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Friend's Little Brother: Part 3

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After what happened in the tree house, I decided to go to Luke's House after school twice a week. Both he and his dad were ok with me coming over. So I would come over Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would play video games with Luke for about an hour, then I told him that I was tutoring a friend and I had to meet him at a coffee shop down the street at three fifteen. We said goodbye and I went to the living room and snuck out to the tree house with Ethan. There dad was almost never home, so sneaking out was easy. After we had our fun in the tree house, he would go back to his homework and I would leave and go to the coffee shop and wait for my dad to pick me up. The plan was wonderful, and it worked great. For a while.

            After a few weeks went by, Ethan and I were starting to get really good with our sex. He and Luke almost never used the tree house for anything else, so we were able to hide some things up there. Ethan had went and got some Vaseline for us to use as lube. He also brought a vibrator one day that he said he had "found." I didn't ask any questions about it, and we hid it there anyways. I managed to bring my laptop every now and then; I said that I used it while tutoring. I took it up to the tree house, and, sure enough, I was able to get into their wireless internet. We watched some porn as we jacked each other of and took turns with the vibrator.

            One of the videos we watched showed a woman sticking a banana up her ass. That reminded Ethan of the first time we had sex, and so we started to use bananas, cucumbers, and whatever else we could find in our kitchens and stuck them up each other holes.

            As time went on, I noticed that Ethan's cock was beginning to get bigger. The few little hairs that were beginning to grow around it had multiplied and grown as well. Around his twelfth birthday, his cock was about 4 1/2 inches long. I was amazed, and I decided to surprise him for his birthday. That year, his birthday landed on a Wednesday, so I decided to surprise him on the Tuesday. I came over and played video games with Luke like normal. When I "left to go tutor," I walked into the living room, sat down right next to Ethan, stuck my hand in his pants and kissed him. When I pulled away, I whispered "Happy Birthday!"

            "Thank you," he said.

            "I have a surprise for you." I said. I took my hand out and led him up to the tree house. When we got up, we both to our clothes off.

            He looked around, trying to find my surprise, but nothing new was there. "What's the surprise?" he asked.

            "Well, tomorrow is your birthday, and you're going to be turn twelve. You’re stating to grow up. Your cock is starting to get really big." He looked down proudly at his cock that was already hard from me rubbing it.

            "So..." I continued. "I think it's time."

            "Time for what?" he asked. I walked over and starting playing with his dick. "I want you to fuck me." I told him.

            He looked at me. "What? Now?"

            I nodded. He looked at me for a few seconds and then said, "OK. Uhh...can I uhh...lick it first?" "Sure," I replied. I got on all fours and stuck my butt out for him. He hesitated at first, then slow stuck his tongue out and started licking around my hole. His tongue felt amazing. I started moaning as he stuck it in a little ways. "A Little deeper," I said. He stuck it in as far as he could. Waves of pleasure flowed through me and I moaned loudly.

            A few minutes later, he took his tongue out. "Are you ready?" He asked.


            "Are you sure?"

            "Go for it." So he rubbed his cock against my hole, and then pushed it in. When his full 4 1/2 inches were in me, he started to pump in and out. I moaned in pleasure. His dick wasn't near as big as the banana or vibrator, but having his cock in me made it feel way better. He started to go faster. The pleasure was intense. I started to feel a wonderful sensation in my cock. I was about to cum, and I could tell he was to. Sure enough, he said that he was gonna cum. I told him to stay in me. He pushed his cock all the way in me one more time and then shot his load in me. That was all I needed and I came to. When we both stopped, he licked my ass clean and I lick his cock clean.

            "How was it?" I asked.


            "Yes, it was." We laid there and kissed until I had to leave.


            After that, we both fucked each other every time. Having his cock in my ass was amazing, and I enjoyed it as much as he did. However, the happiness wouldn't last long, as our meetings in the tree house would soon come to an end.......... 


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