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A Son's Touch (part 1)

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A Son’s Touch (part 1)


A true story from 1992 … Barbara, thank you for picking me to write your story.


Never hurry when you are already so far behind you think you are in first place. That was what my day had started out as and while carrying an overfilled laundry basket paying more attention to my son’s underwear while going to the basement to do wash, I took a tumble down the entire flight of stairs. I awoke – dazed, in pain, my skirt flipped up, my butt in the air laying in a mass of dirty laundry with my son frantically calling my name.


I’ll take a moment and back step for introductions. We live in a small northern city, my husband works the oil fields requiring him to be away from home, I have a son (Richard, age 16) and daughter (Monica, age 14) and I am Barbara, a 35-year-old with no time to have gained any weight since high school.


“I’m ok … but I hurt all over … ” I replied rather shakily.


My son somewhat reassured because I was talking began to carefully check me over; the final body check showed I had a right arm fracture and a left wrist fracture. With his assistance we walked upstairs where he carefully splinted my arms, applied ice packs and drove me to the hospital, to make a long story short, I left a few hours later sporting two casts, a mild headache and numerous bruises.


On the drive home I told Richard that the doctor was very pleased with his splinting and that I now relied on him and Monica to help a bit more around the house till I got back into functioning normally again. We picked Monica up at her friend’s house (Richard had reached her at school diverting her there). Monica was upset with a lot of melodramatics until Richard told her to get in the mini-van or get left behind. On arriving home I got Monica to start supper and Richard to get the wash going that presently lay at the bottom of the stairs and I was going to lie down.


Monica awoke me and we went to dinner where I suddenly realized I had difficulty pulling the chair

back and sat staring at my plate – I could not use eating utensils. We all laughed hysterically; Richard moved his chair over beside me and feed me slowly all the while joking if he should bring the high chair up from the basement. I survived supper and lay down on the couch apparently dozing off for several hours when my son awoke me.


“Mom – Mom, are you ok … (my eyes flutter open) … I’m off to bed and Monica’s already asleep…” with his assistance I got up from the couch and walked to my bedroom. I managed the light switch and stood in utter amazement – now what?


I walked down the hallway to my son’s room and knocked on the door, “Richard, I need a little help…”


Richard opened his door, “What is it mom?”


“Son … I … I can’t undress …” I stammered.


“Oh … ok, I’ll go wake Monica …” he said.


“Leave her sleep, can you help me?” I answered, leading the way to my bedroom. Where my son stood lost in the middle of the room with a bewildered look on his face as I said, “Ok … undress me.”


“Mom, I don’t know where to begin … are you sure you don’t want Monica?” he blurted out.


“Richard! How hard is it to undress me … surely you have taken a girls’ sweater off before …” I froze mid-sentence of my exasperated  tantrum as he turned ashen white, slowly shaking his head in the negative.


“You mean you never undid any of your girlfriend’s shirt …” again I stuck my foot in my mouth as it dawned on me that Richard had never brought home or ever said anything about a girlfriend.


“No mom, I never have … girls scare me …” he replied quietly almost in tears.


“… Sorry, I knew that – guess I’m still shaken as well.” I replied feebly. “I still need your help, please.” (He nods ok) “First things first, you better shut the door … (he does).” Now, come stand in front of me … Richard – this will be difficult for both of us so we both have to grin and bare it …”

I said in all earnestness and we both broke out laughing.


“Ok my boy, we’ll slip one arm out first, you stretch the sweater sleeve wide and I’ll slip my arm out…” we managed that and repeated the process for the next arm with a little more difficulty. “Now lift the sweater from the bottom up over my head …” which we again managed, as my head came free all I could see was my son’s eyes feasting on my bra-clad chest with the most amazed stunned look on his face. I couldn’t resist my son’s innocence. “Richard, you’ll get to see all of them in a moment as soon as you remove mommy’s bra!” He snapped back to the present with a glorious blush sweeping his handsome face. “Stand behind me and unhook the bra then come around the front of me and slip it off…ok” I felt his hands trembling as he struggled to undo the clasp and he was breathing rather quickly as he returned to the front of me where with shaking hands he slipped the bra free from my chest. “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it son …” again his eyes were fixed to my boobies; his youth, innocence and this moment behind a closed door accompanied by my helplessness served to excite my nipples which grew erect before his gaze which now alternated from my excited breasts to my eyes in an untold race of disbelief.


I let him stare! With a mischievous smile on my face I interrupted his thoughts with a pressing matter that I needed to pee. “Richard – you can see me all you want, but mommy really needs her skirt and panties off cause I need to go to the bathroom – ok.”


“Sorry mom, I was … overcome … by the moment …” he quickly but shyly said.


“Undo the button on the side of my skirt and unzip the zipper, it will fall to the floor then please pull down my panties …” (he did as he was told and keeping his eyes averted from my groin) I stepped quickly out of the pooled-on-floor clothing and hurried to my bathroom, where I called to my son “Richard, don’t go anywhere, I still need help … ”


I was sitting doing my thing wondering how I was going to get my innocent son to … well wipe me and then wash my old beaver. “Richard, come in here please (he peeked around the doorway) … you can come in. I need your help to … well wipe myself … down below …” I began, now fumbling for words.


He visibly backed up … “I’ll go get Monica …”


“Richard – son, its not hard, I really need your help …” I begged.


“Take a small amount of toilet paper, bunch it together and wipe my vagina from front to back – ok,” I instructed him. He stood still staring at me then slowly did as he was told with his eyes averted as I lifted up off the toilet with my knees apart for easy assess for him.


Like a blind man, my son attempted to maintain modesty but could not get close to between my legs and as he took hold of my lower leg attempting to run up the inside of my leg, I came somewhat agitated. “Richard! Son you have to look … your doing ok but I can’t hold this position for long.


I saw his innocence slipping away as he now (on his knees before me) starred directly at my beaver as he slipped his hand up between my legs lightly wiping the outer hair. “A little harder please…” I could not resist as the moment was becoming erotic.  “Now run some hot water and soak a face cloth, add some soap and wash me all over down below … make sure you get between the folds…”


“Mom … I can’t … what would dad say …” he hemmed-and-hawed.


“Son, I can not use my hands, your sister is asleep … as a grown woman I’m quite willing to be totally naked and exposed before you … I don’t think your father would be to upset…!” I painted the picture for him and could not resist a tag on of, “it will be a good education for you …”


He started the water running as I sat down on the toilet again; his eyes now flickering to my body constantly; when he had the face cloth all ready, I had him kneel beside me and opened my somewhat trembling legs wide for his clumsy attention making him feel and open my now tingling pussy lips and make several good passes then dry his mother’s pussy.


I thanked him as he stood up before me. I could not help but notice his penis was aroused by his mother, “There, you survived and by the look of it (glancing to his swollen groin) your mother still has the ability to excite a young man, which I will take as a very high compliment!”


My embarrassed son assisted me to bed, folding the sheets down and I could not resist the temptation to excite him more by giving him a wonderful spread of my legs placing my now somewhat swollen beaver on display for his pleasure as I eased slowly into bed and knew I had succeeded as he lingered placing the blankets over me as he gave me several pain-killers with a glass of water. “Sweet dreams son, thank you for the compliment (again glancing at his very swollen penis) and helping a helpless old woman… and if you’d lean down I’ll give you a kiss as a reward …” he blushed but leaned down for my soft sensual kiss to his cheek that was pretty close to the edge of his mouth.


He stumbled to the door slowly opening it and looking back replied somewhat hoarsely, “I’ll leave it open … in case you need help mom…” and slipped awkwardly away to his room.


I know someone beside me was going to have some trouble going to sleep (smiling to myself ruefully) I’d just thought why I fallen down the stairs, I’d been sniffing and attempting to taste his shorts, he’d definitely left a healthy cum load … probably had masturbated into them … slipping painlessly into a drugged sleep. 


I awoke suddenly with an urgent need to use the bathroom. As my senses came more awake I felt I was being watched and sure enough my son was peeking through the half-closed door. I smiled a little wickedly while I indicated with my head to come here.


He slipped through the door, “Good morning mom, how do you feel?” with a radiant smile and cheerful voice. “You’ve slept late …”


My head did a fast glance to the bedside alarm that showed 9:35 AM.


“Monica’s already gone to school and I phoned the office telling them I won’t be in for several days … thought you might want someone home with you …” he stated quite frankly.


I smiled and stretched slightly, “Good idea …”

“Well Richard (winking at him somewhat lewdly while I wiggled a shoulder seductively) … ready for round 2 … the bathroom is calling your mother.”


My son eagerly and willingly slipped the covers back and was feasting on the view. So I slowly again opened my legs now enjoying his youthful attention while saying, “A full day of special nursing … I’m depending on you … ready?” (He nodded) and assisted me to the bathroom with my naked aroused boob sitting on his arm. “I’m feeling a little woozy, must be the pain-killers last night …”


I sat on the toilet, winked at him and waited, my bladder bursting and I couldn’t go. I was getting restless. I looked up into my son’s eyes as he stood in the doorway. “Umm…I’ll wait in your room, …” he said.


“Please don’t, I still feel woozy … all my bodily functions want to work but nothing is happening …”

I said and smiled again. Time passed and nothing was happening, oh god I needed to pee and I also needed to go otherwise. “I may need some real nursing care son, …” I hinted, this time I blushed.


“Well, I’m not a real nurse but if you tell me what to do, I’ll try to do my best … if you want …”

he stammered with determination.


“Richard – umppff, ahhhh … I need your help … massage my stomach and well … between my legs to help me relax …” I stammered hesitantly. “This – we won’t tell anyone about, especially your father!”


My young teenage son shot forward like he came out of a cannon dropping to his knees before me and with much eagerness attempted to rub my belly. “Lower son – just above … well above my hair…”

His gentle touch massaged as he shyly began to insert his other hand between my legs (which I allowed to spread rather easily) and took a rather unexpected gasp as his fingers encased my quivering pussy. I closed my eyes, bite my lower lip as his fingers now slipped across my muff (I rather bluntly opened wider) thus allowing his youthful hand to slip between my now slick crack.


“I’m I doing it right mom?” a barely audible whisper broke through my now hazy erotic state.


“Umm humm … just like that …” I almost moaned.


I was AROUSED! My own son was heating his mothers kettle very nicely … “Ummmm ohhh …” as I felt his upper hand creeping down (without his realizing it) to stimulate mommy’s clit (well, at least the top of it) and it happened, I realized a slow steady steam of burning hot pee, coating my son’s hand as he continued to administer his now increased rate of movement along my slit. Seconds later in mist of my pee I began to cum ever so gently “Ohhhhhhhhh UHHHhhh ummmm  ummmm, ohh such a good boy!” and he never stopped his hands but his breathing certainly was affected.


Three increasing orgasms followed in quick secession and I knew I was slipping into a state of dangerous territory utterly helpless as my young virgin son encouragingly nursed me into untold bliss.

I needed a quick release … “Ummm oh sweetie, slip your fingers back and play with mommy’s bum” I whispered hotly (I love my ass played with). His eagerness and my dripping pussy created a sudden entry of his finger into my eager butt hole. My sudden harsh intake of breath and his rather deep penetration caused my asshole to slam shut on his finger and a cascade of sweeping orgasms left me panting for more as a whined to him “Ummmm (I growled with heightened huskiness) … make mommy cum … make me beg … you want mommy excited don’t you … you want mommy bad … you want mommy to make you a man today … DON’T YOU!” I screamed as he relentlessly worked my ass with his finger and his upper hand had now slipped onto my now engorged and badly swollen clit.


Between ragged gasping breaths I begged my son to get me to bed, my ass reluctantly let his finger slip out we got to the bed where I struggled to get into the middle of the bed, my sluttish legs spread wide and with thrusting hips I encouraged my son to slip his head between my thighs. “That’s my young lover … lick mommy’s pussy with your tongue … make me worse … show mommy how bad you want me to make you a man!” His inexperienced tongue slide up and down my weeping gash, he was feasting on my sweet nectar and did not need much direction as he eager mouth munched hungrily on my exposed swollen clit (like father, like son) and to my utter amazement his hand was thrusting under my ass which I eagerly lifted and squealed with delight as he roughly jammed in his finger again feverishly finger-fucking my ass hole. He was a fast learner! His mouth and tongue now serviced me from clit to ass as I tossed and turned humping uncontrolled.


“That’s it sweetie … you got it … Make MOMMY your SLUTTTT, your horny plaything ever second of the day … make mommy do everything you always dreamed of - CONTROL ME ”

I hissed and panted screaming with orgasmic pleasure.


As he brutally two-finger fucked my ass in and out, he began dry humping my leg like a dog in heat pushing me over that ever so fine line into rampant incest that I hungered for so badly. I (after repeated begging) finally got him to stop long enough to undress.


My eyes bulged out of their sockets, my mouth drooled … I shuddered with an explosive CUM screaming unintelligent words just from seeing my virgin son standing beside my matrimonial bed.

His cock was gigantic – OMG he was over a foot long and as thick as a small plastic pop bottle and he was very ready for his mommy.


“Oh child … mount your SLUT, control me … jam your horse cock into my tight cunt …” I breathed was unbridled desire. He wasted no time getting between my now well spread legs, his horse cock swollen and purplish doing flips in eagerness to impale his mother. I was gushing cunt juice like never before – I wanted his horse cock!


He guided his swollen gigantic member to my badly swollen pussy … feeling the head slip into me and my tightness holding him at bay (I had two children – by a bikini c-section) as I pumped upwards he drove down into me forcing me, his mother apart further to bury half of this magnificent cock as he roughly and excitedly thrust hammering at my cunt, with ever nerve ending afire I lay helplessly beneath him trying to relax as I surrendered to his now blazing incest that demanded satisfaction as he brutally assaulted my creaming cunt. Then – magically he was buried to the hilt.

I lay there begging, me a grown sensible woman; “please … please … FUCK YOUR MOTHER …”  as my teenage horse-cocked son began to punish his SLUT … I lost count of how many times I coated his vibrant swollen mother-fucking horse-cock with CUM ... when I suddenly “felt it deep in my vagina a strange tight spasmodic pain spreading my uterus apart and hearing his muffled voice against my neck huffing and puffing “…can’t hold out much longer…” I knew he was seconds from blowing his load into my unprotected uterus! I smiled happily as I locked my legs about his bucking hips holding my son in place as he released his pent up boiling incest sperm in hot splash after splash globs into me, his mother! I knew right then the little bugger had just made me pregnant  and I couldn’t get enough of him. “That’s a good boy … make mommy pregnant with your baby … UUUmmm you have me good … go to it … FUCK YOUR MOTHER …” 

I hope I wrote it good for you Barb.

If you like Barbara’s story, email me if you want part 2…


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