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Adam and Eve

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This is a story of complete fiction. My fiction. The characters are just products of my warped imagination. Please do not use this story or any part thereof on any other website. Please enjoy this story and send me feedback and let me know if I should continue. This is my first story, so please be kind.


Chapter 1

My mother died when I was nine years old. My dad is a successful contractor and has worked all over the country. Six years ago we settled out here in the house he built for my mother and me. Our immediate family is all the way across the country, so we rarely see them and talk to them around the holidays. It’s just my dad and me living alone in this place now. So I had to kind of become the mom around the place, making sure the house is clean and the dog is fed, stuff like that. My dad has doted on me since mom passed away, he hasn’t dated anyone since then and he’s not looking to either. When I asked him why, with a kind of sad look on his face he said " I constantly compare other women to your mother and none has come close to the kind of person she was. Besides I’m too busy looking after you to go out dating." I hugged him and he held me tight. I think we both shed some tears, his for missing mom so much and me because he loved her and would probably never feel that for some one again.

After the hug and wiping tears I told him. "I’m getting older dad, you don’t have to watch me every second of the day anymore."

" I know sweetheart It’s just hard watching you grow up, it’s all going so fast." He bent down and kissed me on the forehead and told me he was off to work.

It was summer, so school was out and I had the place to myself. I knew I had to mop the kitchen floor today and really wasn’t looking forward to it, so I stood in the foyer a few minutes to enjoy the quiet. When dad isn’t home I love to strip my clothes off and walk around the house naked, it makes me feel more free with nothing blocking the breezes that can spring up in the house from caressing my naked body. I padded into the family room lifting my t-shirt over my head along the way exposing my budding breasts which always brings a little thrill to me. My breasts aren’t big, nor will they ever be, so I usually don’t wear a bra around the house. and that’s fine with me. I never understood why women pay for bigger ones, not every guy likes them so huge. I tossed my shirt onto the couch and reached for my pajama bottoms. I slowly slid them past my little but firm butt, loving the feeling of naughtiness. I added the pajama bottoms to the t-shirt and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my flower print cotton panties sliding them down my legs. Stepping out of them I luxuriated in the feel of my nakedness, I rubbed my hairless pussy a little to free my outer lips from the confining panties. I learned to shave my little pussy from overhearing the older girls at school talk about shaving theirs, so I thought I would try it and loved the way it felt against my hands.

I walked over to the mirror in the hallway to study my body a moment and liked what I saw. I wasn’t too tall, only 5' 7" I have a firm body from years of soccer and brunette hair a little longer than shoulder length. As I stared into the mirror I started to fondle my little titties pinching my sensitive nipples letting out as little moan of pleasure as I did so. I lowered a hand to my pussy while the other still lightly pinched my nipples and spread my pussy lips so I could access my love button. When my finger found it, a spear of pleasure shot up from to my pussy into my stomach making me moan with ecstasy, I could feel my pussy starting to react as my cunt started to become wet. I also started to feel the need to pee, which couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Ever since I can remember I have loved playing with my piss. I even like the taste of it, though I’ve only tasted my own. If I’m ever in the shower and the need to pee arises I deflect the flow of water to the shower wall and get on my back in the tub, I raise my legs to the air and try to get my ankles behind my head. My hands supporting my back, I let the flow of my piss go and it shoots up out of me to splash down on my titties and into my mouth. I feel so dirty doing it! I think that’s part of the draw. While I’m peeing I drink up as much as I can and thrill at the warmth of the rest of my piss as it showers my body. When the flow slows to trickle I put my legs back to the tub bottom and plow my fingers into my pee soaked pussy sliding them in and out furiously as I finish peeing on my hand and bring myself to an explosive orgasm!

As I felt the need to pee come on while I stood in front of the mirror playing with myself, I got an idea. I made my way into the kitchen with a finger still buried in my pussy and pulled out a kitchen chair. I put my bare little ass onto the wooden seat and the cold of the chair brings an even more urgent need to pee to my young body. I moan with the excitement of it all, knowing me cumming is so very close! I starting sliding my finger in and out of my pussy as fast as I can! Feeling my breath coming faster while my other hand madly massages my titties, I start to piss onto the chair , "Oh god, mmmmm." My piss flowed out over my hand and puddles around my bare butt before falling to the floor and pooling there. As my orgasm overcame me I screamed "Oh! Oh! Yesssssssss! Oh god that’s gooooood!" The ripples of pleasure shot from my pussy throughout body and straight out my head. I thought I was going to pass out!

As the pleasure spikes shooting through my body slowly subsided I opened my eyes and tried to catch my breath. Sitting in a puddle of my own piss I slowly smiled, feeling totally relaxed and ready to go about my day. I stood up and looked at the mess in the chair and on the floor, knowing I had to mop the floor anyway I was not concerned about it. But looking at the remaining piss on the chair I just knew I had to have a sip so I bent over and with my bare ass in the air, still dripping my piss and cum I felt a slight breeze tickle my butt hole and slurped it out of the slight indentation carved into the chair.

Feeling satisfied for a little while I decided to let my body air dry as I did my chores knowing I would catch a whiff of my sex from my own body every now and then as I cleaned.

Smiling contentedly to myself I set about doing my chores for the day.




Chapter 2

When I had finished my chores I smelled of perspiration, piss and girl cum. I decided to shower and clean up before I started dinner. Dad would be home within the hour so there wasn’t anytime to play. After I showered I had to pee again, but unfortunately I was running out of time so I sat down on the toilet and regrettably started to pee. When I was almost done I cut the stream of piss off, stood up and put on a pair of clean white cotton panties. Smiling at my small pleasure I squirted the rest of my piss into my panties so I could have a wet pussy for as long as possible. After that I finished getting dressed and went to the kitchen to start dinner.


I made spaghetti and was putting it on the table when dad came in from work. Hi dad, welcome home." I said with a smile. "Hi sweetheart, how was your day?" He asked setting down his coat and loosening his tie. My dad is still young and handsome. He works out and it shows, no flab, or not enough to notice. "Wow" I thought. "I’m checking out my dad, and I like what I see." Blushing a little I answered his question. "It was good dad, how was yours?"

"Busy! Now I’m starving, so let’s eat! And I have surprise for after dinner."

"A surprise?! What is it!"

"Calm down." He said laughing. "I just picked up that movie you’ve been wanting to see." I ran over and gave him a hug. Throwing my arms around his waist. He hugged me back. "You’re the best daddy."

"Daddy? You haven’t called me that in a while. I thought you were too old for that."

"Well daddy , I’m still your little girl so I can call you daddy if I want to." I said into his chest. I felt very safe in his arms. I could stay there forever. We ate dinner, talking about his work and I talked about the stuff I had planned for my summer vacation.

"Well, how about we do these dishes up and go watch the movie then?" Dad asked as we finished eating.

"I’ll do them in the morning dad. Let’s get comfy and watch the movie." I stated.

"Ok, Eve you know I can’t say no to you."

So dad went to get comfortable, and I went to my room to do the same. On the way back to the living room I stopped in the bathroom to pee. Again I kept some back. When I finished on the toilet I stood and pulled my now almost dry panties up so I could re-dampen them with fresh piss. Once done I went and joined dad and we started the movie.

Dad and I both sat on the couch during the movie. It was kind of hot in the house so dad had turned the fan on and pointed it at us. I wanted to lay down to watch the movie so I asked dad if I could lay my head in his lap. He said fine and we settled in to watch the movie.

During the movie I could hear my dad inhaling deeply through his nose. I also felt something hard pressing on the side of my head. When I asked him what was wrong, he said. Nothing sweetheart. Just thought I smelled something." I got worried for a second that he could smell my piss but he would have said something if that was the case. So I put it out of my mind while dad ran his fingers through my hair and we watched the rest of the movie.

When the movie was over I got up and got the DVD out of the player and dad said he was off to bed. "Goodnight daddy, thanks for getting the movie." He came over and kissed me on the top of the head and gave me a quick hug that mashed my little boobs against his lower chest, sending a tingle to my pussy that made me shiver.

"Your welcome Eve, I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. And thank you for making dinner."

As he walked away I was staring at his butt when he looked over his shoulder. "Don’t stay up too late."

"I won’t. See you in the morning." I said admiring my dads muscular form as he retreated to his bedroom.

After dad closed his door I popped on the computer to see what was on the internet to occupy my time. After checking my e-mail I typed in the web address to my favorite piss gallery to see if there was anything new to see. There were a couple of new pics so I clicked on one. The page that came up was not was not the couple sharing their pee like I thought it was going to be. I had unknowingly clicked on a blind link and was about to close out the page when a picture of an older guy screwing a young girl came on the screen. Scrawled across the top of the page was the title "FATHER-DAUGHTER INCEST". And below the picture were a bunch of thumbnail pics of various acts of incest between fathers and their daughters. Suddenly I got a tingle and my pussy juices started flowing.

I tiptoed to my dads room to see if I could hear his light snoring. But I couldn’t hear anything over the sound of the television in his room. I figured he was asleep. He was always falling asleep with the t.v. on. I went back to the computer to peruse the dirty acts of sex between father and daughter and before I knew it my panties were soaked. I had a finger buried inside my pussy as I clicked through the pictures. A thought crossed my mind. "My dad sleeps in the nude." Remembering his strong arms around me when he hugged me and picturing his naked body I came right there in front of the computer. My panties were soaked! And I was breathless. After I calmed down enough to think I knew I had to make my dad my own. Sitting in front of the computer I came up with a plan.

Shedding my pajama bottoms I crept to my dads bedroom and cracked the door open to peek inside. Sure enough he was asleep with the t.v. on . What was on kind of surprised me though. It was a tape of one of my soccer games from last year, and I smiled. How lucky was I to have a dad that loved me so much. He devoted every free minute he had to me. I was determined to devote myself to him.

I walked to the side of the bed where he was sleeping and stripped off my sopping wet panties. I hung them on the bed post next to his head and gently shook my dad. "Daddy?" He grumbled but didn’t wake. So I shook him again a little harder. "Daddy?" He looked up groggily through sleep lidded eyes. "Wha-, what is it Eve? Is everything ok?"

"Daddy, I can’t sleep and I was wondering if I could try to fall asleep in here?" Hoping against hope he would say yes.

"Of course Eve." dad said and scooted over to allow me into his bed. "Hop in." I slid into the bed and occupied the spot dad had just vacated and could still feel his body heat on the sheets. My pussy was all but overflowing with juice! As I got comfortable dad started to roll away so we could sleep I said "Dad? Could you hold me until I fall asleep? I’m kind of lonely tonight."

"Ok Eve if it will help, but I haven’t had to cuddle my daughter at night for a couple of years now." He said as he scooted over to and put his arm around me. With his hand resting on my stomach. I lay there for a little while enjoying the feel of his arm around me, I could feel his cock on the back of my leg. I held his hand so it wouldn’t move and scooted down. My t-shirt and his hand stayed put as my shirt rode up I nestled my little butt against his cock and his hand came to rest on my left breast. I don’t think he was sleeping but he didn’t move, so I wiggled my butt against his cock and got the response I was looking for. His cock started to grow against my butt and slowly slid up my left butt cheek. His hand started massaging my left tit and I let a little moan escape me. He gently squeezed the nipple and moved his hand to my right breast. I leaned forward a little and slid my hand down to his now hard cock. I had never had a cock in my hand before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I did find was that it was very hard but also silky smooth. I grasped it like I had seen it done on the computer and gave it a couple of strokes. This elicited a moan from daddy. I continued to stroke his hard cock with my hand while he slid his hand under my t-shirt so he could feel my bare titties without the clothes. I started rubbing his cock around on my ass and slid it between my legs to lube it up from my wet pussy. Hiss hand tickled it’s way down from my titties, across my tummy and onto my virgin pussy where it clamped on. I ahhhhed with ecstacy as he slowly rubbed the outer lips of my cunt. When he found my love button I almost screamed with delight. "Oh daddy that feels so good! Rub it harder!" he complied and I was in heaven.

I was stroking his cock that was well lubed from my wet snatch at a pretty good rhythm. I new It was time to lose my virginity, I was so horny I couldn’t wait to have my daddies cock in me, "Oh! Fuck me daddy."

"Do you want to fuck your little girl daddy?" I asked with my voice full of desire.

" Eve, I do. And I am going to but first I have to pee."

" Oh daddy please don’t leave to pee. I would love it if you pissed all over me. Especially my pussy daddy. Please piss on me?"

"Oh, Eve. Hurry and scoot over. I can’t wait to piss on you"

"Then pee on me daddy!" He got up on his knees at the foot of the bed while I moved to the middle. I spread my legs as he got between them aiming his cock at my pussy. When his stream came it was a little high and splashed my tummy, but he got it down soon enough and I was rubbing my clit furiously. "Ahh! Daddy your pee feels sooo good on my pussy!" I moaned. Before he was done I knew I wanted to taste his piss, only having tried my own I was curious. I sat up and his stream traveled from my pussy to my belly, in between my tits and into my eager mouth. It was salty and hot and tasted like heaven! I drank down as much as I could but only got about three swallows before it petered out. When daddy was finished pissing his hard cock had a drip of pee still clinging to it. I leaned forward and licked it off. I swirled my tongue around the head and took as much of daddies cock as I could into my mouth. As I was blowing daddies cock, he asked. "Eve you’re such a dirty little girl! Where did you learn all this?" I paused, pulling his dick from my mouth. Looked up at him and smiled. "From the internet daddy. Do you like it?"

"I love it baby girl. Your mouth feels so good on my cock." I went back to blowing daddy and fondling his balls, then said . "My pussy is so wet, do you want it daddy?"

"Yes I do, lay back so I can taste it." He said a little breathlessly. I lay back down on the bed as he got down between my legs. With his face just inches from my pussy he inhaled deeply. Slowly licking the juices from my inner thighs he made his way up to my cunt, which he probed gently at first then gradually increased his speed. When his tongue spread my outer lips and reached my clit, it sent jolt of pleasure throughout my body. I grasped the back of his head and pulled him into my pussy begging him to lick faster. "Lick it daddy! Lick my young pussy!, oh! mmmm!"

"Your pussy tastes so sweet Eve." Dad said licking faster. My orgasm came almost unexpectedly, and when it did I couldn’t stop myself from burying his head as far as I could into me. With my legs clamped around his head and daddies tongue buried in my pussy I came in torrents! "Oh, god. Oh, fuck! Daddy I’m cumming!." His only response was to lap up everything my young pussy was offering. As my legs slowly relaxed from around his head and my orgasm subsided dad crawled up from between my legs. He leaned down to kiss me and our lips met for the first time as more than father and daughter. It was a gentle kiss at first and my mouth parted, his tongue slipped between my lips and met mine. Everyone says incest is so wrong but in my heart I knew this was right. I was in love with my father and I didn’t care what anyone thought! I tasted my cum on his tongue which sent a new shiver of excitement through me as our kissing became more passionate. I broke the kiss and said. "I want you to fuck me daddy. Stick your cock in me and make me come again. My pussy is yours daddy."

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"I’m ready, I’ve been ready since I’ve walked in here and crawled into bed with you." With that he grasped his cock and aimed it at my pussy the head of his dick hit my pussy and he slowly slid it up and down to give it a little extra lube. He found the entrance to my innermost place and applied pressure. When the head slipped in he stopped, allowing my pussy time to adjust to a new invader. He pulled out and slipped it in again going a little further this time. After a few strokes daddy was in as far as he could go before he reached the gate to my womanhood. "Ok baby this may hurt, so I want you to rub you clit for daddy. That’s it." He said, as I began to rub myself he slid his cock back out until just the head was in me and pushed forward. When he encountered my hymen I don’t think his dick slowed down that much as he burst through it and buried his cock to the hilt.

The pain came then. Not as much as I expected, but it still hurt. Daddy didn’t move giving me time to adjust to the girth of his whole cock in me. When the pain eased I told him. "Oh god daddy I feel so full of you! I love the feel of your cock inside me!"

"Eve, your pussy is so tight and wet!" he said as he started jacking his cock with my little pussy. I can’t describe the feeling of daddies cock invading and occupying my womb. It did hurt but as daddy kept the pace slow, the pain soon turned to pleasure as my pussy responded to his member by contracting on his dick and sucking him back into me every time he pulled his cock back for another thrust. We soon had a rhythm going and my young body was matching his thrust for thrust. With his head thrown back, he grunted. "Eve, my cock feels so good in your pussy!"

"You like it daddy? You like fucking your little girl?" I asked him in lustfully.

"I do baby." The tempo increased and soon he was hammering me. My hips angled up to meet him with every forceful jab he made into me. "Oh daddy I love the feel of you cock in me! Fuck me daddy!" I screamed. I didn’t care who heard. Not that anybody would. Our nearest neighbor was almost half a mile away. I moved my legs around his back but I was too short to lock my feet together and my hands raked lines into his back and neck as we rode each other.

"Daddy I want you to fuck me from behind." I said into his ear.

"Mmmmm, ok." dad said as he slowly pulled his cock from my dripping pussy. I felt empty without him inside me, so I scrambled up and turned to get on all fours with my ass thrown into the air. "Hurry daddy I need you back inside me!" Before he did he leaned down and licked me from my clit all the way past my butt hole. "Don’t want to waste all that on the sheets." He moved in behind me and grasped my hips as his cock slid into me deeper than I could have imagined. It was wonderful! Daddy started fucking me with an easy rhythm and I soon got the hang of pushing back as he thrust forward. Pulses of pleasure rippled through my sweaty body. "Harder daddy harder!" His pace increased and so did the ripples. "Yes, daddy that’s it! Like that!" daddies finger started caressing my butt cheek and made it’s way into the crack where he fingered my small butt hole. It was unexpected but got my juices going. "Your going to make me cum again!" I screamed.

"Good baby, I want you to cum all over my cock." he said as he drove his dick in deep, while sliding his finger along my butt crack applying light pressure to my rose bud when he came upon it. "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Daddy I’m gonna cum! UNNNNNNNAAAHHHHHH!" I screamed as I came. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had! "Yeah cum on me! Oh, that’s good!"

Dad said as he kept his pace up while I was in the throws of our passion. Dad was also on the verge because I couldn’t feel his balls slapping against my clit anymore. I knew they had drawn up in preparation to blow his load. "Eve, I’m gonna cum!"

"Breaking out of my own world that was dominated by pleasure I said. "Do it daddy! Cum in my mouth, I want to taste it!" Daddy pulled out so I hurriedly turned around to get my mouth where his cock was aiming. I grabbed his throbbing member in one hand and massaged his balls with my other and began stroking him off. "That’s it Eve just like that. UUUNNNGGG!" he bellowed as the first shot of cum went high and right to land on my cheek. I got my mouth closer and daddy unloaded his cum into my mouth. I thought it would never end! His cum was hot and thick, with a slightly salty taste but I swallowed as much as I could before it dribbled out of the side of my mouth and down my chin. When daddy was finally finished cumming and I had swallowed what I could I licked the head of his cock to get the last bit of cum still hanging there. Dad collapsed back onto the bed breathing heavily. I moved forward and finished cleaning up his dick, loving the taste of both of us mixing in my mouth. "Oh, Eve that was wonderful! I haven’t done that in years." I crawled up next to him and kissed him deeply on the mouth.

"That was wonderful daddy, thank you for doing that for me."

"I’m glad I could help Eve." he said grinning. "I’m thirsty though, you really put me through my paces tonight."

"I’ll get you something daddy." I climbed up on top of him and squatted inches from his face. "You ready daddy?"

"Give it to me Eve, I’ve wanted to taste your piss all night." I felt the build from my bladder travel and burst forth, and I was peeing into his waiting mouth He drank as fast as he could but soon his mouth was over flowing so I moved my hips and pissed on his chest until he could swallow what was in his mouth before I moved back over it. I kept this up until my stream started to subside, and daddy gently grabbed my hips and lowered me onto his mouth so he could clean me up. When he was done I crawled off of him and snuggled in beside him. "I love you daddy, I love you so much."

"I love you to Eve, I always will." He said as we both drifted off to sleep with smiles across our faces.


I hope you enjoyed this story! Please let me know if you would like it to continue. -Hossrox.

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