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Teen Jack Off Buddies

Bob051494 on Gay Stories

It was a long drive to our camp and it was johns first time coming up with me and my family. Let me give you some information about us I am 6,1 145 pounds and vary athletic he is 5,10 and average build. We got to camp and but our stuff in the bunk house (a room behind the garage for when friends come up). Well we got settled in with our sleeping bags and the heat turned up to take the chill out of the air and he says so how big is your dick I replied with WHAT are you gay or something he said I might be, I could not believe him I have know him for 5 years and had now idea that he might be gay. He then said I will show you mine is you show me yours, I said fine so he whipped it out he was about 7 inches and rock hard so I decided why not and pulled it out I am about 8.5 and pretty thick I have a girlfriend and she is the only one to see my dick. So then he said do you want to see if I am gay I said no I am not gay. Come on he said ok what do you want to do he asked if he could jerk me off, why not I said he started rubbing and it felt pretty good he was really good at it. Then he asked if he could...

 To be continued 


 This is my first story let me know how you like it comment please and i will finish it.


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