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My First Time GAY

Ts19yroldLV on Gay Stories

Looking for my first gay experience wasnt difficult. Living in SIN CITY i searched chat rooms for a willing guy to take my virginity. I was freshly 19 years old and VERY curious. I knew i loved shemales, but living with family i could only crossdress. I had 1 outfit consisiting of a pink see thru thong, black stockings, and a lacy black bra. I found Tom in a chat room and began asking him questions. I asked if he would come pick me up and be willing to give me my first experience with another guy. I told him i would like to give oral, and recieve anal while dressed like a woman. He became dominant wich turned me on and he told me I was going to be his bitch for the night. my heart started pumping i was excited. he was @ my house 30 minutes later to pick me up and take me to his house. Under my normal boyish cloths i had on my sexy woman cloths. We got to his house and he led me to his bedroom where i went to the bathroom and took off my guy cloths. I asked him if i could shower, wich i did and proceeded to shave off all my hair for him. I came out ready to be fucked. He LOVED the fact i did all that just for him and told me to get on his bed. I did. He took off his pants and shirt, and told me to start sucking his cock. I pulled his boxers down revieling his semi-hard 7" cock. I took it in my mouth. it being my first time i wonderd if i was doing it right. I felt it hit the back of my throat and start to harden, he moaned. My cock started pulsating in my silk panties. My 19 year old virgin mind was going wild. I kept sucking and sucking til my eyes started to tear i was LOVING it, he would take his cock and slap my face with it every now and then. after about an hour he told me to turn around. i did without hesitation. i felt the head of his cock press against my asshole. ive only felt my fingers before but i wanted him inside me now more than ever. He pushed gently i felt the pressure of my ass being penetrated for the first time. He pushed harder taking my virginity with a hard thrust and his head was inside me. he pushed more and more going deeper making my cock harder than i thought posssible. he started fucking me with a little more speed, i moaned "fuck me!!" and he fucked me faster and faster. We went through about 3 or 4 posisitions until he pulled out and i took hi m back in my mouth wanting to taste my first cumshot striaight from a man's hot throbbing rod. I started jerking and sucking him like id seen in porn video's tasting his cock and my virgin ass juice was mind blowingly hot. he started to moan louder and louder until he pushed my head down on his cock and started blasting 8 or 9 huge shots of hot cum down my virgin throat. i was in love now. with cock, cum, and being treated like a little slut.

Im still waiting for another guy to take me like he did, until then ill just have to fuck myself with my dildo and swallow my own loads  remembering that amazing night until i meet another special someone.


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