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All In The Family

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All In The Family
By: Eroticus (James)
Part I

    The day started no different than any other day had within the past month. It was around 7:00 AM, my sister Angela was still sleeping and my mother and father were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast talking about whatever it is that parents talk about at this time of day. I assume thats what they were doing anyways. I wasn't around to listen. I was doing what I had started doing every morning for a month or so now. I was sitting in my sisters closet naked, stroking my penis gently, waiting to ejaculate in to a pair of her light pink panties. I know it may sound strange, but recently my sister had begun to develop in to a beautiful young girl, and every time I saw her I started to think about her in sexual ways, and it always gave me a hard on. She was very good looking for being only thirteen. She had long brown hair that went a bit past her shoulders and it was streaked with blonde. She had a small but tanned body and breasts that I would guess to be around a 24B cup. So there I was, peeking through my sisters closet at her naked body, as she often slept, rubbing the full length of my shaft, when all of a sudden our mother busted through her bedroom door. It startled me so much that I accidently blew my load earlier than I had planned. It felt wonderful but I would have liked to go on a bit longer.
    "Come on Angela, we've got to get up for church." I heard my mother say. My heart was racing, I was praying to God she wouldn't open the closet door for any reason to see her fifteen year old son masturbating into a pair of panties.
    "I don't want to go mom, I'm tired." Angela said in a low and exhausted voice. I could only hope that my mom would let her skip church today and she would leave the room. But she didn't.
    "That's to bad. Let's get up and get you dressed." my mother said as she turned around and opened the closet door. As soon as she opened the door we locked eyes for a split second and she instantly closed the door and turned around. "On second thought, I don't think God would mind if you missed one day of church." she said as she quickly left the room. I don't know what was more embarassing, the fact that my mother just caught me going limp in my sisters closet, or that after she left I pissed myself a little.

    A few awkwardly silent seconds after my mother left I could hear Angela sniffing at the air. Had she been able to smell my pee? It was only a second or two after I heard her sniffing around that I could hear the sound of her digging through a dresser droor of hers and slipping in to some clothes. Thinking of my naked sister getting dressed gave me half an erection even though I couldn't see her. Soon enough she opened the closet door and just stood there and started at me for what seemed like eternity.
    "What are you doing in here?" she asked after forever.
    "Um.." I said, and then I paused for at least a minute. "I don't really know what to tell you, because I know you wouldn't understand Angela..." I told her. I was so embarassed I could hardly get the words out.
    "Did you get another pair of my panties sticky?" she asked, pointing down at my penis that had by now turned in to a fully hard cock. "I was wondering why I had started noticing my panties getting stick over the past month." she said.
    "Yea, that was me. I'm sorry Angela, it's just-" I started to say before she cut me off.
    "Don't be sorry, I think it feels cool. Can you keep a secret?" she asked me as her face started to turn a little bit red. "I've even licked some of that goo before." she said after I nodded to her. I couldn't believe it, my sister had eaten my cum before, and she didn't even realize what it meant. "What is the stuff James?" she asked with a curious look on her face and the biggest smile she had ever given me.
    "It's called cum Angela. Did you like how it tasted when you ate it?" I asked. I could feel my cock throbing as the conversation continued. I couldn't believe I was talking like this with my thirteen year old sister. All she did to answer was nod and smile, and it gave me a great idea. "Well, I can let you taste some more, but it won't be out of a pair of panties."
    "I'd really like that James. It was fun to lick up. You should have seen me, it was all over my lips and face."
    "Well, all you have to do is put this in your mouth and suck on it for a little while Angela." I said as I looked down and pointed at my penis. I can't say that it's huge, but I think five inches for a fifteen year old boy isn't bad.

    After a few seconds of getting in a comfortable position on her stomache in front of me she popped the head of my penis right in to her mouth. That very second I started shaking and my eyes began to roll back in my head. I couldn't believe it but right when I went in to her mouth I started spilling rope after rope of sperm into my sisters sweet little mouth. I was so embarassed to have cum that quickly, but she didn't know any different, so it was all right. She just sat up and smiled at me as my cum dripped from her lips and tounge. I found myself getting curious about what it tasted like, so I gently leaned in and kissed Angela on the lips. I liked the little preview that gave me, so I slipped my tounge in to her mouth and sucked out some of my sperm.

End of part one.
Look out for what happened next within a week.

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