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17 year old with aunt and cousin

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I lived in the same town as my aunt and uncle and they had a pool so on hot days id go over and swim so on this particular day I went over and my aunt and my cousin were home. At this time I was 17 I was 6’4 skinny but muscular with long blonde hair. I had always thought my aunt was good looking she was around 38 but looked young with a tight body. My cousin was 14 but had huge tits for a girl her age and was the hottest girl in town. When I got to there house my aunt was in the shower and my cousin was out on the pool deck. I went out back and sat on the deck next to my cousin Amanda.Â

“What up Amanda where your mom”

“in the shower I think, you gonna go swimming with me”

“ya its hot as fuck out “

“I know im burnin right through sun tan lotion wanna put some on me”

“ ya no problem”

I started by putting lotion on her shoulders then going down her back. We started talking bout school and stuff and how I punched adam smith in the face for calling her a whore.

“you didn’t have to hit him, I did kinda cheat on him with james and rick at the same time”

“oh great so you are a whore”

“well sometimes I like to be”

At this point I began reaching around and putting lotion on her thighs and my chest was up against her back.

“your 14 you shouldn’t be fucking any one yet”

Ive only fucked to people but I love sucking dick and getting eaten out”

My cousin was sharing way to much info with me while I was rubbing her body so my dick started to grow and press up against her lower back.

“ewww are you seriously getting hard right now” she said

I was kinda embarrassed and was like umm what no hold on and got up and went inside to hide my erection. When I got inside my aunt was coming down the stairs in a towel.

“dan! I thought u would show up to use the pool today how are you”

Wow first my hot cousin gets me hard with talking about sex and having me rub lotion on her then my unbelibaly beautiful aunt is in frot of me with just a towel on I thought I was gonna break my pants.

“umm y aim good just gonna go to the bathroom”

O ok well in that case im gonna go get some tanning in but yell before u come back down cause im not wearing ne thing, and ill cover up”

Ya k I said as I sprinted up stairs to the bath room holy shit this wa torture I couldn’t belive this was happening and I remembered that the bathroom I was in looked right out at the deck. I took off my shorts and let my big cock free and looked out the window to see my aunt take off her towel and lie it down on the deck. She had a body like a 20 year old with nice big firm tits ( anniversary gift from my uncle) and a shaved pussy. I started to stroke my cock as she laid down I saw my cousin get up and take of her bikini to and then she went inside but I kept watching my aunt as she rubbed lotion over her pussy and couldn’t belive that she was starting to masterbate as she squirmed on the deck I started to pump my dick then out of no where the door opened and my cousin was standing naked staring at what I was doing.

“fuck, I thought I looked the fucking door”

“ you did but I popped it cause I knew you were jacking off and I wanted to see your cock”

“well that’s great but ur my cousin so get the fuck out of here”

“ so what im your cousin your beating off to your aunt right now mister morals”

She did have a point so I went over and pulled her in and closed the door before the whole neighbor hood could come walking in.

I swung her in and pushed up against the door and as I was leaning with my backagainst the door I saw that she had gone to the window and was watching her mom masterbate and she was rubbing her clit.

“ok this shits way to weird and wrong I gotta get out of here”

As I went to open the door she ran by me and blocked the door with her body.

“Come on you know your likeing this”

She was so hot every one at school would always talk about how they wanted to fuck her and it always made me mad but I guess the was because I always wanted to.

Well she said “ your not getting out of here until I get to touch that huge cock all the girls said you had the biggest dick in school but I never thought it was that big”

Then she droopped straight to her knees looked me in the eyes and spit on my dick and started to rub it.

“this is so wrong what if your mom found out”

Then she yelled and I was so shocked “MOM!!!!! DAN HAS HIS COCK IN MY HAND!!!!

Then I heard my aunt from outside “ok ill be up after I have an orgasm”

What the fuck was going on this was so weired. Amanda smirked then said w both have wanted to fuck you for awhile then she slipped my 9 inch cock in her mouth while she moved her hand fast up and down my shaft.

“Fuck it then lets do this get up”

“but I want to suck your cock”

Then out of nowhere my aunt opened the door naked with her shaved pussy dripping wet,

“Let her suck your cock dan and come lick this cum off my pussy”

She sat on the sink and spread her legs the leaned forward and kissed me then I leaned down and started to devour my aunts pussy as my 14 yearold cousin sucked my dick.


Amanda stopped sucking my dick and got up and pulled my head back from her moms pussy and kissed me. We made out hard as she was desperate to taste her mom on my tung.

I need to fuck you Amanda now “ I said then I lifted her onto the sink and spread her legs my aunt got up and began to lick her daughters tits.

I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it in she let out a yelp like most girls do when I try to fuck them for the first time cause my dick is so thick. So I kept movin it in and out a little at a time until she grabbed my ass and thrusted me all the way in while she screamed.


I started to plow her as fast and violently as possible I had only been really pumping for about a minute when she started to cum, she shivered and pulled me in her mom began to kiss her hard then me the we all came together with are tungs. Then I began to ram my aunt from behind up against the wall as my cousin sat on the floor rubbing her clit hard. As I kept railin my aunt I hel on to her firm tits and kissed her then I screamed” IM GONNA CUM”

My aunt told me to cum in her pussy and told Amanda to lick it out so I shot a huge load right into my aunt pussy and pulled out then Amanda sucked my cum and her moms cum off my long cock then ate are juices right out of her moms pussy.

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