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A Night With My Niece

GameWiz87 on Incest Stories

Let me start out by giving a short description here. This story is fictional, a fantasy of mine that almost came true. My niece is only 2 years younger then me, I'm the youngest of all the siblings. At the time, I'd just turned 18, was moved out on my own, and my niece was 16. I am about 5'11, an athletic build as I am a soccer player, and I'd like to think I'm well enough downstairs. My niece was about 5'6, long blonde hair, firm body because she played softball, nice 36B tits (a good handful), and a perfectly round ass. She was about the hottest thing you could imagine. And I'd wanted to fuck her for a while. I know she was a virgin, which made it all the hotter thinkin' about it.

It started out as a regular summer evening, relaxing at home and watching some sports on the TV, when I heard my phone ring in the kitchen. I got up quickly and answered the phone, and heard a soft voice crying. "Hello? Who is this?" I asked, as my phone did not have Caller I.D. Then I heard the sweetest voice say quietly, "Uncle Nick, I need someone to talk to, can I come over?" It was my niece, and knowing her situation, I had to say yes. I cleaned the house and got some food going for her, then waited. About 30 minutes later, the door bell rang, and I asnwered it to her soaking from the rain, and sobbing because her boyfriend had just dumped her. I brought her in, and sat her at the table, making her a plate and sitting down to listen.

After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen, and asked her if she wanted to stay the night, we had always been very close. She nodded, and pointed to her backpack, admitting that she'd packed some clothes and hoped that I would ask her too. I laughed, and offered her a shower to get warm as I continued cleaning. She smiled and walked into the bathroom, and I heard the fan turn on. I smiled, but then noticed a pitch in my pants as I thought of my hot young niece naked in my shower. I know I had to get rid of it, and knew I had some time for a porn, but I decided to get daring.

I walked into the bathroom just as she climed in the tub, and she closed the curtain quickly. "I just came to bring you a towel and get your clothes to dry, hun." I said, and smiled as I set the towel down. She thanked me and then turned the water on. Unbeknownst to her, I had other intentions. I caught a glimpse of that perfect ass before she covered, and I walked out with her clothes. I threw most of them in the dryer, but kept her skimpy little panties. They smelled wonderfully, and were made of silk. I took them to the couch and turned on my favorite porno. I jacked off with her panties before cumming in them, and throwing them with my dirty laundry.

I had the TV up so loud that I didn't hear the water stop, and hadn't heard her get out of the shower. I sat naked on the couch, not knowing that she was behind me, when I heard "What were you doing, uncle Nick?". I grabbed a pillow and sat up quickly, covering myself and looking in horror. "R...Regina, when did you get out?" I said, as I tried to think of an excuse. "About 5 minutes ago, long enough to see what you were doing." She smiled, and winked at me, as she seductively walked towards me wearing nothing but her bra and a thong.

I tried to hide away, when in amazement, my niece crawled on top of my lap. "Wh..what are you doing?" I asked in astonishment, not believing that this was really happening. "I know you want me, Uncle Nick. And I want you too." she said, as she kissed my lips tenderly. I pulled her down onto me, and deepend the kiss, parting her lips with my tongue. She then broke the kiss, and grabbed the remote, turning the porno back on again. It turned to a lesbian scene, and two girls were moaning very heavily. The mixture of seeing and hearing this go on got me hard again, and she knew it, as she started crawling down my body.

I was amazed and almost came instantly when my little niece popped my dick into her mouth. She began sucking me off like she was a pro, swirling her tongue and making a popping noise every time she came off my dick. It was so hot, and I was about to blow, when I had to ask "Have you done this before?" She smiled, and winked at me, and said "A few time for my boyfriend" before going back to work. A few more minutes and I was ready to blow again, and she knew it. She smiled and nodded, and I came in her mouth, burying my seed deep in her throat. Like a good little girl, she swallowed it all before licking me clean and then hard again.

"Reg, have you ever gone all the way before?" I asked, as I pulled her back up and kissed her again. She shook her head no, and I smiled, knowing that I was about to pop my niece's cherry. I removed her bra and brought her down to suck on her tits, and slowly lifted her hips and pulled her thong off. She watched me with lust, and then looked at the TV. It was now a regular sex scene, and the girl was rubbing the man's dick across her soaking wet pussy. Regina felt her own, and noticed how horny she was, and then began doing the same as the girl.

I know she wanted it, but I wanted her in a bed. So I picked her naked body up, and carried her into my room, throwing her onto my bed. I turned another porno on in my room to keep her hot, and crawled on top of her, sucking her tits again. She was breathing heavily, and I spread her legs, as I began slowly trying to push my dick in. Her pussy was soaked, but so tight, it was hard to get in. I told her to relax, and continued harder, finally pushing the head in. She moaned softly, and looked up at me with lust, telling me to give her more. I kissed her deeply, and in one quick thrust, slammed my dick all the way into her, breaking her hymen.

She cried and screamed as blood came out, and I held her there for a moment to let her get used to it. Once her tears stopped, and the blood as well, I began pumping her pussy slowly. Her sobs of pain slowly turned to sighs and soft moans of pleasure. She then smiled, which was my idea of her giving me the go-ahead, so I spread her wider and started picking up speed. The girl on the TV started getting louder and louder, but as I began heavily pounding my niece, she was screaming over the TV. Her moaning got louder, and her breathing heavier and faster, and I knew she was about to cum, as was I. I gave a few final thrusts, before her body starting shaking, and we orgasmed in unison.

I pulled out of her, and smiled, as we lay on my bed, completely naked, and her pussy soaked in our juices. She comes over once in a while, and we fuck every now and then. But ever since then, things between me and her haven't been the same, but I'll never forget the night when I popped my niece's cherry and turned her into my bitch.


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