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A Family In Love

lmsyd4u on Incest Stories

My mom managed to raise 9 healthy children, 8 boys and me the only girl born number 6 but treated like number 1 most of my life.  We lived out in the backwoods on the wrong side of the tracks with the rest of the poor white trash.  Our dad was many, and few and far in between and we all thought it was our Uncle Buster to tell the truth.  Mom was never married but almost always pregnant.  She worked as best she could and by the time I was old enough we were on government aide and she wouldn’t let me work that was the year I turned 14 and the things I knew began to change. 

I was scrawny back then, 5’2” 90 pounds, and 34A-22-36 and had long blonde hair that I wore in pigtails all the time.  My brown eyes were dull and my light tan was only after I played in the sun for months at a time.  I had no real friends other than my brothers and a few cousins who now and then with my uncle or aunts would stop by.  Our grandparents were already dead and we had a lonely childhood just us kids and mom.

My clothes were always donated to me from some group or club.  I also got hand me downs from the boys.  One of my favorite outfits was just that a boys.  It was a pair of jeans with more holes than denim.  A flannel shirt that had no buttons but tied shut in the front and best of no bra or panties for me in those days.

Then the week after my fourteenth birthday things changed forever.  My oldest brother Alvin was 25 and married to a fat ugly lazy woman named Sue for all of two weeks before he left her.  He came home dejected and sad and also very horny.  He was 6’4” 240 pounds, pudgy in the belly but big.  He had no hair, as she shaved him bald all over including his head and tattooed his ass with the words “Cock Sucker” as a joke on their honeymoon when she got him drunk.  I was home from school one day, as my ankle got turned playing freeze tag.  I was resting on my bed with my favorite outfit on; mom had gone with Aunt Cora for the day so it was just me and Alvin, and another brother Milt who was 21 and almost assuredly gay.  He was the reason Alvin was wearing the tattoo as Sue caught Alvin sucking him off the day of their wedding.  That’s right, Alvin liked sucking dicks a lot and I know he had sucked all my brothers include the two youngest Darin and Daniel that were 13 and Seth  who was 14.  Now Milt also like to pop Alvin in the ass from time to time as he called it and that day I walked into the living room with Alvin naked bent over the sofa arm telling Milt, “Oh give it to me now.”

That made me laugh out loud and started the whole ordeal.  I went back to my room after being called everything double and then some to sulk and as I was playing around with my hair and teasing my small little breast I got horny.  I slipped off my jeans and fingered myself like momma showed me to do once.  Then after I tingled and twitched I pulled them up only to see Alvin and Milt looking in my window at me.  I pulled my shirt together and yelped out, “Now you all get on and leave me be.”

That they did not do.  A minute later my door flung open wide and Alvin and Milt still hot after I interrupted them walked in with an evil look in their eyes.  Alvin squawked out, “Julie Bell things she is the Queen of the family.  Well you aren’t nothing but a slut that ain’t ever been fucked little bitch.”

“Well I ain’t no cock sucker like you Alvin,” I snapped back only to get my face slapped by him.

Milt chimed in with, “Julie that’s cruel he can’t help liking me fucking him and sucking my dick, who wouldn’t want a ten inch cock in their mouth?”

“Me that’s who,” I Flung back at him with and then added, “So sue saw you two fucking and didn’t like it, was that why she threw you out Alvin?”

He pounced on me and slapped my face again and as he did I jerked so hard my shirt flew open and he saw my tit.  He looked at me hatefully then he sank his mouth to it as Milt came over and started tearing off my britches.  He had them on the floor as Alvin pinned me to the bed with his head sucking on my tit. 

Milt now angered decided I needed some of what he had and a second later he rammed his hard cock inside my pussy.  It broke my cherry and when it did I screamed in pain for a few seconds just before he started humping me like a dog in heat.  His cock began to feel good as Alvin had opened my shirt all the way now and was working one tot than the other and soon his naked six inch cock was at my mouth and I was panting from Milt so bad I couldn’t say no to it.  The bastard rammed it in my mouth and then held my face tight in his hands and face fucked me until he shot his load almost choking.  Milt meanwhile I was still pumping me.  He fucked me until I felt myself lose control and I thought at first I peed but then I realized it was my pussy shooting off a load.

Henry and Peanut walked in then as they got off from school early for fighting.  They walked in and saw what was going on as Milt was just about to explode.  Soon Peanut who was 18 and Henry 17 had their clothes off and were waiting Milt to Move away.  Alvin saw them and motioned for Peanut to feed me his four inch cock for food while he fondled and teased my tits.  Henry followed right behind Milt who had sprayed me deep inside my pussy with his cum.  Henry was smaller than Milt but fatter.  His little five inch cock was almost four inches round and looked deformed but filling.  The two of them took me on until Sam 19 got in from school.  He was still a junior in school and was just about the ugliest boy ever.  He stripped off and took me in the ass sliding under Henry and me.  His seven inch pencil dick fit perfectly and by now I was hotter than hell and enjoying every second.  No more than three times each those boys gang banged my pussy that afternoon and when they got the Twins and Seth involved I was one really satisfied young girl.  They finally gave out just about sundown.  Then they panted and whined and sat back and gloated as Milt asked me, “Now little sister who’s got the best cock?”

I stumbled as I tried to set up and Seth helping to brace myself squirted some remaining cream from his cock to his leg.  I saw it and quickly licked it off him, and then proudly said, “My sweet little Seth has the best tasting and filling cock.”

His was seven inches and he was still growing.  I was always crazy about him and had even once let him touch me in all my secret places when he was curious.  He knew I really cared for him and so he asked me, “Would you like to choose one of us as your partner for a while or do you want us all?”

I looked at him just as Alvin yelped out, “I’m the oldest and I get her for a week then Milt, and so on down the line.  So starting tonight it’s my week.”

I looked at him and said, “No wait there buster, I got some say in this, maybe I don’t want you to go first.”

He slapped me and pushed me to the bed and started kissing me deeply, and he could kiss good, and after a few minutes he asked me again, “Now who’s first?”

“You are,” I replied, as I drew his mouth back to mine and then his hands to my breast.  He fondled me and then surprised me by eating my cum filled pussy out for me.  He kept me naked in bed until we heard mom coming in.  Then he whispered and said, “I’ll be back after she goes to sleep.”

I crawled under my sheets tossed off the comforter coated in white cream.  Then I covered myself and acted like I was asleep.  Mom came in and she knew instantly what had happened by the dried cum on my arms and mouth and near my ears.  She sat down on the bed and said, “Well it was bound to happen sooner or later.  Which one of them did it to you?’

I pulled the covers over my head in fear she was mad and said, “Momma it was an accident.”

“No child it is just what happens with boys and girls.  Now tell me which one had some?” Mom asked in a sort of sad but understanding way.

“All of them,” I whispered.

“Who did you say?” Mom asked a bit upset.

“All,” I meekly peeped out.

“All is in every single one of them?” Mom yelped loudly.

“Yes momma,” I answered from under the sheet.

“Well land of Goshen.  How in the world did you manage to handle all of them boys?  Are you pulling your momma’s leg Julie?” she asked in a surprised and flustered tone.

“No momma, honestly,” I replied crying.

“Now honey child you forget that baby stuff.  You are a big girl now.  If you going to make love you got be an adult cause sooner or later a baby is going to pop out if you are like me,” she said pulling down my sheet and looking at my naked body.

Her hand slid over my belly and down to my soft bald pussy clit and she leaned over and kissed my right nipple and said; “Now you should try a woman or two and see if you like them better. Maybe you might just be more into girls.”

I nodded yea but had no ideal she meant right there as she called Aunt Millie into the room and whispered in her ear.  A few seconds later and they locked the door and stripped each other naked.  Then they climbed on the bed with me and began passing me back and forth from one nipple to the next before the two of them settled on mouth and tits.  Millie began to fondle my now creaming pussy and when she felt it get warm and wet she went between my thighs as momma sat there gnawing on my nipples and asking me what I liked.  She fed me a nipple and I sucked it well enough to get her hairy pussy soaking wet and then when she asked me to lick it out, I didn’t like the taste at first but it kind of grew on me.  Millie was good with her mouth and sooner than you would think I was shuttering to beat the band.  Then she changed places with momma and I had some of her pussy and it was really sweet tasting.  The next few minutes were so sort of intense as they hit their peak just as I was nearing a new one, and it was explosive.

When we finished Aunt Millie asked me, “Now which is better pussy or dick?”

I looked at her and smiled and said, “I really like both a lot now that I tried it.  I have say Seth is one that I think I am in love with, but I sure wouldn’t mind it if Millie had me over for some fun once in a while.”

Then momma asked, “Julie are you going to let the others have a go at you just in case?  Never hurts to be sure about these things you know.”

I told her my plan and to my surprise and the boys she was fine with it.  As soon as she agreed Alvin came to me.  I made him beg for it and then I let him take me out in the backyard and fuck me while the others could only watch and want.  He gave me so many great kisses that night I wanted to repay him so I dressed him like a little girl and me too and we went to the barn an I let him fuck me in the ass.  We fell asleep in the stall with the baby bull and I woke up to it lapping my wet cunt.  That made Alvin so hot that he fucked my mouth as I let it bathe me.  When it did my tits I went wild and started playing with its massive fat cock.  I wound up taking a bath in it’s cum.  Wow was I hot and ready for Alvin then.  Afterwards we took turns sucking it and letting it cum on our faces.  That was really a wicked week. Alvin could be so wild and woolly and such a great kisser.  I sort of hated to tell me the week was up. 

Now the week with Seth finally came, the other boys mainly wanted to fuck me in the bedroom with the lights out.  Not my little sweetheart Seth.  He loved fucking me over a tree stump, a rock, on the grass, in a tree a couple of times and then of course in the barn.  He got so good at he could fuck me three times a night and once before school.  One day we even fucked at school.  We went into the band room while they were at lunch and I left my dress on but pulled up while he sat on the big stool and bounced me up and down until I squirted all over the floor.  I bet they wondered who spilt the cream that day.  He was so good that one night I let him walk me to the road, and naked we fucked like wild animals right in the middle of the road for an hour.  If anyone had driven by but Aunt Millie we would have been arrested she tried to join us but I told her not now.

Then the final night I cried to momma that I wanted an extra week with him, and she agreed.  She let me sleep together after that permanent.  She make him share me wit the twins for the week though.  They were allowed to double pump me and he could only watch.  When those two wore out he would take over.  We did get them into the barn with us and tie them up and blindfold them.  I made them eat Seth’s cum from my pussy while he butt fucked them both.  After that momma let me and Seth share the same room for almost the entire time I was pregnant.  You see I believe it was his baby that I had, that is until the little critter was born and he had them clove feet and hands.  I think that the bull might have more of a hand than anyone else.  When I got home from the hospital Seth was riding me like a horse for days, the doctor told him not to, but he couldn’t resist me after the second day home.  Before you knew it I was knocked up again and this time he looked more like Seth than before.  The doctor that delivered him knew who the daddy was, and he wouldn’t tell anyone as long as I let him fuck Seth.  Them too got to be real queer for each other and when I would get knocked up Seth would go over there at night and get some from the doctor.  One night after my set of twins came I had two on my tits sucking me and Seth fingering me when the doctor came over to check me.  Funny thing is all he did was say hello and feel me up.  He made me strip and play with my tits and while he fondled Seth to get me hot and then he checked to make sure that I had a pussy by sticking his dick in it for a few quick pumps.  Next thing I know he is out of me and has Seth in the bathroom.  I heard him banging him up the butt and then he tried to say he was just talking  Sure they were Seth was begging for a double dose and when he came out he had Seth so hot that the poor boy was crying for a good fucking.  I had to use the broom stick on him after the doctor left.  Now Seth was always wondering if the doctor might have knocked me up a couple of times, but like I said he had me strapped to a table naked and blindfolded and he might have fucked me but I was so sore and worn I wasn’t sure if he did or not.  That made him jealous I think, after all I was his wife just not legal like. 

Well now about five years passed after all this started and we had six children by then, including our baby Bull.  Seth was getting a might uneasy about anymore kids crowing the bed, and when mom told us we need to find a place of our own, next thing I know he up and ran off with Alvin and they moved to New England somewhere.  Then I was left at home with our children, mom and the twins who were just about to get the chance of a lifetime. 

They were eager to take over being the daddy and the lover and to tell you the truth, things worked out for the best.  I loved getting double fucked and with the twins I get it all the time.  Seth was still my first love, but I soon came to love them as much in a different way.  Especially when they locked me in the 69 position with mom and butt fucked us at the same time.

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