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First time gay

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I am an average decent good looking guy that is slender and skinny and I am straight with a girlfriend and my friend I invited over to my house is a very muscled up blue eyed guy. I spent the night at his house previously last week and we got drunk and we slept in the same bed and he began to thrust/dry hump me and I semily moved back unto him. We ignored what happened until this night he spent the night at my house.
We were drinking just a tad and we decided to go to bed, we got in the same bed and we set their for a good 30 mins. I felt him kind of thrusting on me and I was thrusting back a little. After a while of doing this I put my hand on his cock through his underwear and started stroking it. I could not believe I was doing this, I pulled it out of his underwear and started jerking him off fast and he started to bite my neck and kiss it and grabbed my ass hard. he pulled down my underwear which I was afraid but I could not stop him he was taking over. he put his cock in and it hurt baad with no lube or condoms, but the pain turned me on cuz he forced it in and after a while of him going slow it felt great. He fucked me like I was his little bitch going in and out of me and grabbing my hair. I never have moaned before but that night I moaned my ass off. he jizzed all inside my asshole and left his cock inside me all night until we woke up the next morning. Me and him are secretly boyfriend and boyfriend now and have more intimate nights then we do with our gf's


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