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Me and Brady 2: His Cousin

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Continuing from Me and Brady:

After what happened in the bathroom, Brady and I had talked about it and decided to do it again. However, this time, we decided that we would include his cousin, William, who was in eighth grade. William acted a little gay and every spread rumors about him being gay, so we decided he'd probably love to join in. We spent a lot of time talking about it and planning it in geography, but we had no idea where we should do it or when we should do it. One day, however, we got a great opportunity.

Our geography teacher had gotten surgery and would be out for a few weeks. We got a substitute, and she said that we were way behind and we needed to cover alot. She told us that we would no longer have time to work on our project in class, so we would have to take it home with us and invite our partner over to help finish it by the end of the week. We both grinned. William and Brady lived right next to each other, so we decided that Brady would take the project home, and I would come over so we could "work on it." So, during lunch, Brady called his mom and told her that I was gonna come over to help with a project. She said ok. Both of us were excited and couldn't wait for school to end.

When the final bell rang, I walked down the hall to my locker, where Brady was waiting for me. We walked to his house. When we got there, he unlocked the door and let us in, since his parents were still at work. We put our stuff down and he said that Will's parents were at work too, so, as soon as he got home, he would come over. His school ended a little later than ours did, so we still had ten minutes. While in geography, we had decided that, if he walked in on us, he would be turned on and he'd want to join in. So we went upstairs to Brady's room and began to undress.

I pulled down my boxers and revealed my already hard cock.He pulled down his pants and underwear and revealed the he was hard, too. We started kissing and he started to stroke my cock. We kissed for five minutes and then we got in the 69 position. He started to suck my cock and I started to lick his butt hole. I started out circling his hole, and then I stuck my tongue in. He moaned in delight and continued sucking. We didn't want to cum before Will got there, so when I was about to cum, we switched positions and I started sucking him while he started to lick my hole. I started out slow but I pick up the pace and started sucking him faster and faster. At the same time, he stuck his tongue into my hole and I moaned with pleasure. It felt amazing!

A few minutes later, I look up for a second and stopped sucking. Will was standing in the doorway with his mouth wide open, staring at us. Brady took his tongue out of me and stared at him back.

"What the heck are you to doing?" he said.

"Please don't tell anyone!" Brady pretended to beg. Will just kept staring until he started to grin. I pretended to look confused but I could tell that it was going just as planned.

"I won't tell anyone..." he said. "...if you let me join in."

"What?!?!" Brady said, trying to hide his delight.

"You heard me. If you let me join in, I won't tell anyone."

"O.k." Brady said. I got off of him and he stood up, walked over to Will, pulled him in the room, and started kissing him. They kissed for a few minutes and then stopped. Will pulled off his shirt and Brady pulled down his pants and underwear to reveal his hard cock and silky-smooth, tanned body. I looked him over and realized that his entire body was tanned; he had no tan lines. "Sweet," I thought to myself.

Brady pulled Will's pants down to his ankles and then took his cook in his mouth. I knelt down and started licking Will's ass. It was smooth and even more perfect then Brady's. I stuck my tongue in his hole and he moaned loudly. I little while later, he said he was about to cum, but Brady wanted to swallow it, so he kept his cock in his mouth. Will came, and Brady swallowed it all.

Brady and I both stood up and led him to the bed. Brady sat on the bed and Will bent down to suck him. Before he started sucking, I asked him if he was ready for it in the ass and he nodded. He began sucking on Brady's dick and I slowly put mine in his hole. He moaned loudly and I knew that he loved it. I picked up the pace and he moaned louder and louder. brady was moaning too, but I could barely hear him over Will's moaning and my balls slapping against his smooth ass. I kept going as long as I could but, after a while, I came in him. Brady came a few seconds after I did and all the cum entering Will overwhelmed him. He swallowed most of Brady's cum. I took my cock out of his butt and Brady took his out of his mouth. He got of the bed and started to lick the cum out of Will's ass, and Will licked my cock clean.

When they were done, we all laid down on the bed, and Brady turned on the T.V. We kissed and sucked each other until Brady's parents got home.

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