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Young boy Lust 4 (Mm)

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At the age of 15 every thing had been going my way been doing great in school and and in football we actually had a wining season. I had a awesome friend bob who would satasfy all my desire at any time.We would usually meet up once or twice a week and id end up getting face fucked in some way or another.bob would never suck me or anything but i was cool with that.I never asked him to either but he would never miss telling me how much he loved fucking my mouth.  After a big dance at school that stoped at midnight,I was very tired and went to bed.
I allways thought about girls and pussy and was constantly horny.One morning i awoke and thought id write a note and stick it on bobs door just to make him horny all day
and let him know id be stoping by this eveing for some fuck action.I wrote this on a sticky pad, "get ready to fuck my mouth after school" just then i had the urge to use the bathroom i dunno some times when i got really horny it made me wanna go to the can.
  I went in the bathroom shucked my pants down and was in the middle of doing my buisness. When suddenly i heard a rustling in the living room, i went into panic mode Fuck my note i thought.  The thought of actually geting cought made me very mbarrassed. I quickly jumped up and pulled my pants up my heart was pounding i knew mom or dad had forgotten something
and came back.If they found out i would be geting a sever punishment.  I opened the door and ran out to the kitchen tabel to stealthfully grab the note. To My horror I found My Uncle standing in the kitchen with the little note in one hand and a cup of coffe in the other. I froze i diddnt know what to do , i diddnt know what to say. He looked at the note again looked at me and layed the note back down on my math book.My Uncle coltar was
pretty cool we allways got along well.I tryed to break the ice and said hey Coltar whats up? Coltar looked at me and said so your a Faggit huh , a dirty queer in the family. I said No this is just a big misunderstandin- before i could get a word out coltar said what the Fuck is your mom and dad gonna say about this? i said Please dont tell mom and dad please ill do anything please coltar said Get the fuck to school while i think how to tell your mom
and dad about this. My heart was pounding like crazy i ran out the door and went to school.  I tryed thinking what i could tell my mom but i could think of nothing the note was in my hand writing, i was screwd. I just knew they would never let me go over to bobs house ever again. thats all i could think about all morning long.I had almost worried my self sick. At lunch i couldnt sit with my friends i fould a spot all bymyself and tryed to think of a plan.
  Deep in thought i was awoken by a teacher hiting me on the arm your wanted in the Principal's office young man . That just added to my troubles I thought wow what the hell did i do wrong now.  Slowly i went to the principals office, upon reaching the office the secretary said your uncle is here to pick u up for your dentist apointment.I said dentist appointment ?? o o yea my um dentist apointment yea.coltar walked in the office and said hey are ya ready i looked at him and said i hate the dentist but yea. We both signed out and we got in his car.Driving off Coltar said what am i going to tell your mom and dad.I once again said please dont they will kill me!Coltar looked at me and said
well i dont know what to tell them yet.I said well thanks for geting me outta school early.coltar said well dont thank me we need to talk about this shit.We went home and sat down at the kitchen tabel.Coltar said so your a Faggit arent u admit it.I diddnt say anything because i did like girls,Coltar looked at
the note and said Get ready to fuck my mouth?? your a Fag i know just admit it.u like to suck dick doint u Faggit? If u spill your guts faggit i might not tell your mom and dad.My ears purked up and i was willing to do anything to stop this information from geting to my mom and dad.
  Coltar said well tell me do u like to suck cock Fag boy.Reluctantly i said in a soft voice .. yea.coltar said
i cant hear u ,Do u like to suck big cocks boy do you? i said YES i like it !Coltar said ha i fucking new it now ill really tell your mom and dad!I said no u prommised Coltar said i never prommised now tell me whos cock have u been sucking around here.I looked at coltar and said our neighbor bob.Coltar says i bet u like it up the ass dont u queer.I said no we never do that we do alot of other things tho lots of other things. Coltar says well faggit tell me what u and bob do when your alone and dont leave anything out or i swear ill tell your parents.I said well I go over to his house and he pretends my mouth is a pussy and fucks me.Coltar looks at me and says well do u like your mouth being fucked? i reply yes its not to bad.Coltar then said well FUCK i cant fucking belive this your a full blown fagit i have to tell your parrents, i said again Please no ill do anything but please dont tell.  Coltar said hmm let me think.Coltar looked at me and said u know what i want u to do.I said no i dont know what u want me to do.Coltar said tell me what i want u to do. I replyed tell u that ill never do it again?Coltar said Beep wrong fucking awnser fag now tell me what i want u to do.coltar smiled and stood up.then and their i knew what he wanted.I said u want your cock sucked >? coltar said fucking right bitch now get on your knees and show me how much u like sucking cocks.I was very nervous at this point.Coltar then again said un zip my pants and take my cock out and
suck it faggit.i went down to my knees unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, i held it in my hand and looked up and colter said dont just play with it, put it all the way in your mouth and suck.his cock was about 6 inches hard smooth and cut.I Put it in my mouth going as deep as i could,Coltar looked down and said wow i never thought u would actually do it.I continued to take all of his cock deep in my mouth in and out.Coltar said o fuck yea keep doing that right their. I kept going as deep as i could for several min. coltar pulled his cock out and said so am I fucking your face good like bob does.I replyed Um we dont normaly do it this way , Coltar said well show me how he fucks your face.I looked at coltar and told him to come over by the couch.I layed down on the couch and say well bob gets on top of me and pretends my mouth is a pussy and fucks me.coltar stroking his glistining cock says damn faggit that sounds good.Coltar diddnt waste any time he pulled down his pants all the way and got on top of me looks at me and says well lets do this ive been needing some good pussy for a long time.Coltar guides his cock in my mouth and starts fucking my mouth like a Pro. O fuck Coltar says damn this feels so fucking good.he is really giving my Face a pounding My head ending up at the end Pounding on the arm rest.I look up at Coltar and hes saying good fucking pussy ,good fucking pussy over and over and his eyes are closed and i wondered if every man closed their eyes while fucking.oo yea Coltar said thats so fucking hot oo yea right their keep doing that. Coltar still with his eyes closed says O yea nice pussy oo fuck yea im cumming im cumming , i then reached up grabbed his ass and forced him to keep fucking me pump after pump i felt his cumm squirt out and go into my mouth as i swallowd.i kept sucking till it went limp and he pulled out and said damn i diddnt know u were so good andi replyed well theirs alot of things u dont know.Coltar then said well i will keep your secret if i can keep fucking u when ever i want deal? i said um sure deal.coltar then said i diddnt expect u to swallow i was gonna pull out, I then said its ok i like the taste of it and colter said cool


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