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locker room sex

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hey im jason ... in about 6 1 very slim and i have about 3 in. of black hair . my friend Antony is about 5 11 with short brown hair. were both high school fresh men at the time.

it all started when i moved here to this small town. i thought i would join football for once, just to look at the guys in the shower. i showed up in about the 3rd week of school. and didn't really play in the games that much. but after the game i would just sit at my locker and watch the guys undress. that gave me a hard on already.but what really turned me on was when he was undressing and he walked past and i "mistakenly" touched his dick.

i just seed my bad and he just looked at me and smiled. i had always taken a shower after everybody else did. but coach didn't realize that he fell asleep at his locker, and i was still taking a shower,well we got locked in because the locker room door locks from the outside. and there was no other way out. well we didn't realize this until i was already dressed and woke him up. we started walking the dook when i or himself couldn't get it open. finally we came to it and both sed dam it were locked in. both of out parents were out of town so there no use calling them. well we both started getting tired around mid night, and fell asleep. around 2 in the morning i got up to jack off because there was nothing else to do and i couldn't go back to sleep. so i went to a different part of the locker room and started to jack off.

i must of moaned his name a little to loud. when ha came around the corner i knew he was either gonna join me or just call me sick. but i looked at his pants and started to see a small bulge and it grew bigger and bigger until he had to UN-zip his pants. and a huge 7 1/2 in cock came flying out of his pants while he was looking at my also 7 1/2 in. so i asked him if this was his first? he sed

"first for what"?

just sat up and started sucking his dick. i had to lick all the pre cum off his cock first. we went on for about 5 min. until ha came all in my mouth and all over my body. when i licked all the cum of and him got completely undressed.

we got back into the showers and sed it was my turn, so he turned around and i stuck all 7 1/2 in. in 1 push and he started moaning louder and louder with every pump. until i yelled.

"I'm going to cum"

but he didn't care he moaned for to blow it all inside him.

so around 5 min. later i finally came and in exhaustion we both collapsed on the shower floor with my dick still in his ass. after about an hour of sleeping sex we got up and took real showers withe each other and waited for coach the next morning

after that me and him would purposely get our selves locked in after every game and have wild sex in the locker room.


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