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1 niece me an my girlfriend

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Girlfriend sets me up a night of passion with my niece


Hello , i'm Chris a 28 year old male and am currently goin out with Natasha a 23 year old short haired blonde.Shes reasonbly fit , with blues eyes an a come to bed smile like you would not believe.Now i knew she had previously had lesbian flings and had asked her wether a threesome would be possible the answer was "yes if its someone i fancy and shes willing"
 Now to my niece Emma a 15 year old brunette , shoulder length  hair , 36c boobs ,curvy but in the right places , brown eyes and a personatilty to make her a dream catch, only i had never thought about her that way ,  UNTILL.

 Its my nieces Emma 15th birthday having asked her what she wanted "a good night out please" i replied "comon Emma your to young an your mum an dad probaly wont let you any way" Natasha my girlfiend says "leave it with me , but you will probaly have to spend the night with me an Chris " "kool "says Emma
  Has it turns out Natasha sweet talked Emma's dad with out to much hassle , that smile works wonders .

 Now the big night arrives an as we gettin ready to go an pick up Emma , Natasha gives me  a drink , little did i know at the time this had 1 viagra in it.
 Natasha looks great in her little pinkish top semi transparrent in places an a tight pair of jeans that clung to her butt, with high heel shoes an a light touch of make up.
 We arrive to pick up Emma an beep of the horn Emma comes runnin out.
In a light blue tee V  neck t shirt ,which barely covered her midriff. a short skirt an knee high boots , "wow gonna have to watch her tonite" i said to  Natasha , she giggled "maybe its you i better watch " she said , with a big smile on her face, i lent over an gave her a kiss.Already my loins were stirring.

 Its about an hour from the end at the night club, i come back from the tiolet and Natasha gives me  drink , this ones spiked with an ectasy tablet .
 Emma's drink is also spiked , although not a whole one.
 Tens minutes later Natasha takes me an Emma up to the dance floor an i soon start to feel the effects of the pill, at which point Natasha leaves me with Emma , dancing in the smoke to slowish tune on a ectasy tab plus a viagra from earlier .

 i pull Emma close her eyes are glasing over and i'm sure mine were to , gyrating our hips together my cock was rising and slowly my hands were gettin braver as they wandered arround her butt."Happy birthday "i said thinkin of an excuse to kiss her, the moment my lips touched hers it was like a electric shock hit me , even more supprising was the fact her tongue found mine.At that point i wished Natasha was not arround as i looked at Emma's cute face. Man how could i have not noticed before how horny she was.

 Just as i pulled away i caught sight of Natasha , had she been watchin.
 She comes over all smiles askin me to go get the drinks an meet them back at the table.I obliged dutifully.
When i get back to the table no ones about so i plonk my arse in a chair an chill out , all the while happily buzzzing on that pill, Natasha comes back to the table on her own Emmas gone toilet "could you get me some ciggerettes before we leave"
 Of i go at which point , my drink gets spiked with one more viagra and some coke , Emmas drink also gets spiked with another half an ectasy tablet.

 The club comes to an end and Natasha wisely dictactes i'm in no condation to drive so we get a taxi.

 part 2 comin soon

 Back at the flat i plonk my arse on the sofa Natasha puts some light boogie music on an dims the lights, both girls go in to the kitchen , i can hear them giggling away.
 I take a the oppertunity to give my rock hard cock a rub, ah man that feels so good , i briefly shut my eyes and am horrified that Natasha an Emma  have caught me in the act.
 They both start laughing an come an join me on the sofa.
the girls sit at each end ,Emma gets my head on her lap which leaves me lookin at her heaving bossum, Natasha sits astride me just below my waist.
 Natasha quicly starts asking Emma questions "why have you not got a boyfriend?""boys are jerks "she said,"how far have you been sexually ? "she asked, Emma smiled looked at me an said "oooh a quick kiss an fumble"then she laughed her head off.Leavin me to watch those fabulous tits heave up an down.
 Then Natasha took me by supprise and asked "have you ever kissed a girl before ?" Emma just giggled more an said "me an Sophie kiss all the time but that's all we do" , Sophie was Emma's best mate , a real killer lookin 14 year old blonde who definatly knew how to dress to get attentsion.
 "wow " i said "thats news to me, sittin up an lookin Emma in the face,at which point Natasha point to my hard on an says "think you got him all excited".
 Natasha stands up " comon you two dance"she draggs Emma up  ,and from behind wraps her arm arround her waist, before gettin me up and dancin at Emma's front , leaving Emma in a bit of a dance sandwich.
 A kiss for the birthday girl Natasha pipes up, quickly turning Emma arround ,she learns forward an a peck on the lips slowly turns to a a full on kiss , with our body's still hugged together  an Natasha holding me by the arse my cock is pressed up against Emma's bum , my hands on her waist , shes leaning forward to kiss Natasha and both of their hands are wandering over each others boobs.
 My heads spinnin and my legs go from under me, the girls help me in to the bed room an lay me on the bed,Natasha says "you can help me undress him " Emma giggles , i'm soon down to my boxers , Natasha puts on a dim lamp an some music , when she get back the bed , she sits astride me an put both my hands up to the bed post, click go the hand cuff's but i barely notice.
 She goes to my niece whoose gobsmacked at me lying there in handcuffs an boxer shorts, my vission is all blurry an my head still spinning,Natasha goes to Emma pulling her up an off the bed, what she says i dont know , they beggin to dance an kiss ,groping each others bodies slowly gettin undressed" now you can see your first cock "Natasha says to Emma bringing her to the bed they get either side of me an soon my shorts are gone.
Emma gasps at my rock hard seven an a half inches , she slowly puts her hand out to touch it , but Natasha stops her "we will make him beg" she says.
 Once again Natasha has Emma in  a snog ,they both are down to their knickers an shoes or boots in Emmas case.
 Natasha whips her knickers of whips off, an sits astride me with her pussy to my face but not quite.
 "DO MY PUSSY FIRST" she almost shouts at Emma.
Emma come forward ,looks at me cheekily ,she ponder a moment then wraaping her left arm under an though Natash's legs and her other arm over an round Natash's bum she soon get to work as if she a profesional, her  left thumb  rubbing that clit an her right hand puttin her finger into Natash's cunt "mmmmm  ........ yeah you go girl"Natasha says.
 Emma's eyes are wide an bright shes looking directly at me smiling "bet you beg like a dog" she says be fore learning forward and inserting her tongue into Natasha's cunt"oooooh  oh yea" Emma moves back puttin her finger into that cunt again , her thumb goes to Natasha's bum "aaaargh ......YOU LITLE BITCH" Natasha shouts , Emma giggles away while carrying on with the the job in hand.
 Natasha says " Now i'm gonna sit on your face you little bitch and your gonna make me come then i'm gonna suck your virgin pussy"
 She shifts Emma , facing up but between my legs , thens sits her pussy onto Emma's face , from the top lookin down would of been a fantastic view but my head an vision are still totally zonked.
 With Natashas tits bouncin just above my face and Emmas head bobbin on Natasha's cunt down between my legs , her tonge going ten to the dozen on Natasha's clit her two fingers " mmmmmmmm...........arggghhh ........mmmmmm .. little bitch make me cum "and she did , fallin completly flat on me .
 Emma comes up the bed looks at me an says "awwww ... you need a cuddle uncle Chris she puts her arm to my head and pulls it to her chest rubbin her tits in my face , Natasha works her way down and parts Emma's legs which have still got her boots on , kissin her way up Emma's thighs carressing in time the music before her tongue gently rests on that virgin clit.
 Emmas head is still facing me "awwwww..... thats good....... you goona kiss my pussy to.......dont stop........ beg me to fuck you uncle Chris " she lookin right at me her body bobbin on the bed those tits swaying just below my face , she pushes a tit to my mouth "say please and you can suck it " she teases "mmmmmmm....... that good "her arm drops to Natashas head as she forces her dipper into her pussy "nows whoose the bitch"she says ,she forces our mouths together and we kiss tongue upon tongue "say please" she says "please" say it like you mean it ......oh oh  oh yea make cum "she shouts at Natasha.
 Emma forces her tit to my mouth an more on instinct i suckle it, her moans are more frantic and she starts to pull on my hair , it would probaly hurt in a normal state.
 Emma orgasm blows ,her juices flood on to  Natashas face , she holds me tight to her bussom , crushin her titts to my face and i cant breathe , holdin me tighter an tighter untill her orgasm fades away.
 She stay limp for while ,, "Now get astride Chris "Natasha says. Natasha slaps me my head still not in a normal state "two secs" she says to  Emma.
 Splosh the cold water hit me , she had thown it from the kettle,my eyes open wide at the two girls being naked as i come to my senses.... slap across my face Natasha hit me"beg Emma to fuck you "she says laughing ...."make him beg Emma" slap across my face Emmas hand came "beg me to fuck you .... beg me to make you cum ...... beg me to slide my virgin cunt on your cock" she says then slaps me again.
  I wish i could say in a soberish state that i never wanted her on my cock as she was my niece, but i was completly mesmerised by her beauty , i so wanted her to fuck me "please Emma fuck me , i do whatever you want , please just fuck me " slap across my face "you fuckin pervert , you wanna fuck your niece and you cant beg properly" Natasha said , before she reached down and sqeased my cock an balls "aaaaargh i screamed "beg "Emma laughs an bites my nipple " beg "she says to, "fuck me please any thing you say please please please " "okay" says Emma completly enjoying this new found power she grins at Natasha an says " every Tuesday evening and Friday night , i will be staying on fridays. Chris will be my slave on these nights " she giggles Natasha says" hes all yours baby" and laughs with Emma before kissin her"do you agree Chris "yes " i says ,not realy knowing what i let my self in fore.
 Natasha gets behind Emma an guides her onto my cock, very slowly she comes down , man she wet but even so still very tight.ahhhh That feels good after having a hard cock for most of the night it was finally in a pussy , Emma's hands rest on my chest as she slowly works her rythym up "good slave like my pussy on your cock , you better like it " "yes Emma fuck me Emma please Emma.
 Natasha still behind Emma getttin to grips with her tits an helpin her up an down "mmmmmm yea" i get another slap an she laughs "mmmm sex slave loves me ..... mm yea ....... beg me to make you cum " Emma says " beg her "Natasha says" before moving arround "please Emma fuck me fuck me faster faster Emma "then a cunt come over my mouth as Natasha sits on my face.
 Emma orgasms for the second time with Ntasha not far behind leavin her juices on my face ,Emma just carries on fuckin me then at long last my cock errupts in to Emma cunt as i do she comes again an both girls collapse beside me.
 "See little bitch i told you he would beg an Chris before you worry about Emma gettin pregnant shes already on the pill , you were set up tonite ."

 "awwwww uncle Chris you look all worried ,wait tell i bring Sophie round on friday then you can worry some more"

 The two girls then cuddle up an leave me handcuffed ,completely ignoring me .

 OMG whats gonna happen on friday ?


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