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The Slave

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The Slave By Firebird ( Disclaimer: This story is set around the time when African Americans were treated as slaves. If this kind of theme offends you, please don't read any further. Last night, I dreamed of a black horse. Upon waking, I looked in the dictionary of dreams I keep in my bedside table, to see if there is any significance to this particular night time vision. It seems a dream of a black horse is a dream of passion. Considering all that has happened in the past weeks, I am not surprised. I lay in my soft warm bed watching my black lover's chest rise and slip, he looks so content when he is asleep. But not for long. Soon he'll be busy begging for his life. This is what happened to me two weeks ago ... The morning chirping of insects woke me on a nice warm summer's morning. My husband owns a sugar plantation in South Carolina. It's large by normal standards and my husband is away for many weeks at a time to keep the slaves we have in order. He's a cruel master and the slaves are right to be afraid of him. Sunlight pushed it's way through the curtains warming up the room. Autumn was nearing but there was no sign of the cold which would eventually take over our land. The insect chirping was smooth and calming, and not before long, I fell back into the darkness of sleep. After a while I felt myself awaken again. I opened my eyes and stretched my arms. They're stiff and sore from my nap. I looked to the window to see the sun had gone. It was now dark again. I was puzzled as to how I could have slept through the day especially with the house staff making so much noise. A half burnt down candle sat nearby on the bedside table so someone had been inside my room at one point. Dismissing the thoughts, I rose anyway. I covered my near naked body with a robe and ... What's that! A soft noise from the window. I stared towards the window waiting to see if anyone stepped out from the shadows. Nothing. I quickly ran through all the possible scenarios in my mind, but ultimately came to one conclusion. I'm the lady of the house and while my husband is away, I'm in charge. If some slave was outside my window and needed a good whipping, I would see to it. I stiffened my body into a proud posture and approached the window. I peered through the glass but the chances of seeing a dark slave wasn't likely, unless he's smiling of course. I chuckled at my joke, it was one I had learnt from my grandfather. Looking around the room I saw nothing suspicious. I rolled my eyes on how stupid I had been and looked towards my dresser. Another noise. This time it was unmistakable. Someone else was in my room. I slowly looked back at the window pane and, through its reflection, I saw myself a moment away from being grabbed by a black man behind me. I drew in breath to scream but I was silenced by a rough hand covering my mouth. His other arm easily wrapped around my torso and arms. I felt myself being lifted from the floor. In a harsh whisper he spoke to me. "Stay quiet and you'll live!" My body went rigid. I knew I was going into shock. My private tutor was also a medical man and he explain such reactions the mind and body have to frightening information. My assailant carried me over to the bed and pushed me forward onto it. He leaned over, took hold of my arms and pulled them hard behind my back. "Are you one of ours?" I gasped as he tied both my wrists behind my back. I regretted the words as soon as I said them. "One of yours? I'm no slave. And since I ain't a slave, you may call me William." I lay there wondering why he had told me his name. His speech and vocabulary caught me off guard. He was confident and sure of himself. He had learnt how to speak correctly, although rather crudely. He turned me over on the bed and I sat up to finally look into the face of my captor. "William is it?!" I said. My husband would be proud of my defiant stance towards a slave who didn't know his place. "So why are you doing this .. William!" I spat his name like it was venom. He grasped me around my throat and glared into my eyes. I glared back. The slap across my face hurt like a horse's kick. Seeing stars I yelped and fell to the bed. I growled at this black man manhandling me. William leaned in close to the side of my head. "Do not look down on me, woman! I may be black, but I am still a man and more able than any white woman here." I spat blood onto the bedsheets. Once my husband found out William had hurt me, William's carcass would soon be hanging beneath a tree limb for the crows. I sat up again. My face felt like it was on fire but my upbringing taught me to stay in control of situations. William watched me as I sat up. He certainly didn't fear me. But did that mean he would kill me? If I screamed, I have no doubt he would do it without hesitation. Life was nothing but a product to sell and barter here. I waited for the numbness in my cheek to subside. I looked at William. His shirt was ripped and torn. Dark old blood stains were on the sleeves and back. William saw me looking at his shirt. He smiled and tore it off his body. I stared at him wondering if he assumed that tearing a simple shirt could make me think he's anything less than what he was. Then I saw his body. If he was my slave, he would certainly be doing the heavier jobs. To say William was well built was an understatement. Huge muscles bulged like peas in a pod beneath his glistening black skin. A strong powerful back ending with a great set of mid-muscles on his front. I dared not look at him any further. He moved quietly to the door and listened for a bit. Probably waiting for my husband to arrive. "Like what you see?" he asked. I ignored him. I secretly did like what I saw, but the fire of being slapped still burned in my memory. "What is your name?" William enquired. I was shocked and disgusted that a lowly slave would even dare ask a question. "My name is Mrs Connor," I stated. "The slaves call me Lady." William laughed. I burned inside. Was it directed at me? or had I just tickled some memory of his. "You've a nice body ... Mrs Connor." said William. My survival instinct was thankfully faster than my quick wit. I bit back my nasty retort and simply stared. I wanted desperately to point out to William the irony of his words. 'Of course I've got a great body, William. I'm twenty-four years old, I walk every day and I'm very cute. I always got glances wherever I go. And because you're black, you won't have me.' I smiled at my inner thought. Time heals all wounds so they say. An hour later I still sat on my bed while William sat on the floor leaning against the door. He seemed to be waiting for something. My father always said I had one major flaw, I thought too much. And this time it was no exception. The more I thought about William, the more I felt ... happy. It was wonderful what William had said. Truth be told, I hardly ever saw Mr Connor these days. He would go away for weeks at a time, and when he returned he preferred the company of his men than myself. Occasionally he would want to sleep with me. For some reason he insisted we stay clothed with the lights out. He'd place his manhood into me and was done within a few minutes. The mere act of sex seemed to disgust him. I realised I had been staring at the window. I turned to look at William and saw him staring at me. He turned away slightly embarrassed. I smiled It felt wonderful to be the object of purposeful scrutiny. My body mutinied on me. My heart quickened. I breathed in the aroma of the surrounding area, focusing on William's scent. It wasn't plain as I thought it would be. Very sweet. I breathed in again closing my eyes focusing on William's aroma. I started to get aroused. Curse my body. I opened my eyes and I saw William in a different light. His eyes looked over my body. I could almost see him looking at my lips, my hardening nipples pushing through the light fabric of my robe. A bulge in his trousers appeared. His tasty sausage was firming up. Within a few seconds I thought it would burst through his trousers at any moment. I licked my lips. My memory of the face slap had softened. He had only done it because I was rude, and I had deserved it. "William." I said. I swallowed to quench my dry mouth. "Please come and sit beside me." William looked at me for a few seconds, then did as I asked. I was a tied up young woman sitting on the bed. What possible threat could I, a slip of a girl, be? As William sat I felt the heat from his body, it was overpowering. I could easily feel it touching me and encircling me as he sat a couple of feet from me on the bed. "Thank you William. I do wish to apologise for my rudeness before. I meant no disrespect." "That's okay, Mrs Connor." said William, still unsure about my intentions. "Please, Victoria." I smiled. William was much closer now and his aroma was fantastic. My head was swirling. "William, may I ask what you are doing here? In my room?" William for once looked very unsure of himself. He looked at the floor for a bit, then turned his face to me. "I heard something about you, and was wondering if ... well, you know." Actually, I did know. I nodded to William and smiled. A nice reassuring smile. William knew a secret which I had told a neighbouring friend of mine. "Please William, can you remove my bonds? You have my word as Lady of the house, I promise I won't scream or do anything to hurt or endanger you while you're in this house." William shook his head. "I can't do that ... Victoria. I know you mean well, but ..." "William. What we are going to do requires trust. I can't trust you while I'm tied up. These bonds hurt, and I'd dearly love you to ... " " ... love me to do what, Mrs Connor?" asked William. I closed my eyes. I really wanted to say it, I needed to say it. William was the man I needed in my life. "... to take me. I need you William. I need your strength, body and desire. Please take me." There I had said it now. Nothing could take it back. I looked at William's face for his answer. He was smiling. So was I. William reached behind me and untied my bonds. I rubbed my wrists to ease their soreness. "Wait for a second." I said, I stood up and went over to my clothes screen. I thought William would chase me down but I looked back at him before I went behind the screen. He was still sitting on the bed. I spied his sausage, it was pushing up against his trousers. I giggled like a teenage girl. I pulled off my robe and took a clean towel. I rubbed my pussy and muff. After a few seconds I looked around the screen. William was still sitting there, he smiled back at me. "Remove your trousers, William. I want to see you before you see me." William stood up. He untied the cord around his waist and slipped his three quarter trouser pants off. My mouth dropped open. His cock was huge. I wasn't experience enough to know many cocks but from the few that I've seen on naked slaves being whipped, William's was large. "Everything okay, Mrs Connor?" asked William, he had noticed me staring. I smiled. "Everything is fine, I'm sorry for staring. My turn I believe." I took a deep breath and walked out from behind the screen. I was completely naked as the day I was born. William smiled and his cock quickly moved to an upwards position. I walked towards the bed. I put my hands on William's chest and gently pushed him onto the mattress. I leaned forward and kissed him. His tongue rolled over my own. It was warm and wet, and tasted slightly of apples. My nipples quickened. This wasn't lost on William as he move his mouth down to them. I straightened up to allow easy access. I was in heaven. William teased the soft tip of my left breast, then moved to the other. He rolled my nipples in between his lips and then cradled them. Then he drew my nipple outwards and let go before it became uncomfortable. It drove me wild. He did it again and again. My husband never tried foreplay with me. William was amazing. With each release my tits sprang back to their normal globes. This seemed to thrill William more than I. I assumed he'd never had a white woman before. My nipples were sensitive and swelling up from their treatment. I loved it. New feelings and sensations flooded my body. I could feel the heat from the small hairs on my chest to the deepest parts of my body. I don't know if William had had many girls in his past, but he seemed to be an expert in foreplay. I watched in earnest as he squeezed my breasts lightly with his hands. A strong tingle flowed down my body all the way to my bottom. The tingle ended up around my clit. I stood up and moved onto the bed. I displayed my body for William to do with as he willed. William reached down with his hand to my pubic area. He didn't even need to penetrate me to find my wetness. I visually shook as his hand passed long my outer lips. He retracted his hand and again my highly sensitive arousal caused my body to shake slightly. A soft moan left my lips. I looked at William's hand and it was partly covered with my nectar. He smiled and licked it from his hand. "Very nice." he said and leaned forward to push me backwards onto the bed. He parted my legs and I allowed him to spread them. His mouth descended to my crotch. His tongue was wet and lightly rough. William licked me all along my feminine lips. I moaned as he pressed my secret buttons. I spread my legs wider and he continued to tease and lick my private lips. I couldn't control my hips any longer as they ground into the bed. I was afraid I'd wiggle away from William but my body knew me better than that and remained in it's position. I groaned again as William's oral caress drove the heat from my clit up through my body. Then he did something no one has ever done. He reached into me. A single finger pushed past my lips and into the void of my belly. William found the spot behind my pubic bone and he began to rub it with his finger. He continued tonguing me along my cunt. Waves of tension and heat flooded my pussy. I could feel my vaginal walls trap William's finger in my highly sensitive folds. But my folds were no match for his strength. My cunt was melting and becoming increasingly sensitive. The rise of heat within me quickly came to a peak and my hips went into convulsions. I believe I was having my first orgasm. My body forced the air from my lungs and I gasped as my body shook. My tits jutted out into the cool air but nothing would cool them down at this moment. My hips stayed up off the bed until the last convulsion had finished assaulting my body, then they crashed down onto the bed. Only then did William take his mouth away. I lay there gasping for air. Sweat covered my whole body. I tingled inside and out. William lay beside me, licking his lips. My scent was strong on his face. I could see his beautiful white smile in the darkness. I figured it was my turn, "On your back William." I said. William complied with his lady. I straddle his head and leaned forward towards his manhood. This was a position I had been dieing to try for years. His cock stood out rigid and strong. It was willing me to take it on. I balanced myself and took his cock with one hand. I licked it up from bottom to top. "Ready Mrs Connor?" asked William. I looked back. William took both my hips in his hands and sunk his face into my cunt again. It appears he wasn't quite finished with only one orgasm. I had no choice but to submit, happily. I slid his cock into my mouth. It tasted salty with a blend of sugar. I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft. It pushed against my palate but I held firm. I used my tongue to lick all around the bulb. William's cock shivered. I blew him as slowly and teasingly as I could. I didn't want him to spay his seed now. Not just yet. From the first orgasm my cunt was slightly numb. However William seemed to sense this and firmly forced more tongue rubbing into my cunt. It didn't take long especially as I was so preoccupied by his delicious cock when my thighs started to shake. His cock was dancing within my mouth and was harder than a ripe cucumber. I watched intently at his balls as they wobbled half a foot from my eyes. They were only slightly hairy but seemed larger than any others I've seen, and they would be full of his seed. Heat pushed through my body as I was blissfully carried into heaven once again. I was delirious. William used his tongue to delved deep into my body, and then slap my clit with the broad side. I gasped again and again for breath. I could barely wriggle. I wanted to orgasm again. It was a necessity. I breathed hot air around his cock. I couldn't take it from my mouth until I had orgasmed for a second time. Then it peaked again. I was gone. William's cock popped from my mouth and stood straight up pointing at my lips. The heat again flooded my body and after a few seconds I fell forward onto William's torso gasping for breath. My nose was buried in William's pubic hair. I breathed in his manly scent. It was pure perfume to a girl like me. William had locked my hips in a strong grip. The second orgasm was easily more powerful than the first. I lifted myself off William's sweat drenched body and looked between my dangling tits at him. He smiled back at me. I must have had a silly expression on my face as William began to chuckle. I was about to move off him when William held me again. Surely he couldn't be going in for the third time. He must be so tired. But I underestimated the energy of this man. He gave me one big lick from my clit along my lips. I was so oversexed I nearly fainted from pleasure. Then I felt his hot tongue stab at a very protected area. He spread my bottom cheeks apart and pushed his tongue forward. All sense of morals and eight years of specialised schooling disappeared, I called out to William. "Oh, yes! God, please, yes!" William's skills at cunt licking and probing my body were second to none. Now his tongue danced all over my anus. All new feelings and delights lined up to my brain to tell me how fantastic this all was. I agreed entirely. His tongue licked into my anus hole and I started to melt with each stroke. Then I felt a finger. Oh God, a finger. This was great. William pushed his index finger into my hole. My head swirled and I felt like fainting. I'd never had my rear orifice penetrated. Mr Connor didn't even come close to that area. I wriggled and William continued his anal onslaught. The finger was replaced with something bigger, a thumb perhaps. But as much as it was, I needed more. "William." I gasped. "Hhhmmm?" "No more fingers, give me your cock. I want ... I need your cock in my ass right now." I felt like I was begging ... and I'd do it again and again to get this kind of pleasure. William was only happy to agree, he shifted out from beneath me, and mounted me from behind. I'd heard of the slaves talk about doggy style but never really understood it. Mr Connor certainly wouldn't have known it. But William did. He spread my ass cheeks once again and put the tip of his black cock at the entrance of my anus. It had been prepared earlier. I groaned loudly as my sphincter muscles separated and allowed my William's cock in. He kept going until I felt his pubic hair brush again my pussy. My God he was large. Another orgasm started to build. William thrust forward and I flopped to the bed. I was putty to him now. He slammed in against me again and again, drilling my bottom like a bull taking his first cow for mating season. His sweaty hands grasped my hips and William showed that he was full of a lot more energy than I ever thought a man could have. I had a little left so I used it to lift myself off the bed and braced against William's thrusts. William drove in deeper and deeper and a climax rushed through my body and I had to scream into the sheets. The exhilaration and excitement were overpowering. I was now nothing more than a whimpering pile of orgasms and expended heat. William wasn't quite finished, he gripped my hips tighter than ever before and thrust in as deep as he could. Hot blasts of semen shot forth into my rectum. William thrust a few more times, groaned loudly and then fell forward onto me. His cock was still deep inside me. His balls nearly vanishing inside my cunt. I was the epitome of fulfilment. Three orgasms. Three holes filled. A woman couldn't ask for more. ____________________________ I awoke. I could see the midday sun out through the window. The insects had gone to ground and I happily looked around for my lover. He lay beside me. He snored slightly and I stifled a giggle. I got up from the bed and went over to look out the window. Everything was as it should be. I knew I had to get rid of William so I called for the upstairs maid. She arrived promptly and I told her of the situation. I trusted her with William's life and our secret. Although dim witted on many subjects, my maid has always been loyal to me. I left the room to go to the kitchen for breakfast. Normally I'd have it in bed but I didn't want to stick around. My maid would wake William and give him instructions on how to escape the house without being seen. He was also told how to get to a friend of mine for help and work. I ate my fruit breakfast as the house staff went about their work. A few hours later I was walking along my grounds looking at the sugar plants. A few of the slaves were noisily killing snakes in the plants. Most were harmless but it was better to be safe than sorry. The sun was warm and I was considering going back to the house. I was stopped by a loud commotion. I walked towards a nearby hill and saw many of the slaves surrounding a wagon. On top of the wagon was my husband. He stood tall, proud and obviously very angry. He spotted me and with a frown jumped down from the wagon. I spied the slave whip in his grasp. My heart didn't move for the man. I realised a long time ago I no longer cared for my husband. He approached me and we greeted each other formally. It felt disgusting. He told me about the business in other parts of the estate but I was distracted by the large group of slaves as they were moving supplies from the wagon. My husband then told me about some troublesome slave he had caught early this morning. My stomach turned to ice. "Who is he?" I asked, petrified of the answer I knew would soon come. "Calls himself William. But we can't have rotten filth like this infecting our society. I've ordered them to string him up for a whipping." I wanted to question him about his use of the term infecting society. But my husband was quietly livid. I knew this was not the time to discuss such matters. Did William tell him what he had done with me last night? Surely not. It would mean his life and many hours of torture. I continued to look over at the crowd and tears started to fill my eyes as I saw William being tied facing the tree trunk used for whipping slaves. His arms and legs were force to hug the large oak while his wrists and ankles were tied tight. I've seen this kind of punishment before and very few of the slaves survived, the women and children certainly didn't while the men wished they hadn't. They were usually incapable of walking for the rest of their life. William's clothes were cut away from his body. My husband harboured and nurtured his anger. His knuckles were white as he tightly gripped the whip's handle. I felt my husband's eyes on me and, without even a word, he left my side walking briskly towards William. He spread his fingers and eight feet of leathery agony fell to the ground and trailed behind him. Then I heard William begging. He was begging my husband to believe that he and I were in love. My husband growled and threw his arm behind him, then with fury and strength I never knew existed, he lashed at William's back. The first strike made everyone jump, especially me. William could do naught but howl. Everything went silent. All the slaves had stopped shouting. Bird calls disappeared. Not even the insects chirped. Yet William continued to howl like a beast from Hell. The large deep cut across his shoulder blades signalled his anguish. Even from the distance I was at, I could see white within the cut. His backbone was open for all to see. My husband drew back his arm again. Another lash and William screamed like he was on fire. I walked away. I could no longer bear to see it anymore. I heard William's screams on the long trip back to the house. Even when I got into my room I stared out through the window listening and watching William's anguish. Very quickly the howling died down to nothing. William suffered the pain and torment inflicted on his by my husband, then died. An hour later my husband entered my room. I had fallen asleep. He sat on the bed beside me and shook me awake. "He's dead." my husband told me, then he kissed my forehead. I smiled weakly at him and he, holding my hand like when we first met, smiled back. "Please be careful my sweet Victoria. I know when I'm away the slaves try to take advantage of you. Don't let them." We hugged and then he stood up to leave the room. "I should get you a bodyguard." "No, dear husband. Please, no more people in this house. I can suffer the knowledge and experience of being raped by a slave. But I won't let it effect me." I watched my husband leave the room. I felt sorry for my husband. He's a naive prick. I wasn't sorry that William had died though. I smiled at the thought of him begging and screaming while tied to the tree. I started to giggle. I pushed my face into my pillow to silence my laughing. Now I lay on my bed looking at my new secret black lover. I trail my fingers across his chest hoping he'll wake up and give me one final fuck before I force him to leave. I already know his deadly fate but what do I care. He's black, nothing more than a slave fucker to me. I know my friend in the farm next door will be expecting him, and when he arrives, she'll have him captured to await my husband's return. My friend will tell my useless husband everything. He'll be livid and cruel, and easily capable of killing the slave who raped me. Although my husband suspects me of my affairs he'll never do anything to me. I'm the victim after all. The End.

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