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At Home Nudist

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At Home Nudist

I’m a divorced father of a beautiful thirteen year old girl.

The ex-wife and I named her Madison.

Madison has long light brown hair, big brown eyes, and an angelic face.

She stood about five ft. one, and weighted 110 lbs.

Madison wore a 34 B-cup bra size, and she had a really cute ass.

One hot summer day I came home from work early. Business was really slow, and there was no point keeping the shop opened.

When I got home I was treated to a really nice surprise.

Madison was sunning herself by our swimming pool stark naked.

At she was laying face down in the pool lounge featuring her incredible butt for my eyes to feast on.

The grand sight went straight to my little head, and change into a growing one.

I thought it would be nice to see Madison naked like this all the time.

So I took off my clothes and very quietly crept out beside the pool lounge.

She had dozed off, so I took full advantage of this opportunity to check out my daughters backside, as well as her pussy as I was able to see it between her thighs.

I then called out her name;

"Madison...Madison, wake up."

"what...What?! Daddy!"

Madison about freaked out, jumped up as she searched for something to cover up with, and then ended up using her hands. Then she noticed that I was also naked.

"Daddy where are your clothes?"

"In the house same as yours. Madison please stop covering up, and take a seat."

Madison put her arm down, and took her hand away from her pussy, and sat back down on the lounge as instructed.

"How long have you been going naked?"

"This is like my forth time."

"Then you like being naked, be honest?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Madison I’ve only worn clothes around You, and Mom. I’d much rather be naked."

"So does this mean you’re not angry?"

"Of course not. In fact I say that from now on you or I don’t wear clothes around the house anymore. Deal?"

"Ok yes. It’s a deal."

I looked down at her, and caught her staring at my harden cock.

I sat down beside her on the lounge, and placed my hand on her thigh.

"Now I want you to lay back, and spread your legs for me so I can get a real good look at your beautiful body."

As Madison timidly laid back and spread her legs I was eyeballing her sweet pussy. She only had just a fine mist of pubic hair strands just above her perfect, pink slit.

Her pussy appeared moist, and so tantalizingly inviting.

I covered her pussy with my hand, and started rubbing two fingers up and down the velvety soft lips of her sex.

I watched her expression go from shock, to pure bliss. Her breathing became more and more rapid as I continued to rub the full length of her small twat.

Her pussy was so moist after about a minute that I began slipping my finger inside her, and she was so tight I could feel the inner walls just sucking at it.

The next thing to go inside her will be my very own cock.

To ensure that happens further stimulation would be required. So I leaned over, and slid my tongue up, down, and all around her tiny clit, while I still continued to finger fuck her.

This drove her near crazed. I sucked, tongued, and manipulated her clitoris for nearly two, or three minutes. She seemed to lose all control of her hips as she bucked them off the lounge, and straight into my face.

There came a point that she couldn’t cum anymore, and about begged me to stop, but I wasn’t through with her yet.

I gave her pussy a break. I kept my finger inside her, but transferred my tonguing from her pussy to her sweet, puckered little asshole.

Everything about her tasted good, even that. The thing is mu daughter is the only asshole I’ve ever touched my tongue to. It was always way to taboo for me to even think of this with anybody else. With her it just came naturally.

I had her filled with so much pure lust at this point that I probably could have filled her with a submarine.

I tongued her pussy for just a bit longer after my anal tongue attack, then I leaned over her again and first sucked her left tit, next her right.

Then we locked eyes together, as I positioned my cock head at the entrance of her pussy. After feeling this Madison pulled me in for a lovers kiss that could melt the fiberglass off a corvette.

I let it slip into her a little, and allowed it to pop back out as to tease her some.

Soon she was pleading with me to push my dick inside her.

I gave her one last kiss as I entered her with all the will I could muster not to slam it into her, and risk hurting her.

She was so tight I wasn’t going to last long.

I felt her maiden head rip as my cock passed through. When this happened Madison sucked her breath, and whimpered a little bit, but then wanted more.

I slowly pumped in, and out of which can only be described as pure heaven slowly as to attempt to adapt my dick to the pressure it was enduring.

I looked at Madison’s face. Eyes clenched close, head flopping back & forth, side to side. I don’t think she knew who she was, or where she was at this particular point in time.

I screwed her slowly for seven minutes or so, but that was all the pressure my cock could stand.

I began ramming it home as if her pussy would close up forever if I didn’t.

I gave four of the strongest strokes any man could give. On the fifth and final stroke I erupted a bucket of cum deep inside her belly, then collapsed down on top of her, while her pussy milked every drop of man juice in me out of my limping dick.

Five minutes later I woke up slightly refreshed. My dick still inside Madison.

Just a slight bit of movement inside her tight crevice was it took to bring my one eye back to life.

A few slow strokes, and Madison was ready for more too.

I pulled out and spun Madison around so her head was at the lowest point of the lounge. I straddled her head so my dick was suspended just over her mouth.

I didn’t even have to tell her what I wanted, she went right to licking, and sucking her Daddies dick. Meanwhile I went back to delivering a exerted tongue lashing to her fabulous tasting pussy, and asshole.

Another first, tasting my own cum. It tastes a bit salty, who cares. I was sucking my very own cum out of a thirteen year olds pussy belonging to my very own daughter, and all the while my daughter is sucking me. What more could a guy ask for?

Next I spun Madison around again, but before I got busy I ran into the house. I quickly returned with some petroleum jelly.

Madison asked me what it was for, but all I would say was she would find out later.

I bent her over the lounge, and pushed my dick into her from behind.

While I rode her I pushed my thumb into her butt hole, and got her ready for what was to come next.

Next I applied the k-y jelly to her anus using my thumb as the applicator.

Then when I knew she was ready I pulled my dick out of pussy and slowly inserted it into her halo.

Madison began pushing back getting more, and more of my dick up her asshole.

Soon my entire shaft was buried to the hilt in my darling daughters adorable ass.

I started pulling out, and when it was just my dick head in her, I’d slowly push it back in. Her orifice was so tight I was near ready to cum after ten strokes.

I blew my load, and pulled out.

I gave Madison a kiss and told I was going in to take a shower.


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