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Nude Beach

lala_11 on Gay Stories

    Ryan was 19, tan, and in decent shape.. he wasnt cut but he had a firm stomach, defined arms, and a tight ass. He claimed himself to be bisexual but found himself looking more at guys than girls, even though hed never been with a man. He lived in a conservative town and there werent many opportunities to get action without having to have some type of relationship..people around there just werent like that, but he wasnt looking to settle down.
    It was the beginning of summer and he felt like going to the beach but it being Ohio there werent exactly that many around so he got on his computer and searched surrounding areas.. the words "Nude Beach" caught his eye immediatly. It wasnt too far and it was only 9:00am so anxiously he got in his car and began his journey...
    Upon arriving he scooped the area, it wasnt a very big beach, but there were about 30 people, all with beautiful tan bodies..and all completely nude. He felt his dick stir "oh not NOW", he thought "im the new guy and i dont need a hardon immediatly"  he stiffled himself down and walked down to the beach, making sure to get a little privacy just in case he got another hardon. He stripped down and admired his own 9 1/2 inches on manhood hanging between his thighs and he noticed a few  others looking at him as well.  As he layed there he watched the people on the beach, rubbing tanning oil on their firm bodies and a few attractive women playing in the water, their supple breasts bounding.. he was getting hard decided to go for a swim to take care of this problem.        
    He waded into the water until it was up to his waist and just relaxed, thankful for the coolness due to the 90 degree heat.. he now had a good view of the entire beach and everyone on it and he just couldnt stand it anymore, he began slowing jacking off under the water admiring all the cocks and the womens tits bouncing..he started going a little harder and couldnt stiffle his little occasional moans. He was so into what he was doing that he didnt even notice another man approaching. He came up behind Ryan, who now noticed his presence,"the names Tim" "Ryan", and with that he took over jacking Ryans large cock, Ryan had never had another man touch him before and it sent him into exstacy and he noticed that this strangers own cock was rubbing against his ass. He whispered "stick it in" and within 2 seconds he felt a warm cock sliding into his pulsating asshole.Tim started fucking him slow and Ryan was stroking his cock but Tim slowly stopped and said to meet him in the woods next to the beach. They went their seperate ways but met shortly after, Tim finding Ryan sitting on a bench in a private area off the trail. "Bend over, Im gonna give you cock like youve never had it" Ryan bent over the table, his cock, hard, hanging over the side. Tim alligned his cock and shoved it in with all his strength, and began slowly pulling out then slamming it back in, harder and harder each time. Ryan was groaning and bucking back onto Tims cock when he suddenly felt lips sliding over his member, "This is my friend Greg" Tim moaned "I told him to h-help  welcome you" Greg was sucking Ryans dick hard and fast and Ryan couldnt hold it in any more "OH FUCK! OH GOD YEAH, MMMM OH SSSHIT" he was being shaken by his first orgasm "OHHHHH IM CUMMING, YEAH TAKE IT ALL, SUCK IT ALL OUT OF MY COCK, MMM YEAH LIKE THAT" Hearing Ryan moan sent Tim over the edge and he came spurt after spurt of hot cum into Ryans ass "oh fuc-fucck im cu-ummmming " Greg stood and jacked off onto Ryans face and he greedily lapped it off Gregs dick and around his lips...the three men collapsed onto a pile and made plans to meet at the beach atleast once a week...


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