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ryn272 on Gay Stories

So I wake up laying in his bed. I look over my shoulder and look at that hot stud I met just last night. His arm was around my waist and his morning wood was pushing into my butt.  I felt kinda dirty from the night before so I kinda wanted to take a shower. I decided it was a good idea and got up to go. As I rolled off the bed I glanced down at that huge cock that fucked me Ohhh so good last night. I licked my lips and thought of how it filled my mouth.  I made my way to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. It was a nice big shower, way nicer than mine.  I let the warm stream of water pour down my body for awhile, it didn't take long for him to wake up and follw me in. As he stepped in the shower I turned to face him. I looked down at his huge cock hanging between his legs.  I damn near drooled over it. I reached down down and began to stroke it gently. 

"Morning stud, that sure was an interesting night."

"Yeah, I still feel a little drunk." I said as I stepped closer to him.  He put him arms around me and gave me a long deep kiss.  I felt like putty in his strong arms.  He wasted no time in moving his hands down to my ass.  The way he squeazed my butt made me so horny; I felt like he was in control. He slid a finger into my sore little hole.  He had fucked me soo hard last night, I felt like a little bitch. For some odd reason I dropped to my knees without hesitation and positioned my mouth over his cock.  I put both hands around the base and admired the gorgeous thing.  It was so sexy!  I slid it into my mouth and stroked it back and forth. I slid my tounge up and down his massave shaft and made my way to his balls.  I licked his entire nut sack; He moaned a little bit as I put a ball in my hole mouth.  I moved back to his dick and sucked it all up.  My saliva was dripping down his balls.  He pulled me away and stood me up.  We looked into each each other's eyes.  I felt his hand slide around my waste and I arched my back a little bit, I knew what he wanted.  His hand became very convincing as it worked its way into my tight little asshole.  He easily slid his finger into my hole, it was still juicy from the night before.  He spun me around and pushed me into the shower wall, my ass was just begging for it now.  To my suprise he dropped down to his knees and began to kiss around my butt cheeks.  He made his way to my hole and flicked his tounge into my butthole.  I couldn't help but moan.

"Oh, you are a dirty boy, aren't you?" I said.  I looked over my shoulder and down at him, He slapped my butt cheek, firm but not too hard.  I knew what was about to come, he was lubricating my ass with his mouth.  Once it was good and smoothed up he stood up and forced his body into mine. I braced myself into the shower wall.  The water was pouring down his muscular chest.  I couldn't wait for that big dick to stretch my little hole, yet again.  He gave me a couple of good spanks, it was like he was warming my ass up for good fuck.  I squirmed as I waited in anticipation for him.  He thrust his cock into me and up and down my crack.  My back was totally arched and I pushed my ass back at him.  He forced me back into the wall and slid his cock right into my hole. He penetrated my hole over and over, stretching it out.  I was almost screaming now, I couldn't help myself.  It hurt so much and felt soo damn good at the same time.  He saw how much I was enjoying it and thrust his cock into me even harder.  His strong frame was slapping into my ass cheeks in a fast rythme, I yelped with each thrust as he pounded me.  He damn near came, but finally stopped right before he did. 

"I've got a lot more fucking for you!" he said.

I didn't know what to say, he had made me his complete bitch. We turned off the shower and grabbed a couple of towels. He slapped my ass and I gave him a lustful grin.

"You're not going to be able to move later you little slut."

"Well you gonna put me in my place or what big stud?"

He threw me onto the bed and positioned my ass in a ready state.  He grabbed a bottle of oil from the night stand and slowly dripped it over my back.  And eventually down my ass.  I could feel it dripping into my hole.  He slid a finger in to get it good and lubed up, I was gonna need it for the fucking I was about to recieve.  He slid his cock into me agian and toyed with me, having his way with me.  I was his little fuck toy and I loved it!  After some more hard thrusts and good spankings, he quickly rolled me over and pulled me onto him.  I was sitting on his lap now.  He wasted no time and slid his rock hard cock into my now very loose asshole.  He picked me up and damn near supported all of my weight.  I was bouncing now, up and down that massive rod.  I had no choice but to scream in pain as he made me his total little bitch.  He reached his hand around my leg and picked me up even more.  He grabbed my throbbing cock and used it as a handle to hold on to his little fuck toy. 

"Oh YES!!, Fuck me big dirty boy!"

"Yeah, who's my little bitch?"

I laughed a little. I really couldn't say anthing to that.  The noise we were making now must have alerted the whole damn neighborhood.  The pain from my ass made me go num.  He bounced me on his giant dick for a good 20 minutes.  Both his strong hands were stroking my cock.  The orgasm that follwed was amazing!  I came like never before.  For some odd reason he had managed to aim most of it towrds my face.  I groaned with pleasure as my own cum squirted on me.  We were both sweating tremendously.  He picked me up and dropped me over onto my frontside.  My ass squirmed back and forth, begging for that cock.  But It was good to get a little break from all that hard fucking.  He slapped my ass, almost as hard as he could now.  It kind of hurt.  I readied my ass again as he mounted himself onto me.  His tank easily slid in to my now gaping butthole.  The fucking I recieved was the hardest yet!  I sceamed and moaned constantly.  I could barely take it.  After another few minutes he slowed and grabbed me by my hair.  He pulled me to his cock as it sprayed cum all over me.  His orgasm lasted forever.  I licked my lips as cum cum shot all over my face and mouth.  I swallowed as much as I could like a good little bitch. 

"Yeah lick up that fucking cum dirty boy." he said in a dominant tone.  I took his cue and licked up all the cum off his throbbing cock. We played around for awhile, but we were both pretty spent.  It didn't take long for us to doze off agian. The day was young, no point in getting up now.  Plus I figured he had some more stuff to show me still.  If you liked this story, and you think you're the big stud to make my fantasy come true, leave a comment.

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