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A Curious Little Sister

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This is my first story for this site so please let me know what you think! I've got some more chapters for this story so if you guys wanna read 'em I'll send 'em in! Feel free to e-mail me at

Greg had turned on the shower and was preparing to get in when he realized he’d forgotten a fresh towel. Leaving the water running, he left the bathroom and headed down the hallway to the linen closet. After poking around for a suitably large towel, he closed the closet door and made his way back the bathroom. He pushed open the partially closed door to find his little sister April standing in front of the shower curtain. Her hand was holding the end of it, as if about to draw it back. “What are you doing?” Greg asked in puzzlement.

April jumped and turned toward her brother. Her cherubic face was bright red, contrasted all the more by the yellow curls that cascaded about her head. “Nothing,” she replied with faux innocence. Greg sighed. April was forever pulling pranks on him and teasing him. He wondered what she was up to. Then a thought occurred to him.

“Were you trying to peek in on me?” Greg couldn’t help but smile. April was thirteen years old now and she was going to start becoming curious about things. Greg remembered when he was around her age how he used to peek into Mrs. Dodson’s window down the street.

April smiled sweetly. The same smile she used when she wanted something from their parents. “Maybe,” she giggled. Greg wasn’t sure why, but he suddenly felt uncomfortable standing in front of his sister wearing only his pajama bottoms.

“Okay. Why?” He asked.

April turned an even deeper shade of red and she began biting her thumb. An annoying habit she had when she was nervous. He caught her blue eyes roving over his exposed chest and thought they may have lingered a few seconds at his groin. “Well,” she began haltingly. “Lucy at school said that…” April started giggling and Greg huffed impatiently. Then something in his brain clicked and he remembered that Sarah Wagner had a little sister named Lucy. Uh oh, he thought to himself. “Lucy said that Sarah told her that you had a real big…dick.” She whispered this last word as if afraid of being overheard even though they were home alone this evening.

Now Greg felt himself blushing. He’d gone out with Sarah Wagner a few nights ago. They were making out in his car on an old country drive and things got pretty hot. He had Sarah in the back seat, her shirt open and pants down, and when he took his cock out she freaked when she saw how big it was. She screamed so much as he fucked her that his left ear still rang. He couldn’t believe Sarah had told her little sister Lucy about it.

“So you wanted to take a peek and see, huh?” Greg asked April, who nodded in response. Greg was a little uncomfortable at the thought of his little sister wanting to see his dick, but he also felt aroused at the thought. He felt his prick twitch slightly inside his pajamas.

“Can I see?” April asked timidly. “I’ve never seen a real one before.”

“Jesus! Don’t they have Sex Ed in the 8th grade anymore?” Greg asked her.

April laughed. “Yeah, but they don’t really show you anything.” She took a few steps toward him. The entire time the water had still been running and the bathroom was filling up with steam. “Come on, Greg. I told Lucy I’d find out and tell her.”

“Well tell her you saw it and it was fucking huge, alright?” Greg tried to brush April off as he was becoming more and more uncomfortable. He’d noticed his sister’s nipples hardening beneath the tank top she was wearing and tried not to look away from her eyes.

“What’s the matter?” April asked teasingly. “Is it really not that big at all?” She laughed.

Greg knew he was being baited but he didn’t care. April was starting to piss him off. “Alright, you little brat! You want to see my cock, come over here and take my pants off!” He gave her a challenging look. He was sure she’d back down.

Instead April closed the distance between them and, grinning broadly, dropped to her knees and pulled down Greg’s pajama bottoms in one fluid motion. Greg was too startled to speak or move. He simply stood there as his sister peered at his exposed genitals. She screwed up her face and looked up at him. “It doesn’t look that big.”

“Huh?” Greg asked stupidly. He looked down at himself. His penis hung flaccidly, only two or so inches long, surrounded by a tuft of dark, curly hair. His balls were contracted with nervousness, barely visible amidst his pubic thatch. “Well I’m not hard!”

“Make it hard,” she told him as she returned her attention to the object of her curiosity.

“It’s not that easy,” replied defensively. His head was spinning. He couldn’t believe April was on her knees inches in front of his exposed privates! God, what if mom and dad came home and found them?

“Can I touch it?” April asked. “Will that make it bigger?” Greg stood mute, too shocked to say anything. Taking his silence as permission, April reached up a little hand and, extending her index finger, poked at his limp prick. She was rewarded with a slight jump from it which made her giggle. She began moving her finger over it more quickly, as if scratching a dog’s head. The contact felt like an electric shock running through Greg’s body and he felt himself becoming aroused. “Ooh, it’s getting bigger!” April shrieked excitedly.

Greg closed his eyes, trying to bury his conflicting emotions as he felt April’s finger caressing his growing member. Suddenly he felt each of her small fingers encircling his cock and pulling on it. He gasped as he opened his eyes and looked down. April was grinning widely as she pulled on her brother’s dick, like a child with a new toy. Her bright, blue eyes were flicking back and forth from the cock in her hand to her brother’s half-lidded eyes. “Does it feel good?” She asked softly.

“Yes,” Greg exhaled and nodded his head. Soon he was rock hard in his sister’s awkward but arousing grasp. April stared at it, her eyes wide. It was nearly nine inches in length and curved slightly to the right. April’s fingers danced across bulging veins along the shaft that she could barely get her digits around. The engorged head was eye level with April and was so close it was threatening to poke her. She took her hand away from it and leaned back admiringly.

“Wow, that is big!” Greg detected a note of satisfaction in her voice. “The pictures they showed us in health class didn’t look anything like that!”

“I guess not,” Greg said dreamily as he gazed down at his sister. He couldn’t deny she was cute. She was skinny with long legs and ever so slightly widening hips. Her breasts were still only mere bumps but her erect nipples stood out clearly against her top which had become dampened by the gathering moisture in the room. His manhood throbbed almost painfully. “You want to touch it some more?” He asked her.

“Will it get bigger?” she asked breathlessly.

Greg suppressed a laugh and sheepishly grinned. “No, but it will feel really good.” April shrugged and got up on her knees again as she grabbed for Greg’s protruding member. He sighed as he felt her warm hand on his length again. He leaned against the sink, his hands gripping the slick porcelain as he began to buck his hips back and forth with each tug. It wasn’t going to take long for him to cum.

“Oh, what’s that?” April asked as she took her hand of his cock as if it had bit her. Greg looked down and saw her rubbing her thumb and forefinger together. He saw a clear, sticky fluid there and laughed softly.

“Oh that’s pre cum,” he explained to her. “It does that when it feels really good.” April glared at his cock head as drops of the liquid seeped out the slit at the tip and dropped to the floor. She rubbed a finger curiously against it, smearing it all around the end of his purpling head. April pulled her finger away and a string of the stuff followed. To Greg’s amusement April put it up to her nose and sniffed. Then she put it to her lips and tasted it. Greg’s mouth fell open as he watched his sister lick his pre-ejaculate off her finger. She looked up at him with a surprised look on her face.

“It tastes good,” she giggled, “sweet.” April licked her finger clean then gripped Greg’s shaft once again. The sensation of having his little sister jerk his cock and seeing her enjoy his pre cum was too much for Greg. Without warning he felt his cock spasm and shoot out a thick load of cum that splashed against April’s face.

A look of shock replaced curiosity as April recoiled, taking her hand off the squirting cock. With a groan, Greg quickly reached down and jerked himself off, causing more of the thick, sticky fluid to gush out. This time it hit April on the neck and tank top. “Oh my god!” April yelled in surprise as she struggled to get up. Greg continued to pump his cock, coaxing out more cum, some of which fell on April’s scrambling legs.

Greg leaned back against the sink, his hand squeezing the last drops of cum out of his still stiff member. April grabbed the towel Greg had gotten from the linen closet and began to wipe the sperm off her body. “Eww,” April said distastefully. “It’s everywhere.” Through glazed eyes Greg saw his little sister strip off her clothing. Before she bounded into the forgotten shower the images of her puffy, pink nipples and tight, little butt were burned into his brain.


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