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My Real First Time (Gay)

CalicoJack on Gay Stories

This is a story of the first time I ever had a gay experience.  It was with a friend of mine, a very close friend actually.  We had known each other for many years, since we were little kids.  We grew up next to each other and spent every bit of our spare time together.  We talked about everything.  I could tell him anything and he knew he could do the same.

Well, this story takes place during our junior year of high school.  We were both 16 years old and very into watching porn and stuff like that together.  I went over to his house to spend the night and his parents were not home that weekend.  Like always, we watched some porn and we tried to hide our erections, but we both knew the other had one.

This time, we spent more time than usual watching it and we both were getting hornier and hornier.  Eventually we stopped trying to hide our raging boners.  We just let the tent in our pants stand tall.  I know he kept catching me looking at his pants because I kept watching him look at mine.  

We both laughed at it for a while and then he said his pants was really hurting his dick.  I said I felt the same way and he suggested we take them off.  After we both agreed this would never leave the room, we took our pants off.  He took his off first and left his underwear on.  I told him he has to take them off too because I wasn't wearing any.

So I took my pants off completely exposing my pretty large cock.  It stood strait up and he just looked at it for what had to be minutes.  Then I told him to take his off.  He complied.  He pulled his underwear down and released that beast he had under his pants.  His was was about and inch larger than mine, and very thick.  I couldn't believe how turned on I was just seeing it.  It was perfectly shaped, like mine, and rock hard.

I had never noticed him sexual before but his slender tall body was now really looking hot.  We both stopped watching the porn and was really talking and staring at each others cocks.  He said he was going to jack off and I could do it if I want, but he's not stopping either way.  So he began.  I watched his hands grip his shaft and begin moving up and down.  I layed back and began doing the same.  I was about to loose my self but I wanted to at least out last him.

After a few minutes of slowly jacking my dick, he stopped and said its getting boring.  He suggested that we do each other.  I couldn't believe it, but he knew I was interested because my dick got thicker and stood higher.  We sat next to each other and my hand was shacking as it made its way over his leg and towards his dick.  I grabbed it firmly.  It felt so hard and so warm to the touch.  When he grabbed mine, his hand was slick because the sweat.  It felt so great.

I began moving my hand up and down and he did the same.  I was trying so hard on not blowing a load on his hand, but it happened.  I shot a huge load of cum on his hand.  Supprisingly, he didn't move.  He let my extra thick jizz cover the back side of his hand.  I kept beating him off the whole time.  He let go of my dick and I saw him bring his hand to his mouth and lick my cum off.  My dick shot strait back up again.

That was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.  He licked every drop.  I got down on the floor and placed my face between his legs and leaned forward and put his cock in my mouth.  It was so big I could only get the head in at first, but I got more and more in.  He leaned back moaning with pleasure.  I could taste the precum in my mouth and it tasted great.  I wanted him to fill my mouth with his cum.

Before long, I felt his dick expand and I knew he was going to explode.  I kept it in my mouth and he shot his load in the back of my throat.  It quickly filled my mouth with a very hot creamy load of his jizz.  I loved the taste and swallowed every drop.  After that we just layed on his bed for about half an hour talking about it.  We both layed there naked and getting excited again.

He looked at me in the eye and said "I want to fuck your ass."  I was a little nervous but I was willing.  We got up and I got on my hands and knees on the floor.  I stuck my ass strait up in the air.  He got behind me and he spit down my ass crack.  He then began rubbing his fingers over my hole.  Then he stuck his finger in.  It didn't feel good at first, but it didn't feel bad, and eventually it started feeling great.  He started sticking it in and out faster and faster.  Then he leaned forward and began licking my ass hole.  I felt his tongue explore areas I have never even known.  It went deep into my ass and my dick was harder than ever.

He then got back up and placed his big dick at the entrance of my virgin ass hole.  He went very slowly, just getting the head in and out at first.  He began inserting more and more, inch by inch.  Soon, he was pumping my ass like the porn stars were pumping pussies.  It felt great.  I looked down at my cock and seen an almost steady stream of my cum flowing from my dick onto the floor.  I was in a constant orgasm.  He then moaned loud and I felt my ass get filled with his hot cream.  He laid on my back a few minutes after he came with his dick still in my ass.  When he pulled it out cum followed and his floor had cum all over it.

We laid there on the floor until we went to sleep.  When I woke up the next morning, he was already up and I could hear the shower running.  I looked around and saw that I was still ass naked and there were stains on the floor.  I got up and looked into the hallway and saw the bathroom door wide open, as an invitation to join.  I walked in and he opened the door to let me in.  Looking down I saw he had another huge hard on and that we were gonna do it again, but thats for another story.  If you want to hear that other story, please post comments.


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