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Blackmailed by kids!

Anne48 on Group Stories

I have to write in my diary. My husband John doesn’t know I had sex with the local teenage kids. I didn’t plan sex with them and didn’t want to. I invited Sarah, Lauren, Amy, Keith and Todd who are all 14 years old to help them with their math problems. I thought I was helping them learn.

The first 4 times they came over John was home. The girls wore cute outfits. They wore skirts and halters that showed their perky breasts. John said, “Cheryl don’t you think you should say something to the girls about dressing less provocatively?” I said, “John they’re 14 and cute.”

John said, “Cheryl the boys have erections. I don’t know if you noticed.” I said, “Oh John as long as you don’t get an erection looking at them.” The next time the girls came John was away. This time they wore mini skirt and a shell top without a bra. I could see their perky breasts. I decided I should say something. I said, “Girls I think you should wear some clothes that aren’t so sexy looking. You might get in trouble.”

Sarah said, “Cheryl are you checking out our boobs and looking up our skirts at our panties?” I said, “No, but the boys might get too horny.” Sarah said, “Cheryl are you sure your husband hasn’t been checking out our boobs and cunts?” I said, “Sarah you shouldn’t talk like that to me.”

She said, “Cheryl if we want to dress like sluts then I think we should be able to.” I said, “If you have to dress that way then I cannot teach you.” I got the surprise of my life when she said “Cheryl if you won’t keep us as students then I guess we will have to tell our parents you wanted sex.”

I said, “Sarah what are you talking about?” She said, “Cheryl we will tell our parents you tried to touch the boys’ penises and our cunts.” I said, “Do you really think they would believe you?” She said, “Cheryl do you want to find out if they will believe you. Should we give them proof?” I don’t know how they did it but they have pictures that look like I was looking at their young bodies. They had an audiotape that seemed true.

I audiotape had me saying, “Sarah you have sexy little boobs and a cute young cunt.” I don’t know how they did it, but it all sounded so real. I said, “Ok Sarah I will stay as your teacher.” Lauren came in and she was in a tiny bikini. Amy came in with just a bra, not that she needs a bra, and bikini panties on.

Lauren went to the door and Keith and Todd came in. They wore really short shorts and a small shirt. I couldn’t believe they had erections. Keith said, “Sarah did you tell Cheryl what we want her to do to us?” She said, “No Keith, I hoped you would tell her what she has to do for us.”

I asked, “Just what are you kids talking about?” Todd said, “Cheryl we want you to suck our cocks and let us fuck you and we will be quiet.” I said, “Wait a minute. Are you black mailing me? If you are then it won’t work. I will not fall for your threats.” He said, “No we are not threatening, we just promise.” Amy said, “Cheryl if you don’t want our parents or your husband to see these pictures then you will do as we ask.” I said, “There is no way I will have sex with you kids.”

Lauren took off her bra and panties and said, “Cheryl all you have to do is suck my boobs and finger fuck me and I won’t tell John.” Keith said, “Cheryl if you think we are not serious then try us and you will find out we are serious. I want you to suck my prick and eat my cum today.”

Todd said, “Cheryl you will have fun because Keith and I have never had sex before. I have never cum in a cunt or a girl’s mouth yet.” I really didn’t know what to do. Lauren said, “Cheryl you have to decide within the next 10 minutes. If you don’t I’m calling my parents.” “I guess I don’t have much choice.” I said, “Ok. I’ll let the boys have sex with me. I won’t have sex with you girls. I could never have sex with a girl.”

Sarah said, “Cheryl I guess we have to show you how to have sex with a girl.” Sarah got on her knees and licked Lauren’s young vagina. Amy took Sarah’s panties off and sucked her bare vagina. I couldn’t believe I had an orgasm watching these young girls have sex together. It was hot.

The three girls all had orgasms. I looked where the boys were and they were in a 69 position sucking each other’s penises. Wow it was so hot. I was shocked when the boys ejaculated sperm in each other’s face and mouths. I had another orgasm. I wanted to suck their young penises and taste their sperm. I wanted to see if t tastes better than my husband’s

I didn’t realize I had my hand in my panties. I was fingering my vagina as I watched the boys suck each other and the girls suck each other’s vagina. Keith came to me and took my hand out of my panties. He put my hand on his penis. I didn’t pull away. I took his penis and masturbated him.

Keith said, “See Cheryl I knew you could do that. Now make me cum and suck my prick and eat my cum.” I couldn’t stop. I sucked his young little penis. Lauren said, “Cheryl that’s more like it. We girls want you to suck our cunts and give us an orgasm.” I said, “Lauren I cannot suck a vagina.”

Sarah said, “Cheryl I guess you didn’t see the camera. I videotaped you when you sucked Keith’s prick. We have a lot of proof to show your husband and our parents.” Amy said, “Cheryl the first time I sucked a cunt I had a hard time, but now I love it. You will love to suck our cunts and you will love our tits.” Sarah said, “Cheryl it will be very easy. Just put your face towards my cunt and close your eyes.” I did and she pushed my face into her vagina. The next thing I knew my face was at her young vagina. She said, “Cheryl stick your tongue out and lick my cunt.” I licked her vagina and I liked it.

Todd said, “Cheryl the next thing we want you to do is to suck my prick as Keith fucks you.” I said, “Please guys don’t make me do that.” Keith said, “Cheryl we both want to fuck you. It will be our first time. I want to cum in your cunt while Todd cums in your face and then your mouth.”

Lauren said, “Cheryl don’t forget the video we have.” Keith got on me and I guided his young penis in my vagina and I took Todd’s little penis in my mouth. His penis had no hair on it and might have been 5” long when erect. I actually liked the feeling of a small penis.

I thought I would hate having sex with these kids. As it turned out I loved having sex with them. Keith stiffened and ejaculated in my vagina. I felt his sperm spray in my vagina. Almost at the same time Todd said, “I have to cum now Cheryl.” He ejaculated a load of hot sperm in my mouth. I couldn’t believe his sperm tasted almost sweet, not bitter. I loved it.

Sarah asked, “Cheryl do you like it when the boys fuck you? You seem to like their cum.” I said, “I’m only doing this to keep you from telling my husband or your parents.” Amy said, “If that is why you are doing it then you have to suck all of our cunts.” Lauren, Amy and Sarah got on their backs with their legs spread.

I went to Lauren and sucked her bare young vagina. She had an orgasm. I went to Amy and stuck my tongue deep into her young sexy vagina. She had on orgasm and finally I went to Sarah to suck her vagina. I was so horny that I sucked them all again and again and I loved the taste. After I had sex with all the kids I asked, “Are you going to give me the tapes and pictures now?” Keith said, “Cheryl you’ll get them later.”

The kids went home. I took a shower before John got home. I didn’t know what to expect when the kids were to come back on Monday. I was nervous all weekend and wanted to tell John what happened. I didn’t know how I could tell John so I didn’t say anything about that night.

Keith and Todd showed up just as John left. I opened the door and couldn’t help notice the boys had erections. When they came in they dropped their pants. Todd said, “Cheryl we have to fuck again.” I didn’t stop them. Todd got on his back and guided his penis in me. Keith guided his penis in my vagina. I couldn’t believe I had 2 pennies in my vagina at the same time. I didn’t know how much I would like this. They pumped in and out of my vagina.

I think this went on for about half an hour when both boys stiffened and at the same time I felt them ejaculate a huge load of warm sperm in me. I loved the feeling and thought I wanted them to fuck me again. I said, “Boys I like this. I want you to fuck me and ejaculate again if you can.” Keith said, Cheryl we can cum again, but we want to cum in your mouth.” I took their penises and masturbated them both in and out of my mouth. I didn’t take long before they ejaculated in my mouth. They didn’t have to threaten me. I wanted them to fuck me and ejaculate in my mouth.

I heard John’s car drive up and I had the boys leave out the side door. I didn’t realize I had a load of sperm in my hair. I knew I had sperm in my vagina and in my mouth. John came in and kissed me. I tried to stop him without him realizing why I didn’t want him to kiss me. He said, “I’m horny lets go to bed now.” I said, “John lets take a shower first.” He said, “Cheryl I cannot wait lets go right now.” I hoped he wouldn’t want to suck my vagina this time. That is what he does before we fuck.”

I looked in the mirror and saw the huge load of sperm in my hair. John pushed me on the bed and went right to my vagina. He sucked my sperm filled vagina. He said, “Cheryl your vagina tastes different. If I didn’t know better I would say I could taste my sperm in your vagina.” I said, “Don’t be silly.” Somehow John never noticed the sperm in my hair. We had sex for over an hour when John fell asleep and I got up to take my shower.

The next morning after John left for work Sarah, Lauren and Amy came to my house. Lauren said, “Cheryl we want you to please give us some more orgasms.” They were all dressed in mini skirts, twin sets and no bra or panties. I am horny for them now and they didn’t have to ask. I kissed them all. We all had sex for several hours. I couldn’t count the number of orgasms we each had. I sucked their perky little breasts and their hot vaginas.

This is all I’m going to write in my diary. I couldn’t believe that John had a diary. I didn’t tell John I found his diary. These are excerpts of his diary.

I’ve never kept a diary before but I have to record what happened this month when I was black mailed by some neighborhood teenage kids. This happened when 5 of Cheryl’s students came to me. Three girls all had mini skirts and tiny shirts without a bra on. They didn’t have panties on.

I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at them. I noticed the 2 boys had erections. I thought they had the erection because of the giris. Sarah said, “John do you like us girls? Do we have nice legs?” He said, “I have never seen your legs.” Sarah, Lauren and Amy took off their skirts. I couldn’t believe they were naked under their skirts. They all have bare vaginas. I said, “Girls you are too young to be showing me your body.”

Lauren said, “John I know you like me. You always watch me when I walk by your house. I think you would love to fuck me. I want you to fuck me.” I said, “Girls I think you should go home. If I had sex with you I would get into big trouble with my wife and with your parents as well as the law.”

Lauren said, “John if you don’t have sex with us we will tell Cheryl that you tried to touch our boobs and our cunt. We won’t tell anyone as long as you have sex with all of us.” Amy said, “John you may as well have sex with us because you won’t get in trouble if you do. You will get in trouble if you don’t have sex with us.” I asked, “Girls how do I know you won’t tell Cheryl or anyone else that I had sex with you?” Sarah said, “John you will have to trust us not to tell.”

Before I could answer the girls all got naked. Lauren has the best thighs, Amy has the smallest breasts and Sarah has the sexiest young vagina. Sarah said, “John I can tell you like my cunt and I want you to taste my cunt and give me an orgasm.” I said, “Girls please don’t do this to me.” Lauren said, “John I want to suck your prick and make you cum in my mouth.” I thought how could I refuse. Amy took my hand to her breasts.

The girls surrounded me and pulled my pants down. I couldn’t stop them, not that I wanted to stop them. They each took turns feeling my penis. Then they all sucked my erect penis. Sarah said, “John we just took pictures of you making us suck your prick so now we want you to fuck each of us.” I didn’t have a choice.

Sarah spread her legs and guided my penis into her tight young vagina. I pumped in and out of her. I felt my sperm building and pulled out before I ejaculated. Amy went to Sarah’s vagina as I pulled my penis away. She took my penis as I ejaculated and she sucked me as I ejaculated. I knew I would have to fuck them all.

Lauren said, “John save some cum for me.” I heard the door open and saw 2 boys walk in. They both pulled out their erect young penises. Todd said, “John I hope you will suck our pricks and lets us cum in your mouth. If you do then no one will ever know we all had sex together.” I have fantasized sex with teen boys as they fucked Cheryl. I said, “Todd I could never suck a penis.” He said, “If you don’t we will tell Cheryl.”

Keith walked in and took off his clothes. I actually wanted to see what a penis and pre-cum tastes like. Keith asked, “John will you suck our pricks?” Keith and Todd stood in front of me with their erection pointing at me. I didn’t answer them. I got on my knees and alternately sucked both young penises.

Keith held my head to his penis and he pumped in and out of my mouth as if my mouth were a vagina. I knew he was about to ejaculate in my mouth. I didn’t want him to ejaculate, but I didn’t attempt to stop him. I opened my mouth wide and felt his warm sperm as he ejaculated in my mouth. I swallowed his sperm and as I finished Todd said, “John I want to cum in your face.” I took his penis out of his hands and eagerly sucked his penis.

Todd fucked my mouth like a vagina again. Keith guided his penis in my mouth as I sucked both penises. They both stiffened and ejaculated in my face. I must say that I loved the taste of their sperm. I had sperm dripping out of my mouth when Lauren, Amy and Sarah came in. They were naked.

Lauren came to me and said, “John you should see your face. You have cum all over it. Amy, Sarah and I want you to fuck and suck us all.”

As I read John’s diary I wanted to show him mine and maybe we would all have some great sex. I know I’d love to watch John suck the boys’ penises. I continued reading. Amy said, “John you have to let Todd fuck your ass.” I didn’t want him to fuck my ass. He guided his little penis in my ass. Lauren masturbated Todd’s penis and I felt his sperm go into my ass. I had to find a way to stop them. My problem is that I loved to suck them all.

I stopped reading John’s diary and decided to get him to read my diary. I left my diary on the coffee table. Days later I knew John read my diary.

We went to bed that night and I decided to have John fuck me. When I was about to have an orgasm I yelled, “Oh Keith and Todd fuck me!” John yelled, “Lauren I want you to suck my penis.” I said, “John we have to invite the kids to join us for a massive orgy and fuck session.”

I will write more and tell you what we did after we met the kids parents.

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