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A night at my cousin's

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My aunt remarried 6 years ago which brought two new step cousins into the family.  Originally there was myself (the oldest male cousin), my sister (Tara) who was the youngest female cousin, my older cousin Stephanie who was the oldest cousin and her younger brother Dave who was the youngest cousin.  So we were not a big family and welcomed the two new cousins with open arms.  Chelsea and Sara were the newcomers.  At the time of the marriage chelsea and Sara were under 13.

Now six years later Chelsea is now 15 and turning 16 soon.  I always thought she was cute since she was young, but now that her supple breasts have filled in quite nicely but that cute little face has stayed the same I found myself staring at her more and more throughout the years.  Chelsea has the smoothest light mocha-colored skin you can lay eyes on.  Her highlighted light brown hair excentuates her beautiful light green eyes and she always wore bright colored clothing (at least whenever I was around).  A bright blue or hot pink top with black short-shorts seemed to be her signature apparel.  I loved how you could see the strap of her bra wrap over her shoulder in her tank tops god how I just wanted to push it to the side and kiss that soft mocha skin just oh so passionately then gently make my way down to her full C breasts.  But, no I couldn't it was wrong of me to think this way.  I always restricted my thoughts of her to my head and occasionally to my masturbation even though I felt just a tad guilty afterwards but I couldn;t help it, I had to get a release from those thoughts.

Being that we are only 6 cousins we made it a point to stay close ever since we all took a family vacation about 2 years ago since then the six of us have gotten together once a month and just chilled for the day.  One particular cousins day just recently I made the trip to their house for the day but my sister was unable to make this one cause she had to work.  My aunt and Uncle were on vacation this week visiting an old friend of theres that had moved to a different state just recently.  So the cousins had the whole house to ourselves.  We had decided to go bowling this time and Stephanie was bringing her new fiance (Peter) so we could start bonding with him more. 

When I got to the house I noticed another girl would be joining us...Chelsea's best friend Michelle.  Now Michelle was no chelsea but she was definitly still very cute.  She had normal skin tone with light brown hair and hazel eyes and a cute face.  Her breasts were quite tiny a B cup at best but I still found her to be pretty attractive esspecially for someone 5 years younger than me.  As it turns out Michelle is a year younger than chelsea at 14, but Chelsea got left back a year in 1st grade so they were in the same classes. 

 While we were all bowling Stephanie was sneaking us alcohol and we were all getting pretty giddy.  We had taken two cars to the alley but we had all been drinking except Stephanie's fiance so we all piled into his car as Stephanie wasn;t gonna allow me to drive my car like that.  There were seven of us piling into a car made for 5 me and Dave sat on the opposite ends in the back, Sara sat next to dave and michelle squeezed in between me and Sara.....Chelsea sat on my lap!  At first I was very happy as I'd get to touch that soft skin without any repercussions.  The only problem was I was wearing basket ball shorts and those don't hide anything!  It was alrite though I was able to position myslef so that Chelsea was sitting on my thigh and no one could see anything and as long as she stayed put she wouldn't feel anything.

As we drove Chelsea sat with her nice tight smooth ass sideways on my right thigh and stuck her feet and legs out across michelle and everyone else while holding her arms ever so slightly around my neck and shoulder so as to prevent from swaying back and forth during the ride.  I wrapped my arms around her mid section and subtly placed my hand underneather the bottom of her shirt so icould touch that soft soft skin......and WOW what a flat tight stomach she had I noticed right away.  We were cracking jokes in the back and I then realized that I had a perfect view of Chelsea's clevage through the top of her hot pink tank top.  It was beautiful and I had a hard time not staring.  I didn;t want anyone to notice me looking at my 15 year old cousin like that!  I tried to find reasons to keep turning my head from the window to Michelle and vice-versa and ever so slightly catching a peak. 

We had a nice 20 minute drive back to the house and I hoped I could hold out my cover that long.  However, not five minutes into the drive I must've dozed off and then slightly awoke a couple minutes later everyone else seemed pretty groggy too.  Chelsea was looking out the front window, michelle had fallen asleep laying against my side and Dave and Sara had fallen asleep as well.  Stephani and her fiance were busy looking forward.  I couldn't help but take that long moment to just stare in amazement at those beautiful mounds below that hot pink top!  I was so groggy and in a daze that I didn;t even notice that Chelsea had turned her head around and was watching me look down at her upper extremeties for a good 20 seconds now.  She broke my daze with a hey and a giggle and I looked up at her face as she stared back at me with just a smiling grin that said I know what you were just looking at.  I was embarrassed as our eyes met but Chelsea seemed more flattered at my gazing than anything else as our eyes met she just giggled and then looked back out toward Dave's window and postioned herself as if to give me an even better view. 

Just at that moment however the car made a quick right turn and Chelsea slipped off of my thigh and went crashing down on my now rock hard member.  She looked at me with this surprised smile as everyone else woke from the sudden movement as well.  She didn't say anything she just sat up and moved so that her back was now against my stomach and our legs went down the same way....basically siting right on top of me.  There was no hiding it now my cock was now sticking right up under the V of her short-shorts.....and she layed back so as to give me that clevage sight once again.  Everyone just got comfortable again and passed out and as soon as they did Chelsea looked up at me with this playful smile and then moved forward just a bit and then back only about 2 inches each way but with each push my cock would be pushed down and up with what was essentially her pussy underneath the soft lining of those sexy short-shorts.

Was Chelsea doing this on purpose?  Did she know what she was doing to me?  Should I stop this.....I didn;t know what was the right thing to do.  But she kept with the movement and I just kept getting harder she just looked back up with me with this ever so playful excited smile and then placed her hand up behind my neck as if to give herself more leverage with each push.  To my surprise I started matching her rhythm and her playful smile turned into a face of estatic pleasure.  Her eyes half closed and her mouth moved to a position so as if she didn;t have to be quiet she'd be uttering ooooo....oooooo.  But she knew we had to keep quiet.  Her breathing got heavier and heavier and I noticed her nipples poking through her tank top.  Then I heard her in soft gentle whispers going oooooo.......ooooooo as if she just couldn;t hold them back any longer.  That was it I had to make her cum we didn;t have much farther to go so I needed to do it now.  I ever so gently played with her nipples through the tank top and picked up my pace and she just gave me this shocked look of pleasure and then I felt her body stiffen and she gave me this look of desperation as if she couldn;t hold back her groans but I just bucked one last hard rubbing thrust and her body quivered and convulsed on top of me and she let out three loud moans "ahhhh, ahhhh, ooooooo"  Everyone turned and looked at her as she satup quick and fixed herslef back to her original sideways position so as to hide my erect cock. 

That was it I thought everyones gonna know I'm in deep shit.  I felt really hot at that moment ready for the embarrassment to come.  And then Chelsea started laughing and just looked at everybody and was like omg guys I'm sorry that was just a bad nightmare I'm sorry I didn;t mean to wake you all.  I looked around to see if everyone believed her and it looked like they all did!  The biggest relief swept through me as Stephanie asked her if she was okay and she nodded and just said "yea I'm alrite, Ben can you hold me tight though the rest of the way, that was such a scary dream" for the remaining 3 mnutes I held her ever so tight and it was the best feeling in the world. 

When we got back to the house Stephanie told us she was tired and was gonna go to her fiance's house for the night she'd be back in the morning to take me to my car.  She also told the girls they were not allowed to leave the house.  As soon as the car rounded the corner Sara said she was going to her BF's house down the block.  I wasn't no babysitter and I wasn't gonna stop her.  As soon as the rest of us got back into the house Michelle and Chelsea ran upstairs to Chelsea's room and said they'd be back down in a second.  Dave said he was going to go passout and asked me if I wanted to sleep in his room or just take Stephanie's since she was out.....I said I'd take stephanie's and wanted to grab a glass of water first anyway.  He went to his room in the basement and shut the door. 

I grabbed my glass of water and turned the TV on in the living room.  Nothing was really on.....I had figured Michelle and chelsea must've passed out since it had been a good 10 minutes since they went upstairs.  I hoped Chelsea wasn't gonna hate me for what had happened.  I went off to the bathroom to take care of my raging hard on but right before I walked in I heard feet come rushing down the steps.  I looked over and michelle and Chelsea had come running down in nothing but sports bras and short-shorts.  I hid my shaock and just managed to say "what are you girls doing" they just said they were'nt that tired yet and asked if I wanted to join their slumber party.  I said sure what the heck and went to walk up the steps and chelsea stopped me.  "NO" she said.  In order to join our slumber party you must be in what you wear to sleep and I've seen you before when I've wken you up some mornings that isn't what you wear.  She was right, normally all I wear is my boxers but she couldn;t seriously want that.  I looked up at her and saw that playful grin on her face again and the excitement overwhelmed me "okay" I said.  I quickly threw my shirt off and dropped my basketball shorts leaving nothing on but my boxers and my raging cock now bursting outward....which I didn;t even bother to hide at this point.  Chelsea starred right at he bulge not even flinching as her grin grew even larger.  Michelle looked curiously but was still a bit more reserved and a bit embarassed looking with a cute little promiscuous smile.  "much better" chelsea said "now lets go upstairs". 

 We entered her room and she closed and locked the door.  Immediately Chelsea said okay were gonna play truth-or-dare.  As if it were rehearsed Chelsea asked Michelle truth or dare and Michelle picked truth.  Chelsea dared her to kiss herself.  WOW my cock got really hard at that thought.  But I thought nah its probably just a peck on the cheak.  Michelle seemed really nervous and kind of reserved but curious and promiscuous at the same time.  Chelsea just seemed like she was ready for anything and walked right over to michelle and started french kissing michelle.  I looked on in amazement as my 15 year old cousin was making out with her best friend.  Michelle still seemed a bit reserved and almost wouldn't kiss her back but still followed Chelsea's lead and eventually they were going all out tongue on tongue and after about a minute chelsea stopped and then said okay your turn Michelle.  Giving away their rehearsal Michelle dared Chelsea to kiss me without even asking her truth or dare.  Chelsea laughed and just said "you idiot you were supposed to ask me truth or dare first......whatever" and walked over to me and then stopped.  "you know" she said "we should be on the same level" and with that she dropped her short-shorts exposing her white and pink thong and then unclipped her bra and threw it to the floor.  I starred in a gaze at her beautiful C-cup breasts with perfect bottle-cap sized pink nipples.  "Much better" she said and without giving me any room to think or comment leaned in and started kissing me.

 Our tongues met almost right away and soon enough she was jamming hers down my mouth.....she was a bit unexperienced but I knew she'd pick up my lead.  I begna sucking on her tongue and I could tell she loved it.  Then she started sucking on mine I looked at her as if to say OMG don;t stop as I cupped her breat in my hand and proceeded to play with her little pink nipple.  We went at this for a good five minutes and then something came over me I had to have her right then and there I had to have Chelsea I had to have my cousin.....I had to be inside her!  Just as soon as I went to move my kissing to her breasts Michelle called out to Chelsea "Um chelsea" she said "Chelsea.......CHELSEA!" All I could think was for her to shut up so I could finish my job I didn;t care if she looked on I just wanted, no I needed, my cousin right then and there!  But then Chelsea stopped me much to my dissappointment.  "No Ben" she said "hold on...wait a sec"  "I promised"  "you promised what" I said.  "You remember what happened in the car" Chelsea said.  "OF COARSE" I said.  "Well you remember how Michelle had fallen asleep on your side"  "our movements woke her she saw the whole thing"  "When I told her the feelings of how great it felt she wanted to feel them now too" "I told her I'd get you to do that for her" 

I looked over at Michelle and she was sitting on Chelsea's bed sort of blushing.  I told her she didn;t have to be embarrassed just let to let herself go it was okay to feel these things they are not bad.  I walked over to her and asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted and she nodded yes.  So I layed her back on the bed and began to kiss her softly.  I slowly worked her small breasts with my hand and slowly moved down to her pussy and bega to rub it through her shorts ever so slowly....her legs were twitching as I first touched her.  I continued my hand movements on her pussy and worked my mouth down to her tiny little cute breasts that you could barely tell were there now that she was laying down.  Chelsea looked on with her playful grin the whole time watching as I brought her best friend closer and closer to her first ever orgasm.  I took off her sports bra and began to really work her nipples.  It took some work but her nipples became fully erect and Michelle was now in deep pleasure bightning her upper lip ever so gently and letting out a faded sigh every now and then.  I moved down and took off her bottoms completely exposing her young hairless pussy.  She was soaking wet.  Then I moved in on the assault of her pussy.  I began to lick her slit up and down and every lick Michelle let out a sigh of intense pleasure.

I found her small clit and started flicking it with my tongue and everytime her legs twitched with deep ecstacy.  I was surprised to no longer hear her sighs of pleasure and looked up to see that Chelsea had once again taken my lead and was making out with michelle while playing with her nipples.  It was time for the kill I stuck my mouth around her slit encasing her whole pussy inside my mouth and jammed my tongue in her hole as far as I could.....she was tight so it wasn;t much.  Then I started sucking on her clit and she let out loud moans and grabbed the quilt as hard as she could.  Then I propped my head up and told Chelsea to lay over Michelle and let her grab on to Chelsea's C-cup breasts.  Chelsea seemed excited.  Michelle seemed happy to have something she could really get a hold of.  As Chesea sat over her all I could see was Chelsea's back and ass and Michelle's pussy and legs.  When Chelsea moved I thought I saw somethng on her dresser that caught my eye but I didn;t think to much of it and brushed it out of my mind went back to eating out Michelle.

I continued to suck on her clit and flick it back and forth and then I saw Chelsea's panties just a bit higher up and with one hand moved the thin peice of cloth to the side to expose her soaking wet pussy.  I began to massge her pussy while I continued to eat out Michelle.  Now Chelsea started to moan a bit and it was getting me eally excited I started to want her again and then I slid my index finger in her and tried to make her hole it big enough for me I started to wonder.  No I couldn;t seriously be thinking this....its my cousin.  Oh I had to have her but I had to finish michelle first.  Finally I really started sucking michelle REALLY hard and flicking her clit violently.  I felt her legs get stiff and then she got really loud with her moans "ahhhh, ahhh" she went louder and louder.  Than she started to say "OMG OMG, stop, no please, stop, OMG Chelsea make him....make him......ehhhhhhh" then she got into this high pitched squeel and her body started convulsing and to my shock right into my mouth she squirted out of her Pussy!  It shocked me so much I bounced back releasing my finger from inside Chelsea's hole and causing Michelle to squirt all over my upper body.  At first I was shocked and then I got excited again as I looked up and saw Chelsea's hole look back at me.  My finger had definitly done some work her hole looked tight but fitable! 

That was it Michelle was done and all I wanted was to take my cousin almost instinctively I ripped off my boxers and jumped on my cousin and tore off her panties.  I pinned her arms down and looked right into her eyes.  She just looked up at me with the biggest smile of pleasure.  And said the words that I will never forget "Fuck me Ben, Fuck me now, take my virginity, I want you"  I'm surprised I didn;t almost cum right there.  I placed my cock at her opening and slowly pressed in.....I wanted to go fast but I knew she was a virgin.  I slowly worked until I was at her hymen.  I interlocked her fingers with mine pulled out one last time and thrusted in.  She let out a sigh of pain and I just kissed her beautiful lips for a minute and stayed still inside her.  She was sweaty and breathing heavy and seemed a bit out if it.  I knew if I started she would get back into it.  I moved slowly at first and then started to pick up more speed.  Her smile of pleasure reutirned again and she looked up at me and said "faster, I want it faster, I want it harder, I want you to fuck me Ben, I want you to fuck me harder than you've ever fucked anyone"  Michelle just layed to my right all this time still coming back from her first orgasm and here I was giving my cousin her first experience of sex!  I gave her what she asked I fucked and moved faster than I'd ever had in and out of my cousin I was taking her she was mine.  I looked up as I pounded the shit out of my cousins pussy and noticed what I had seen before on her dresser!  It was what I had thought before it was birth control!  OMG I knew what I was going to do now.  I didn;t think it possible but I started to move even faster pounding harder and harder into Chelsea who was at this point moaning like crazy!  Then I felt her pussy get tight around my rock hard cock and her body start to get stiff again.  She looked at me with a face of desperation as her whole body started to shake.  I started to feel my balls tingle and then I felt the cum moving up my shaft.  I pulled out and one more big thrust in and I shot my first load deep inside her cunt.  I looked deep into her eyes and as she felt the first shot hit her insides she cracked a brief slight smile and then reached the peak of her orgasm....."OMG, OMG, ahhhh, ahhhh, yesssss, yessssssssss, ahhhhh" she screamed.  With her body convulsing around me and her pussy clamped tight on my rock hard member I emptied myself deep inside her.  I kissed her passionately on the lips rolled off her bed and put my boxers back on.  I set my cell phone alarm to make sure I woke up 15 minutes earlier than everybody else so I could sneak back downstairs to stephanies room before anyone could notice what happened.  Until then I layed with my lover and held her tightly close to me and hoped that this was only the beginning of our sexual encounters. 



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