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Alone with my Stepfather

Bryan562 on Incest Stories

I was sitting in my room watching TV when I heard him come in from work. It was around 6 o"clock. He started walking up the stairs, took off his tie, and came into my room. He had a bag with him. He told me he had something for me and I was to follow him into his room. I complied and got up. I was wearing gym shorts and a white t-shirt, while Bill was in business clothes, suit and tie. I entered his room and he closed the door. It all seemed too strange. I broke the silence and asked what he had brought. He handed me the bag. In it were a thong, pantyhose, a wig and a bra. I was utterly confused. He stood up and forced me to the floor. "Put them on", he said. He was a man of few words, but from the tone of his voice I could tell if I resisted things would only get worse. I hesitated and he ripped off my shirt. "Put them on, now", he said with great anger. I took off my shorts, and boxers trying to hide myself out of modesty, and put on everything. He then said, "Nobody will believe this. Take them back off." I did and still covering myself as best as I could, he guided me into the bathroom. He turned on the shower water and forced me in. He handed me a razor and said, "Shave all your body hair." I started to and he watched me the whole time. I shaved my chest, underarms, ass, legs, arms, and pubes. He even made me shave the hair on my feet. I got out and he forced me to put everything back on. Then he threw me a black dress. "Put it on, we"re leaving soon", he said. I was so confused and nervous I did it without thinking of what might happen next. I looked in the mirror. I actually looked like a woman. There were minor features that would suggest otherwise, but only upon close examination.

He guarded me out to the car and we got in. I didn"t dare ask what he was doing, but he offered it anyway. "You know James, your mother and I haven"t been on a date in 4 months. We haven"t had sex in 4 months. I need a date and I"m so horny I could explode." I didn"t say anything. I just sate nervously in the passenger seat of his SUV. When we got out we were at the nicest restaurant in town. It was called "Promenade". We went in and got a table for two. Throughout the night he treated me as if I were his date. He ordered for me, small talked, and rested his hand on my leg throughout the meal. I was so uncomfortable and nervous about somebody finding out who I was, I couldn"t move. The thong was driving me crazy and so where the high healed shoes he"d made me wear. I felt dreadful. When we had eaten, we went back out to his car. He moved his hand further up my leg while driving. I have to admit I was sort of turned on. Not in a conventional way, but in a surreal, fantasy way. We got to the house and he led me into his room. "Lay down on the bed", he said. I did and he climbed over me and took off the dress. He then made me stand up, spread my legs, and bend over. He smacked my ass and squeezed it. 

He leaned down and pressed his mouth against my ears "You know you"re my bitch now, right", he whispered. My whole body shuddered. It was true. "Say you"re my bitch.", he said. "I - I"m your bitch.", I muttered. "You"re nothing, but a fucking pussy. I"ve always known you were gay. Now you"re going to get what you deserve, and I"m going to get what I want." I was powerless, he could do anything he wanted and I couldn"t do a thing. He lie down on the bed. "Undress me you faggot", he said. I moved over to the bed. I took off his shoes, and socks. He made me suck on his toes until he felt it was sufficient. I then took off his pants. He always wore briefs and there was hair sticking out from every orifice of his underwear. He forced my head into his groin. I removed his shirt and his wife beater. He forced me to his mouth and stuck his tongue in my mouth. 

He got spit all over me and wouldn"t let me wipe it off. He moved my head down to his hairy chest and nipples. I licked them until they were hard, and then I moved down to his stomach. I was about to his briefs when he turned over. "Take them off", he demanded. I removed them exposing his hair-covered ass. He pressed my face into his asshole. "Clean it up.", he said. It was sweaty and dirty (on purpose probably) and I had to hold my breath. He moaned at this and after what seemed like hours, pulled my face up. He got up on all fours. His fat dick was erect and pulsating with anticipation. "Get under here", he said. I crawled under him knowing what was coming next. He stuck three of his fingers in my mouth. I almost gagged until he removed them. He stuck them, one at a time, into my now exposed ass. "No wonder you never had any girlfriends. You couldn"t even fuck them with your small cock." My cock, erect was only about four inches to his seven. I felt embarrassed and humiliated, but there was nothing I could do. All at once he pulled his fingers out of my ass and shoved his dick in. I screamed. "You fucking bitch. Do you like my cock in your ass?", he said. I tried not to scream because I knew it just made him happier. I bit on a pillow to buffer the sound. 

He kept thrusting until he was ready to cum. He got up and sat down on the bed. He pulled me on top of him. "You do the rest of the work.", he commanded. He kissed my chest while I moved my body up and down on his cock. His coarse hair rubbed against me. He finally came in my ass. He immediately pulled his cock out and into my mouth. It was covered with cum and sweat and shit. I sucked it clean. He got down on his knees and licked the cum off of my legs and ass. He pulled me over for a kiss and deposited everything back into my mouth. He threw me on the bed and put his arm and leg over me. He wouldn"t allow me to jack off or even move. I slept in his sweaty, hairy arms all night. The next morning I got up, jacked off and went downstairs. There was a note from him telling me to be dressed and ready for that night. I had no idea what was in store for me next.

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