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My Co-worker's hot ass

bigmike3456 on Gay Stories

It was a hot August afternoon and our company was trying to finish a house on time. We had four houses in various
stages being framed and finished in a quiet neighborhood.

I was in the process of putting down the flooring in one of the houses and was sweating bad. It was against the rules to go shirtless on the job sites but nobody was around and my shirt was already soaked. I was in the kitchen of the house and dropped my tool belt to the floor. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it onto the counter. My chest is covered in furr and I have a fairly nice muscular frame with nice 17" arms and a 34 inch waist. My stomach also has a shadow of furr running across it and a trail from my chest down to my 7" cut tool. I ran my hands across my chest and watched as the sweat splashed into the air. I needed to get out of my pants so I walked out to my work truck and opened my gym bag and pulled out a pair of jean shorts. I went back inside the house and kicked off my laceup leather work boots and pulled off my pants which too were wet with sweat. My underwear were also wet with sweat and my cock was sagging to the bottom of my sweaty balls. I keep my balls shaved and my pubs trimmed nice and neat. I pulled on the shorts and put my boots back on. I went back to the tile saw and began cutting more tile for the bathroom. I started to take the tiles to the bathroom but needed more spacers. I knew some spacers were in the house next door so I walked over to the house. There was a radio playing in the back bedroom and I figured it was left on by one of the workers when they left. I walked to the bedroom and I could hear movement in the bathroom. I slowely walked to the bathroom and could see a shadow on the floor from the skylight. I could tell someone was jacking off due to the shadow movement on the floor and the guy was growning. I slowely looked inside and saw this guy Austin from one of the sheetrock crews. He had his clothes laying on the floor and was wearing nothing else but his work boots.

Austin is 602 170 pounds, shaved head and goatee with a chest covered in black fuzz. Austin also has a shaved ass and legs and a nice thick cut cock.

Austin was standing in front of the mirror jacking his fat cock in a nice slow motion. Austin kept spitting on his cock head while he was jacking. My cock immediately began to get hard and within seconds was trying to get out the top of my waist band. I quietly unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock out and started to jack. The floor had no carpet and was gritty. I moved my foot slightly making some noise. Austin turned and looked into the hall seeing me standing with my cock in my hand. Austin said, "what the fuck are you doing" and I replied jacking to your hot bod man with a grin on my face. Austin said, this is fucked up man you should have some respect for my privacy. I told Austin, would it make it any better if I told you I saw you before when you blew your wad all over the toilet in the house last week. Austin got pissed and walked over to me and pushed me up against the wall. I said hold on fucker, Im not going to tell anyone, and to prove it, Ill suck your cock for you right now. Austin said fuck you man I'm not like that, I walked over towards him and stood right in front of him face to face. I reached down and grabbed his cock in my right hand and slowely began stroking him. Austin closed his eyes and layed his head against the wall. I dropped to my knees and took his hot cock into my mouth. Austin began to groan with appreciation and like a pro placed his hand on the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. I had never blown a guy with prince albert so it was some getting used to but I quickly overcame my new experience. I began to deep throat his hot cock. Austin continued to work my mouth with his fat cock oozing pre cum. I took the tip of my finger and ran it across the head of his prick and scooped up some pre cum, I then reached my finger to his man hole and began to flick at it with my finger. Austin spread his legs further apart as he stood before me plowing my face with his cock, my cock was still slapping against my stomach as it was rock hard. Austin had such an awesome body and to be between his legs sucking his cock was such a fucking turn on. I began to stand up and ran my tongue from his cock up to his nipples sucking his nipples giving each one attention for sevral minutes. I then backed Austin up to the counter and layed him across the bathroom sinks. I started sucking his cock again and Austin had one hand behind his head exposing his furry arm pit and the other hand was holding his leg back exposing his cock and huge hairless balls. I stopped and sucked his balls several times in between cock sucking. My cock was ready to explode I was so turned on. I looked down and saw Austin had a nice pink man hole. I reached up and slowely began to suck his nipples again and took my right hand on my cock pointing it to his man hole. I nudged my cock head toward his hole and he never flinched or tried to stop my cock. I stood back up and spit a load down to my cock. I slowely began to push my cock into his hole, Austin spread his legs nice and wide holding them with his hands. I watched as Austins cock oozed pre cum onto his hairy belly in anticipation of my cock. I took my cock and was able to slowely ease it in until I got to a point where he was groaning in pain from my cock and his virgin ass trying to take it. I was able to work my cock all the way in getting my pubs to touch his man hole. Austin was finally able to relax as my cock slid in and out of his hairy hole, It was less than five minutes of me fucking his hot ass before I began to tense up. I told Austin I was going to cum as I was fucking him as he laid in a pool of sweat running off his body onto the counter. I again told Austin I was going to cum, but Austin only groaned again. I was pumping his ass and dripping sweat onto his cock when my balls tensed up and I began to seed his ass. My cock throbbed and pulsed twelve huge loads of white love into his tight hole. I slowely pulled my cock from his ass and began to work on his cock again. I started sucking Austin's cock and within no time, Austin told me he was going to cum, I continued sucking his fat cock until he started to blow his load in my mouth. Spasm after spasm, Austin continued to blow a huge hot load in my mouth and I eagerly swollowed every drop. I finished sucking his cock and cleaning his rode with my tongue. Austin's ass started to ooz my man sauce out and I took my finger cleaning his ass hole for him as he laid there panting.

I asked Austin when was the last time he had cum and he said last week. I told him he had a huge load and if he ever wanted to unload on me again, he only needed to ask. I helped Austin up off the counter. Austins cock was still semi hard. I asked him if he needed another load sucked out, Austin laughed and said fuck yeah man, I leaned Austin back against the counter top and began to suck his cock for a second explosion. It took me a good sweaty fifteen to twenty minutes to suck Austin to another much smaller load in my mouth but it was still well worth the fucking sweaty mess to get to it.

After blowing Austin, he got his shorts back on and we walked out to the house I had been working on. I told Austin to cum by anytime he saw my truck outside for some hot fucking fun. Austin has taken me up on it several times, not only at work but stops by for beers now too.

More later..........mmmm Austin is a hottie

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