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My introduction to gay sex

davidj on Gay Stories

I was at a party and keeping very much to myself because I was never popular with other kids. I just couldnt seem to like them or they like me.

This guy came up to me and started to talk to me. He was a year or so older and for once treated me like an equal and we talked about music and theatre and all the things other kids would never admit they liked.

Toward the end of the night he said he was leaving and if I liked he would drive me home. I had enjoyed his company so much I said yes immediately. On the way he stopped in a secluded area and said I just want to talk a bit more and he came over and got really close to me and before I realised it he was trying to kiss me and had his hand betwen my legs and feeling for my cock. At first I tried to get away from him but he talked nicely and quietly and I could not believe that I was letting him do this to me and after a while I began to like it. I had never kissed a girl or boy my age before only adults. This guy was not only kissing me but showing me how to kiss properly and as we kissed his hand was stroking my cock through my pants. His name was Alan and I kept saying we shouldnt be doing this but I was almost helpless to stop him. I knew it was wrong but something inside me was telling me to keep going.

He took my hand and guided it toward his trousers where his fly was. It was open and his cock was out and all hard. I hadnt realised he had done that to himself.

He put my hand on his cock and for some reason I just closed my hand around it as it felt quite nice and was bigger than mine. I had already confessed to him at the party I masturbated regularly and he said just try it with mine and I did and it felt nice.  He then undid my zip and got my cock out and he began to play with it and I loved it, but I said we shouldnt be doing this.

He said I think you and I are the same and you will really like being with me once you realise we like doing this together.

Now the two of us were playing with each others cocks and he was masturbating me. He said for me to do it for him too and I did. After a while he slipped his trousers right off and said for me to do the same and I did. He told me to get into the back seat because it was better there and I got over. Then he said he would do it to me for a while then I could do it to him. He stroked me beautifully and played with my balls and I couldnt believe I was letting him do it but I didnt want him to stop. Then he said its your turn on me and we swapped places and I used my hand to masturbate him and he told me how to do it better than I was and after a while I really was enjoying the feeling of his cock in my hand and what we were actually doing. I could see his cock even in the dark and it fascinated me as it was a bit bigger than mine.

He asked what do you do when you cum and I said I usually do it into a tissue or on the ground if I am outside or just into the shower if I do it there. He said well when I cum would you like to drink it for me and I said no way. He asked had I ever tried to taste my own, and I said never.

Then he said when I cum I want you to try it for me and I will do it for you with my mouth.

I said no way thats something I couldnt do. Then I stopped doing it to him.

Then he said I am sorry I am pushing you too fast. He started to kiss me again and feel my cock and pretty soon I was feeling better but I still wasnt going to drink his cum. After a few minutes and I was over the thought of drinking his cum he got me to kneel on the seat and he got down and began to suck my cock. At first I didnt want him to but it was so good I let him. Pretty soon I was going to cum and started to pull it out of his mouth but he put his hands around and grabbed the cheeks of my bum and pulled me to him and I came right into his mouth and I couldnt help it. He sucked and sucked and swallowed all my cum. I could not believe people did that.

When I was soft again he told me he really enjoyed my cum and I tasted wonderful. He said I want to do that again when you are ready.

I was a bit sort of confused, I didnt want that to happen, but then I liked it so much. I didnt say anything and then he sat back and got me to masturbate him. When he was about to cum he told me to go hold it tight and go fast and I knew what was going to happen because I do that myself and his cock spurted cum everywhere before I realised.

It was all over me and him and the car. He said dont worry its ok, I do this all the time on my own. I couldnt help myself and I looked at the cum on my hands and it was exactly the same as mine. i dont know why I did it but I licked it and then gagged as I tasted the sour salty taste of it on my tongue. 

Yuck I said thats horrible, how can you drink it. He said I love it. I often drink my own cum and he then licked my hand and wiped it off himself and drank it.

After that the two of us sat and talked about sex all the time and I was beginning to realise I was happier with him than I was with anybody else. We were both playing with each others cocks and I was really enjoying the feel of having his in my hand and sub consciously I began to masturbate him again, and he just lay back and let me do it to him. I realised then I was having more fun that I had ever had with anybody else and I was really liking him and I kissed him a few times and that made me feel really warm and loving toward him. He undressed himself completely and told me to do the same and the feeling of our two bodies rubbing togther when we kissed was something I could not believe I really enjoyed. I went back to masturbating him and we didnt say a word I just stroked him, with his cock only inches away from my face. I dont know what came over me but suddenly I wanted his cock in my mouth, I was drawn to it like a magnet and I closed my eyes and softly put it into my mouth and the sensation was one of the most wonderful I had ever felt. I had never felt like this about anybody ever. I was in raptures with him and having hs cock in my mouth was a sensation I cant describe, it was beautiful.

His hands came down and held my head softly and he touched my ears which made me feel even better and I realised he was loving what I was doing to him. I had never done it before but it was like I had been doing it all my life and he was really enjoying it.

He began to whisper to me about how he loved it and how he was falling in love with me and how he and I were made for each other. All his words were making me feel wonderful and the more he told me the more I was working on his cock and loving every moment.He had me feeling ecstatic. I should have been revolted by he whole thing but I wasnt and I was  enjoying this more than anything I had ever done.

Then he came without saying a word and his hands held me on his cock as he filled my mouth with his warm cum. It took me by surprise but I couldnt get away and after a second when I wanted to, I didnt, and I realised it wasnt as bad as I had imagined. The warm cum in my mouth felt nice but the sour taste was a bit hard to get used to and I swallowed it all.It still left a taste in my mouth but it was ok in a funny sort of way. It wasnt until I realised that I had just swallowed his semen that I realised we were something special together. He had drunk mine and I had drunk his so we were sort of blood brothers. Suddenly I felt proud and the feeling I had for him was something special, like he had told me how he felt about me.

I went to him and we kissed for ages, the taste of him still in my mouth and  I cried with the overwhelming feeling I had for him. I had met him only hours earlier and now I have had sex with him and I never wanted him to leave me. The feeling of his body pressed to mine was beyond belief. 

The two of us held and kissed for ages and he asked me if I loved him and I said more than anything in the world and he said I love you too.

It was the very early hours of the morning when he dropped me at my front door and I promised I would see him later that morning and he would pick me up and take me to a plce where we could be together and make love together like we had the night before.

That was the beginning of a romance with him that still exists. We have done far more sexual things together including making love between us with our cocks in each other bums. We both love that now although my first experience with him entering me was one of the most painful things I had ever done but my love for him was so strong I was proud and happy for him to have my virginity as he had taken my cock into his mouth and swallowed my cum that first night we had together. He had done it with another guy before and it was easy for him when I did it to him for my first time. I have cried a number of times with the love I have experienced with him.

I may even write my continuing story, particularly the day I lost my virginity to him in both having him enter my bum and the first time i did it to him.      

Keep watching.


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