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Friend's Little Brother

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This story took place a while back when I was at my friend Luke's house. He invited me, along with some other friends, over to spent the night for his birthday. We spent most of the time playing his Xbox 360, and, at 2 in the morning, we decided to go to sleep. We all put our sleeping bags on the floor of the gameroom and, pretty soon, everyone was asleep except me. I have trouble sleeping alot, so I usually get up and get a glass of water and read until I fall asleep. Not having a book with me and knowing that Luke wouldn't have any books because he doesn't like to read, I decided to just get some water and try to go to sleep.     So I got up and went to the kitchen to get some water. I went down the hall and first I pass Luke's room, then I pass Ethan's (Lukes little brother) room. As I pass, I hear strange noises, so I quietly push open the door a little bit and see Ethan sitting at his computer, watching porn. Know, being a 15 year old guy, I had seen my fair share of porn, but seeing Luke's little brother watching it really surprised me. He was fully clothed, and by the look on his face I couldn't tell if he had done this before.     I decided to just keep going and I got some water. When I went back, I stopped to look in Ethan's room and I see him on his bed, fully naked, playing with his little dick. I stood there in shock watching him play with himself for a few more minutes, then I quietly went back to the gameroom to sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about Ethan, and it was making me horny, so, in my sleeping bag, I quietly took off my clothes and started to play with my hard cock. As I stroked my cock, I got a dirty idea. Making sure everyone was asleep, I got up and went to Luke's room. I went to his drawers, took out a pair of his boxers, and put them on. Then I jumped into his bed and started massaging my cock. After a while, I came in his boxers. I took them off and put them in the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom. Then I went back to the gameroom, got in my sleeping bag, and fell asleep, forgetting to put my clothes back on.     At about 4, I woke up and saw a butt right in my face. I was laying, fully naked, on top of my sleeping bag, and Ethan was on top of me sucking my cock in the 69 position. I was shocked at first, but it felt amazing, so I stayed still, staring at his amazing, tiny white ass. then I got another dirty idea. I checked to see if anyone else was awake and, thankfully, no one was. Then I slowly lifted my head and started to lick his hairless ass. He jumped and looked back at me, frozen in fear. So I got up, took him by the hand, and pulled him to his room, closing the door quietly. He sat on his bed and I on a chair.Was sat and stared for a few minutes until he said, "I just wanted to ty it." "You want to finish?" I asked. He looked at me for a minute and then answered yes. So I went over and layed on his bed, and he got on top of me again and started sucking. His wonderful ass was in my face again, and I just couldn't resist the urge, so I stuck my tongue in his butthole. He flinched, but then moaned and continued sucking. I was goning to cum, so I told him, but he kept sucking. When I came, he got the first few loads, but the rest ended up on his bed. He licked it up.     "Anything else you wanted to try?" I asked. He hesitate, and then said, well, there is one thing..." He motioned me to his computer, and so I followed. He brang up a video of two naked guys. One was bending over the bed and the other was shoving a dildo up his hole. Ethan paused it and then looked at me. "you want me to stick things up your ass?" I asked him. He looked a little embarrased, but noded. So, with I smile I said "O.k. Wait here a minute," and ran to the kitchen. I got a banana and then went to the bathroom and got some vasaline. I went back to Ethan's room, and he was sitting there anxiously. I told him to stand up and then bed over on the bed, and he did. I covered my fingers with a glob af vasaline and the stuck one up his hole. He gasped and started to breathe heavily. Then, i stuck a second and later a third finger in. He started to moan. The I pulled my fingers out and he turned around, wonder why I had stopped. I picked up the banana and covered it with vasaline. Then I slowly pushed it into Ethan' hole. He screamed in pain but, as I went deeper, he started to moan in pleasure. I pushed the banana in as far as I could, then I pushed it in and out. He moaned even louder.     We kept this up for a few minutes until I couldn't stand it anymore. The urge overwhelmed me, so I pulled the banana out and started to rub my cock against his butthole. He started shaking in anxiety, so I asked, "Should I?" "Do it," he whispered back. So I started to push my cock into his butthole. When it was all he way in, I started to pump in and out. He moaned with delight as I pumped faster and faster. I was about to cum, but he told me to stay in him. So I kept thrusting faster and faster until I came. I filled him up and then cum started to leak out. I removed my cock and he started licking it clean. Then I licked his butt clean. When I finished, I laid on his bed and he laid down nexted to me. "Anything else you wanna try?" I whispered. "Nope" he said. Then we both fell asleep and slept together, naked, in his bed for the rest of the night. Please leave a comment. Part 2 coming soon maybe...


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