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Fat boy gets some Love

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Another day went by for Jason as he walked home alone from school. Jason was 14 years old, 5'4'' tall, weighing at 170lbs. He could never score a date with any of the girls from his middle school. He always wished that he could be the same weight as the other guys (130 lbs) who seemed to collect girls like magic. Jason wasn't bad looking; he had black hair w/ tan highlights, shoulder length wavy hair, smooth bronze skin, a chubby stomach, and a pair of soft quarter sized nipples (consealed under his oversized shirt).
Sam, a neighborhood gay guy loved chubby guys. He just loved the thought of wrapping his hand around a chubby guy's stomach and squeezing it tight as well as wrapping his legs around the guy's lower toursel, so he won't escape, and then tickle the poor guy to death (or like what it seemed). Sam would "jack off'' on that episode, but it never worked in real life because the guys would always seem stonger than he, since Sam was 21 years old, 6' tall, weighing at 140lbs. Sam would always eye Jason outside his apartment window as he walked home from school, sometimes with friends, sometimes without. "That fat boy will be mine someday" Sam would think to himself; as Jason would think of  jokes he would tell a girl at school the next day.
During the weekend, Sam thought of different ways he could take this kid into his apartment and do the things he wanted to do to him. Sam carefully mapped out his plan so that he won't get branded for life with state/ local  authorities and become jail bait, if the kid reported him or if someone found out.
Monday finally came as Sam hurried around to make last minute fixes to the apartment and seeing fat boy walking by himself, Sam then rushed downstairs to catch up with him.
"Hey! wait a minute", Sam managed to shout as he stood trembling. The boy continued to walk up the street. "maybe he thought I was talking to someone else", Sam thought to himself as he ran up to his target.
"Hey kid how would you like to earn $20." Sam sputtered out as he caught up to Jason. "Yeah that'll be great, but my mum is expecting me home shortly." Jason said. " Um, how about if you call your mum from my place and tell her your studying with friends and that you'll get dropped off at home." Sam said. "Sounds good!" Jason replied, as the two of them walked up the rear entrence to Sam's apartment. Sam showed him the way to his apartment and to the phone to call home to which Jason's mum agreed that Jason could spend the day. Jason and Sam asked one another ice breaker questions like names, age favorite activities and others over about 30 minutes time.
Then Sam asked Jason if anyone has ever given him a blowjob,  to which Jason gave a no response and that it was only in his dreams. Sam then took off Jason's pair of size 7 Vans shoes, unbuttoned and unzipped his 38'' waist JNCO jeans and racing car boxer shorts and jacked off Jason. Sam then started to suck and lick on Jason's 6'' erect dick starting from the head, and all the way down the shaft where Sam's lower lip meet Jason's balls. As Sam continued to suck and lick, Jason wrapped his thick legs around Sam's shoulder and held on Sam's head as he enjoyed what could be the best day of his life. This continued until Jason got a burst of bottled up adolescent juice, all ready and waiting to burst into Sam's warm waiting mouth and then it happened! : Jason got some much needed relief of his adolescent juices and Sam continued to savour the warm juices of Jason. "Man! that was great" Jason finally sputtered as he got to his senses.
" Oh!, thurrs more to come, big boy!" Sam said.
Then Sam went behind Jason and lifted him (with Jason's back against his hard 6 pack chest) and landed on the bed. Then Sam caressed Jason's soft stomach and  his extra soft, women like nipples he sported. Sam's own 9'' dick began to tingle with excitement, at which time Sam, then wrapped his own slender legs around Jason's large lower toursel. Sam continued to gently rub Jason's stomach and chest and hoping that his small 30'' waist, 140 lbs could handle Jason's 38" waist 170 lbs of porky. Jason was surprisingly liking the session as he never received this much sexual attention before from anyone.
Then Sam started to tickle Jason softly on his stomach, at which time Jason started to squirm and giggle, making Sam all the more hornier and happier. Sam enjoyed all the weight Jason was producing on his body. Meanwhile, Sam tried to grab Jason's wrists but they were too big for his hand to fit around. Sam managed to handle Jason until his extasy arrived. Sam then trembled and steamed under Jason's weight and what a rush for Sam. "Damn, that was fun!" Jason said, to which Sam replied
"You're such a virgin, I know you want that."
"Well, what did you want me to do to earn the $20", Jason asked "You already earned it". That's the only way that you would come with me isn't it?" Sam replied to which Jason said "Yeah, I guess so, since I don't talk to strangers". Then Sam helped Jason with his homework until he finished it an hour later. Sam then drove Jason home, like he had promised and they agreed they would meet again later on in the week.


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