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Aunt Claire Exposes My Mother

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I had always thought that my Mother was so straight laced and proper until my Aunt Claire exposed her past life and the deep hidden lust that Mom had. Claire came to get me one Summer and we all talked and she hugge Mom and we left with my bags. I was excited about being with Aunt Claire and Uncle Jack for the Summer since they always had the greatest sex I had known in my young (I was 16 at the time) and they always taught me something new. This year was to be no exception.

We drove to the next town and stopped at a hotel and checked in. In the room I tore off my clothes and attacked Aunt Claire. We made love for 2 or 3 hours and then she got up. She showered and told me to do the same and get dressed. I had no idea what was going on but did as she said. "Are you ready for a special surprise Dear" she said as she got ready to go. "Sure Aunt Claire, what is it this time?" I asked her. "Oh something really special but you must do as I say exactley as I say or it will all be over to have it, understand? No matter what happens you cannot let the person I am bringing recognize your voice or sounds that you may make. IF they do then it will be al over for us too I am afraid."  "Yes, I understand." "Good dear, I will be back in just a little. Go get something toeat and be back here in a half hour."

I did as she said and was in the room in a half hour. When I got back there were some restraints on the bed posts and over the edge near the bottom. I did not know what was going to happen but I knew it would be good." I undressed and waited and carressed my nipples as I did making them hard as rocks thinking of what was in store for the night. Soon her car pulled up and she got out and went to the other side of the car and opened the door. I almost shit as my Mother steped out and hugged Aunt Claire then Aunt Claire kissed her on the mouth and Mom kissed her back. Mom is 5'4", and buxom. She is plus size like me and has nice heavy breasts that are what is called hangers. THey are or were at that time, 40DDD and she was a little plump but has gained weight since then. Anyway, here I am naked and hot and Aunt Claire is kissing her little sister (Mom) in the parking lot of the hotel. She turned her around and I saw Mom had no bra on and her blouse was half open. They had been playing on the way there and Mom was hot already. Claire put a good, solid blindfold on Mom and led her to the door. She knocked and I opened it.

"Step inside Carol" she said to Mom and she did. She led her to the bed and stood her at the side and slowly undressed Mom kissing and carressing as she did. Finally Mom was naked and she looked beautiful. I saw were I got my figure from and realizd that I was soon going to be in bed with my Mom and her sister, my Aunt. I almost had an orgasm with just the thought. Claire sat her on the bed and moved her around. She moved her to the head of the bed and secured her wrists to the restraints then she moved down and secured her ankles hat made her legs spread apart nicely showing the juices on her pussy lips already. Claire motioned to me to stand next to her. "Now Carol, I have a friend with me dear and she is going to join us tonight." "Oh no, no please Claire." "Oh dear, you know yu wanna play like we used to, now relax and enjoy the fun." "But Claire, I can't I can't please no." Claire shut her up by kissing her and massaging her nipples and pulling them making Mom groan. She leaned to me and whispered in my ear, "Get betwen her legs and kis her thighs and work your way up to eat her pussy, tease her and do it slowly." I smiled and kissed Claire and did as she said.

"Oh my god" Mom moaned "You brought a good pussy eater with you." "Yes, I have been training her for some time, in fact for 56 years she has been my lover and Jack too." "Damn, she should be expert then at a lot of things." Mom moaed as I moved her towards her first orgasm. "Oh she is, she is very good." I ate her slowly through several orgasms and Claire was working on the top kissing and sucking her hard nipples making her buck against my face through the orgasms. Then she moved me up and told me to sit on her lap facing her with my tits in her face. "Here Carol, suck these a little" and she put my chest in Mom's face. She took to sucking my nipples really well, sucking hard making me moan and hold her head to my chest. Calire was watching and massaging her own pussy as she laid next to us. An orgasm made me squirt all over Mom's tummy and she scked harder then was biting my nippls harder as she had an orgasm too. Then I slipped down and was kissing her hard and leting my tongue roam all over her mouth. I starddled her head as she was still restrained and fed her my pussy which she began licking. She found my swollen clit and her teeth began biting it, first softly and then harder making me cry out. Right after I cried out I sprayed her face with another orgasm. Claire cautioned me to be careful on how I cry out and moan so that Mom would not know who it was she was in bed with and I smiled as I kissed Claire again.

Claire got out several dildos, some huge and some less so. A strap on was given to me and I put it on. "Now Carol, I am going to untie y9u but the blindfold must stay on Drea, understand?" "Yes Claire, as you say." "Good" she said emoving he restraints. She moved Mom to lay down and let her suck her own tits for a little, making sure to suck hers also, they worked into a 69 position and were eating each other and she reached over to move me into position. She turned over so that Mom was on top and told me to take care of her pussy with my strap on and I did so. I was behind her and slipped it into a soaking wet Mommy pussy and began fucking her slowly. Suddenly Mom moaned, "Oh damn, fuck me hard like a man raping me damn it, fuck me." I was stunnded by these words from Mom and did as she said and now she was letting out a stream or words I had never heard her say ever. "Oh yes, fuck me, fuk me bitch, fuck me good, no one ever fucks me good, fuck me now, oh yes, yes, my pussy needs to get fucked, do it hard." and she kept on and on. As I fucked her my own passion rose and an orgasm sprayed the sheets under me.

"Okay, commanded Claire, now Carol, yu put it on and fuck our lover." Mom did as she was told and I laid on the bed spread out waiting. Mom did as she had been told and soon was on top of me, sucking my tits and driving the dildo into my pussy hard and deep. I had orgasm after orgasm while kissing Mom deeply. During one orgasm I was moaning louder and louder and then cried out as it happened. With the dildo deep in me Mom stopped and a look came over her face. "Claire, who is our friend?"  "Who cares, she needs fucking some more, now do it." "No, who is our friend?" "Okay, very well, turn around on the bed and sit at the head again and I will show you." She did as she said and took off the dildo. Claire put her arms and legs back in the restraints and made sure they were tighter this time to make sure she could not get out. "Now dear, are you sure yu want to know who we have been in bed with half the night, who you have eaten out and fucked and kissed? Are you sure?" Mom was thinking and soon she said, "Yes, I have to know, do I know her?" "Yes, you do." Claire said. "Do I know her well?" "Yes dear, you know her well and I have been teaching her all she knows about sex for a long time now. I have had her and Jack has fucked her realy good too." "and she loves eating pussy" she said as she moved me to eat Mom again. "Are you sure you want to know Carol?" Again Mom thought and said, I am sure." I was eating her and she was squirming towards another orgasm. Claire told me, keep eating her dear, as soon as she begins her orgasm the blindfld will come off."

The orgasm was getting closer and then she was humping my face. Mom began cumming and Claire was at her head now, the blindfold came off slowly and Mom froze. "Oh my god, oh no, not my own daughter, oh god, untie me please." She went on and on and Claire was laughing hard now. She came over to me. "What do yu think of Mommy Teresa, is she as hot as you?" "Well, she is hot" I said. Suddenly Claire kissed me and began sucking my tits and fingering me. "Oh no, please no," Mom said. "Too bad dear, you are going to watch us make love." "Oh no please." Mom kept on saying. For the next two hours Claire and I made love every way we could, all the time Mom watching. She had slowly stopped protesting and every time I looked she was watching us as if watching a DVD. Her hips were moving slowly and now she was aroused. "Oh Claire please" she moaned after a long while. "What is it Dear?" she said. "Untie me please." She did and Mm came to me and her naked body was touching mine. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. I kissed her back and we fell to the bed in each other's arms. Slowly we worked around to a 69 and ate each other through several orgasms. Claire was next to us and the three of us became sexual toys for each other. My pussy was so sensative that the slightest touch would make me jerk with the beginnings of orgasms.

We fell asleep in each others arms and the next morning we showered and dressed and ate breakfast. We all drove to Claire's house in Alabama. The weekend was spent for the most part naked and in bed, taking time to eat and refresh ourselves in the pool. Jack came home on Sunday and we were all sitting around naked. "So Jack has fucked my daughter too has he?" Mom said and walked over to him undressing him and sitting on his hard cock. He soon filled her with his cum and she slipped of his cock. "Well, let me see how you have been treating my daughter" Mom said seemly now a total slut free of inhibitions. Jack came over and his cock got hard again and slipped into me. I threw my arms around his neck and said in the hottest voice I had, "Oh Jack, fuck me, fuck me hard, fill me with cum." I moaned and he began fucking me slowly then faster and then after almost an hour he filled my pussy with his cum. Mom took his cum slippery cock and sucked it clean. Then she shocked me and dove between my legs and began eating my cum filled pussy till I soaked her face with an orgasm. Mom and I were carressing each other as we watched Jack and Claire fuck and then we all got to the hot tub and carressed each other. The weekend was a long one and Claire drove Mom home. She was gone overnight and so Jack and I took care of each other suspecting that they stopped off for fun again. Since this Mom and I have had a special relationship and slept in each other's bed as we have felt the desire. She and I still make love sometimes even though I am older now and so is she. We always remember the first time we made love.

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