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liam1970 on Gay Stories

Summer 2006 a pal of mine, Mike, persuaded me to go on a naturist holiday; did I go expecting something to happen? Of course, but I couldn't believe just how easy it was.

It was a smallish place, in the countryside and supposed to be mixed, but mostly gay the weekend we were there. On check in, the receptionist, John, took us on a tour, and in the tv lounge, two guys there, naked, watching porn and wanking...sounds corny, but true! John then showed us to our room, and as it was a nice day, we stripped off and decided to explore the place.

Good feeling to be naked and heading off, waving to a few other guys that were out sunbathing, not at all paying attention to what was between their legs of course!

There were a couple of trails around the place, one that led through open fields to a river, the other through woodlands. We decided to take the woodlands walk and Mike wasted no time in chatting about the guys watching the porno. They were pretty hot looking, and as we walked we were laughed about what might happen later. Not far into the woodlands though, we rounded one tree and saw one guy leaning back while another was on his knees sucking him off. We stopped, and they didn't us at first. But then Mike started to play with himself, and moved in for a closer look. The one who was standing - his name turned out to be Joe - was a beefy guy, about 6ft, hairy, opened his eyes, saw us and smiled.

With one hand on the head of the other guy - we found out his name was Terry - he used the other to beckon us over. Mike was there in seconds, kneeling down and joining Terry in sucking Joe's fat cock. My own was hard by this time, and while I had often had the pleasure of Mike's arse, it was Terry's arse that drew my attention. I had to kneel down, run my hands over his cheeks, pushing them together and then pulling them apart to reveal his smooth pink hole.

'Go on,' said Joe, 'get in there.' And as if to confirm, Terry waggled his arse for me.. I had to work my fingers in there first, he was tight, but all the more inviting because of it. Joe was flicking his eyes between the two guys on his cock and me fingering Terry, and when I spat on my hand and used it as lube, he stood up from the tree to get a good view of my cock easing into Terry's tight arse. Fuck, it was good as I slid in; to hear his moans, muffled because his mouth was full of cock. Mike meanwhile, was busy tonguing Joe's balls and trying to get a share of his shaft. He was hungry for it, and as I fucked Terry at a good steady rhythm, I notice that Terry has somehow managed to get his hand on Mike's cock and is wanking him.Â

They must have been there for a while because pretty quickly Joe began to cum, shooting a nice thick jet over Terry and Mike. They lick the last of his cum off his cock head and very soon after Mike cums too. He turns around to me and smiles, and reaches underneath for my balls, tickling them, and almost together, Terry and I start to cum. I pull my dick out of his hole and shoot all over his back, mixing my cum with Joe's.

I know it sounds unlikely, but this was the first of a number of sessions over that weekend. If you want to read more...


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