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Snow Bound

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We had been married for about fifteen years and are in our mid forties. My wife is great person and not bad looking, she has worked hard to stay in shape. She is about 5.4 and 130 pounds and mid length dirty blonde hair. We have three kids. The spark in our sex life was gone after the third child was born and I think we were both waiting till kids were older to get divorced. Sex for us was pretty much me sticking it in and busting a nut and we would both roll over and go to sleep. I was real close to having an affair when a friend of mine suggested before I do that I should take the wife sking for a week and give it one more try. We set up the trip and left the kids with the parents and got in the car.

We get to Colorado only to encounter a giant snow storm. They had closed the interstate and all the hotels were full. We found one that was putting several people in the same room, for full price! We jumped on it and had to share a room with three other couples. One couple were older probably in their mid to late fifties and really looked out of place here, kind of preppy. The other two couples were younger late twenties or early thirties, a black guy that looked like "crabman" off the tv show and his girl was latino and pretty. The other guy looked like a punk and his girl was goth with jet black hair and alot of ear rings.

It was only four oclock and the kids had a bucket of chicken they shared with us all. The older couple had some hard liquor. We were all getting along watching tv and talking when the crabman pulled out some weed. We all smoked some. I had never smoked weeed like that, my lips got numb and my dick got hard. I was so horney I thought I would bust. I asked him what kind of smoke this was and he called it Horney Goat. I noticed the old man had a massive boner and my wife said she dripping wet and wanted to fuck me. She has not said that in twelve years. There was a very strong sexal tension in the air and everybody was talking about sex.

 Then goth girl pulled out the crabmans dick and started giving him a blow job right in front of everybody. We were all speechless. Within seconds he was completely naked and she was too. Then to my surprise the old lady pulled off her clothes and jumped in to help the goth girl. The old lady had a petite body and looked pretty good. The latino was next and she did have a smokin hot body. And to my surprise my wife jump down there naked and joined them. I could not believe it! I looked at the old man and then the punk kid, we all started pulling our clothes off so we could join in.

Crabman got up on our bed and my wife pounced on him. She was on some kind of sex mission and it was really turning me on. She was sucking crabmans dick lick a college slut. The latino girl was mounted on the old man-he had the biggest cock-and she was riding it for all it was worth. The old woman was getting pounded by the punk and the goth was mounted on me. Everyone kept switching and after a little bit I had stuck my dick in all three of the women-the latino being my favorite. I had great a view of the men all trying out my wifes pussy and all seemed to enjoy it. The old woman got on top of me again and really started in. I watched as my wife was getting doggy style from the crabman. I was so horny I knew I would not last much longer. I saw my wife tense up and I knew was cumming and at the same time crabman was too. They both had big smiles as they came together. Crabman pulled out and a big glob of his jizz dripped out of my wifes pussy and with that I blew the biggest load ever into the old woman which caused her to orgasim. We all fucked the rest of the night and most of the next day and into the next night. I dumped my sperm into all four of the women there including my wife several times and my wife got jizzed in by me and the other three men several times also. The crabman also brought in a few other couples to help keep things fresh.

My wife and I now have great sex life! We can not get enough of each other. She said seeing me fucking other women and my cum in their pussies got her so hot and knowing I was right there watching her take other men and their cum inside her made her feel like a crazy slut. Now every so often we will bring another couple into our bed to just to keep things hot. Oh yea, we never made it to the ski resort, we just stayed there and fucked, all four couples for several days all the while finding other guest to bring fresh meat into the bed. I had fucked ten women and jizzed in eight different women during that week. My wife had fifteen different guys fuck her and twelve of those jizzed in her. Many of them we fucked more than once. I told her next time to keep track not only of the different men but number of loads and she said she would.       

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