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The Nymphet Boy Next Door

Brigit Astar on Gay Stories

I watched as the new neighbors moved into the apartment next to mine in the duplex house. It was a family of three—the dad, the mom, and the boy. The mom and dad were in their forties, the boy was a young teen.

I watched the young boy, and my cock stiffened and throbbed. I rubbed it, as I looked the boy over. He was so pretty. He had blonde hair, cut in a Dutch boy style, blue-green eyes, peachy-looking skin, and pink lips. Although he was short and compact, his figure was curvy, even shapely. He wore cut-off jean-shorts and a tank top. There was something girlish and effeminate about him. I stroked my dick as I watched him. I wanted to French kiss those pretty pink lips; I wanted to rub my prick on his smooth soft blonde ass; I wanted to fuck that tight teen ass-pussy.

I went over and introduced myself to the new neighbors and welcomed them. The mom and dad were nice enough; they were middle-aged—they seemed to be pretty average—nondescript really. They both worked day jobs, so I knew they would be gone during the day. The boy was fifteen, and was enjoying summer vacation from high school. I supposed he would be home during the day.

The next day I hired the boy to mow the yard around the duplex. As he mowed, I set things up in the apartment. I made some lemonade and I picked out a particularly hot video and put it in the VCR.

I checked on the boy and saw that he had mowed the front and was going to work on the back. I went to the back porch and called to him. "Come on in, and take a break. You can finish mowing that this afternoon."

I turned on the VCR, and I fixed him a tall glass of iced lemonade and we sat on the couch. I handed him a twenty-dollar bill. He blinked and said: "I don't have change." I grinned and said: "This is for mowing the whole yard. I'm paying you now."

"Gee—twenty dollars," he exclaimed. Then he wagged his head. "Naw, I can't take that. It's too much. I'll get change for the twenty."

"No you won't," I said. "This is what I'm giving you. It's worth it—it's worth twenty dollars to mow both the front and the back."

"Well—gee, thanks," he smiled.

The video was going, and it was really hot. I laid my hand down on my crotch and squeezed my cock. The boy was watching the video. I could hear him start to breathe heavily. I brushed my hand over my crotch, rubbing my dick. The boy was breathing audibly now. I looked down at his crotch. I could see he was stiff

I openly rubbed my crotch as we watched the video. I was panting, and I could hear he was too. I simply couldn't wait any longer.

I moved to him, pulling him down, my body on top of him. I began hunching him, rubbing my cock on his. He responded. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and thrust his body up and hunched me.

I kissed his pretty pink lips, pressing them, and sliding my tongue between his lips. I swirled my tongue on his.

I unsnapped his shorts and pulled them down, and pulled my pants down. and we rubbed our cocks together. "Oh, you sweet pretty boy," I panted.

"Oh, ah, umm, ahh," he panted and thrust his cock up to mine and rubbed it.

I slid down his body to his cock. It was small, but stiff and throbbing. It was just the right size to suck. I opened my mouth and went down on it.

"Ohh—ahh," he gasped and heaved his body up, as I sucked his dick.

I scooted my body around, placing my cock up against his mouth. I pushed my prick against his mouth, and I gasped when I felt him open his lips and take my dick in.

I sucked his whole prick—every inch of it. I sucked him good. And he sucked me too.

I pumped my cock in that sweet young boy mouth, and he fucked my mouth. 

We squirted simultaneously, spurting cum in each other's mouth. We gulped and swallowed each other's sperm.

The very next day, the boy knocked on my door, and came in. I knew he wanted it. I slid my arms around his waist and pressed my crotch up against his, clutched his butt and lifted him up and took him to the couch. I stripped his shorts off and slid mine down and got on top of him. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and locked his legs around my waist. I grasped his ass and lifted it up.

"I'm going to fuck you," I rasped to him. "Going to fuck your teen ass pussy."

I pushed my crotch forward. My cockhead tapped his butt. I pushed harder, thrusting and straining.

"Ah yeah!" I cried out as I felt my prick dig into his rump. "Umm yes, here it comes, honey."

"Oh, umm, ooh, ahh," he gasped and thrust his butt up.

I stuffed my dick up his tight channel. His ass was so fucking tight.

"Ah yes, fucking your tight teen blond pussy ass now!" I cried. "Screwing my cock up your ass pussy, honey."

I heaved my prick, digging it all the way up his ass.

"Ohh—unhh—ahh—yeah—ooh—ahh yeah!" he cried out and began hunching and thrusting. I could feel his stiff little dick rubbing furiously against my belly.

"Ah, you sweet-fucking boy! I gasped. "You sweet tight teen pussy, you!"

I pumped the meat to him, thrusting every inch of my cock up his ass.

"Ahh—now!" he cried. "Ooh yes—ahh yeah—I'm cuming now!"

"Umm yes, me too, baby," I gasped. "Cuming in your pussy ass, honey. Now—oh yes—now!"

I heaved my dick up his ass and spewed cum. He hunched up, rubbing his cock on my belly, and I felt his cum spurt on my tummy as I squirted sperm deep in his pussy ass.

This, of course, was only the beginning. I knew the pretty teen boy and me were going to be good neighbors. We were going to suck and fuck a lot.

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