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We always had a good time at tommys house as he had all types of games.His dad would always hug me when i came over and one day even kissed me real quick on the lips but i didn't really think about. One day we were there and i went into the kitchen to get a drink. As i walked back into the living room i saw tommy standing in front of his dad with his pants down and his dad had  his finger in tommys ass. Tommys body was moving all around and i heard him say 'now daddy. When he said that tommys dad started fingering him fast and tommy was pumping his ass real fast. Tommy grunted real loud and stopped and pulled his pants up.I didn't realize that my cock was really hard. Tommy turned around and saw me and said let's go to the bedroom. Tommy began telling me about his dad and that he liked to suck his cock. But that i cant tell on him.I got scared and started to leave but daddy was  standing at the door. He told me to sit on the bed and take my pants off. As i was scared i did what he ask.He sat down beside me and didnt say a word but reached down and working my cock to get it hard. I started to enjoy this as tommy had jacked me off before and i have done him.As it got real hard he pulled the skin back and i was getting real hot. He stood up and pulled down his pants and tommy had taken his off. "Daddy got down on his knees and began sucking my cock.As he did tommy put my hand on his cock to jack him off."Daddy stood up and pushed his cock in my mouth before i knew it.He told me to suck it slow. As i didhe held onto me and laid down on the bed with me on top. I was really getting into this when tommy got behind me and spit on his finger and run it up my ass it hurt alot but i didnt stop because i was getting really hot. My little 5 inch dick was getting real hard. Tommy put his dick at my hole and pushed it in quick it hurt  but i didnt stop sucking "daddys dick' i could feel it throbbing in my mouth but i didnt know he was cumming until he shot his load in my mouth. when he did i came and tommy started fucking me real fast. He shot his cum up my ass and stopped fucking me and i reached around to grab his ass to keep fucking me. He pulled out and i got real pissed off cause it was good and i wanted more. "Daddys cock was still hard so i turned around and sat down on his cock and let him fuck me for along time. He shot a load in me and i went crazy.Dam i never knew this before. Ilet them fuck me all afternoon and sucked their cock about five times. Its been ten years now but i still get fucked three times a week as i let my brother and any of his friends fuck me and i suck their cocks..I stay at my brothers house so he can fuck me anytime he wants and he does alot. He has a wife but i dont think she knows anything. Whenever his friends come over i go sit in the bathroom as they come in and get dicks sucked.  One even talked to me about fucking him in the ass  real soon. another day maybe


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