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Accidental Encounter

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    I all started one cold day at my grandma's house. I came over to test out my new .22 rifle that I had recived for christmas. They had a field out behind their house so I decided to go shoot I few rounds and sight it in. So I drove out to the back and started shooting. Knowing that nobody was home since there wasn't any cars in the driveway I didn't hesitate to unload a couple hundered rounds from my semi automatic. After I was done I decided to go inside and get a drink. I slipped through the back door knowing that that door was always unlocked and what I saw then was something I will never forget. My older cousin Jennifer was sitting down at the computer wearing only some red lacy underwear which was very reveling if you know what I mean. One of her long legs was resting on top of the desk and one hand inside her panties. I was speechless and so was she. Jennifer had just graduated from high school and was in her first year of college and to save some money had moved into my grandmas house for awhile. I figured she wasn't home since her car wasn't in the driveway.
    I just stood there staring at her partially exposed tits through her bra. I knew she was my cousin but I couldn't look away. I had always had a slight crush on her ever since she had decent size breasts which were fake now. And even now at 17 I was getting a huge boner looking at her.
    I stood there for what seemed like forever unitll she snapped out of her trance and stood up and hurriedly threw on a blanket. "Brian....uh what are you doing here?" she yelled. "I was just uh... I'm sorry I was just get-"
    "You should at least knock you know"
"I know I just didn't think anyone was home" I held my head down trying not to look at her again. There was a long pause until she finally said "You won't tell anyone will you" I looked over at the computer screen and noticed that it was a lesbian porn site!
    "No, no I won't but.....are you....a lesbian Jennifer?" I said
She took a big breath "Look....I am bisexual ok, now you promise not to tell anyone?"
    "Ya of course"
"Because If you do....I will....tell everybody about when you sifting through my panties drawer." I was horrified.
    " know about that?"
"Ya I know, but look its ok, I wont tell if you wont tell, and besides I know what it's like at your age and hell If I was you I couldn't resist this body either." She said pointing at herself and letting the blanket open a little bit down the middle. She must have noticed my massive erection protruding out of my pants. "uh do you need to go take care of that or something." she said directing towards my crotch. I stepped back and covered with my hands. She giggled a little bit and looked away. I didnt have a huge dick but I definatly wasn't shy of it.
    By this point I was really horny, probably more turned on than I have ever been in my life, and when I get like that I do things that I would have normally regreted the next day. Before I even said it I was regreting it. "Jennifer... do you want to...umm... I don't know how to ask you uh"
    "Are you serious Brian?" she said questioningly.
"Well ya.. I mean no that was stupid I'll just-" I said walking away.
    "Wait...You really want to have sex with me? You know that would be illegal and it is kind of wierd I mean we are cousins."
    "I know but damn, I just saw you half naked mastubating"
" Well....Alright I guess, If you really want to"
    " Are you serious?"
"Ya I'm serious, do you have a rubber?"
I was amazed.  "A what?...oh a condom...uhhh no, but-"
"Its alright I have one come on." She lead me into her room and reached into her purse and pulled out a condom. "Put it on" she said as she threw her blanket on the bed. "You know to tell you the truth I have only had sex with a guy once before so I am kind of new at this." I was stunned "Well I have only had a blowjob before" I said.
    "Good this will be fun" she said. I was having trouble putting on the condom since it was my first time. Jennifer turned around and giggled "Wow you are really new at this aren't you?" "Ya" I said.
She grabbed a hold of my hand and and reached over and pulled the condom off. "You did it wrong" She reached in her purse agian and pulled out another one. "You have to roll it on" I almost exploded right there in her face when I felt her soft finger touch the head of my cock. It was silent for a minute as she rolled the condom on completly. "You have a nice package Brian" she said smiling. "Uh thanks" I replied. She stood up and jumped onto the bed face down opening her legs for me. She lifted her perfect ass slightly of the bed and then unclasped her bra and tossed it off to the side. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. "Well what are you waiting for?" I was so stunned I couldnt move.
    "Look I will help you out, Ill be on top" She turned over and got off the bed, her perky boobs bouncing lightly as she put her hand on my shoulders and pushed me onto the bed. Then she climbed up on top me and grabbed a hold of my hard shaft. I jumped in pleasure. "I'm glad I was almost finsihed when you came in becasue I dont think that you are going to last very long" She laughed. I reached up slowly and started gently rubbing her tits. She let out a soft moan "Okay now hold off as long as you can ok?" I nodded. She raised her body up a little and slid off her panties and threw them on my face. Then she grabbed my finger and inserted it inside her pussy. It was so hot and moist. I wiggled it around trying to act like I knew what I was doing. After that she pulled my finger out and moved her pussy over my cock. Slowly she slid her pussy down over my dick shoving it all the way in. She started moaning louldly as she moved faster up and down on me, letting her do all the work. Her breasts bouncing and her long blonde hair flipping over her face. Faster and faster she went sometimes my penis slipped inside her ass but she kept going. "OHH Im so close are you ready?" she asked. "Oh ya" I replied.
    "OK NOW" she screamed. It felt like a volcano erupting out of me. She pumped even faster and harder than before screaming so load it hurt my ears. Just as the last pump of cum was flowing out I felt the condom rip! But I didn't care at the moment. I was so drained. I looked up at jennifer's hot body glistening with sweat and her tits hard as a rock. I closed my eyes for just a second when I heard the door opening. To my horror it was my little 15 year old sister standing in the door way! She was stunned. It could not have looked any worse. Me and Jennifer butt naked, dripping with sweat, my erect cock deep inside her wet vagina that was now oozing with my cum. There was no way I was going to talk my way out of this one..........Until part two! If you like it of course.

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