in. His cock did not really fill me up but it felt good to have it in me and my pussy sprayed an orgasm on the coat under us. THe next boy asked me to suck him and he took no time at all and filled my mouth. After all had been in me in one way or another they al seemed to be finished. I got up and dressed and they did too. "Well, you two know where I live so come over later tonight if you wanna have more." I told them. "I will teach you all that a woman likes and maybe more." I said and they all said that they would be over.

They got there about 8 and I was naked...more later folks..



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