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 A visitor from Australia after all these years.

 My wife's sister told her 'be careful if he stays at your place.


 My wife Jackie,always head strong in her youth was excited today as we travelled to Heathrow to meet her long lost brother from Australia. Well not exactly lost,he'd buggered off to Aus' because he had the 'black sheep of the family' tagged on him when in his twenty's. We knew of it but had little interest other than knowing it was about sowing to many wild oats around neighbours daughters way back then.

 Contact had carried on spasmodically over the years by telephone,but this was his first return in 40 odd years. It had at first been planned for him to stay with his brother and sister-in-law but sister-in-law cried off when warned of his reputation. That was the excuse given but I reckon it was more about her husband not wanting to share her with the black sheep. Ha! Ha!

 So despite my wife being warned by her older sister, - who incidently seemed to know a lot more about his history than a sister would be expected too. - "Be careful while he's with you" no doubt the same person who put the shits up my wife's brother regarding his reputation. My wife being 12 years junior to black sheep only recalled the fun of being swung round and over his head as a kid before he was drafted to fight in WW2.

 Having chatted on the phone to him,he sounded an alright though older kind of guy to me. He'd told me,he; now a widower for 10 years missed the friendship of women and had,had some recent fun but as he put it, "They're a bit prudish and dried up" familiarly my response was, "Not like your sister then,always slippery and horny and as for prude she couldn't even spell it" to which my wife had hollered across me to the phone, "Take no notice brov,he's always horny as well,dirty sod" "I heard all that" would come from down the line with a chuckle. "That little sister sounds real grown up" She would do,she's heading on 50. "Course I still think of her as that kid that made my arms ache,because once started she never wanted to stop"

 She hasn't changed then,once started she never wants to stop,but its always playing sex now! "Lucky pom bastard,wish I could make a claim like that" I say, "My mother always told me,men have had it at 60 and you're past that" "That was bullshit,with due respect,I'd have put her right on that aspect" From the woman now at the ironing board comes, "Same in Aus' then,one subject only; WOMEN! and what you'd like to do to them if you had the steam" a bit more banter then our phoning ends.

 At this time, Bruce - as I tagged him,explanation later - the ex-pat black sheep always said he'd never return to Britain on a visit, "to long gone" he reckoned. I thought as a pensioner and reckless whiskey man,he just didn't have the bucks! So it came about. One of the many nephews he had never seen was now an airline boss of some sort and the journey was a freebee. Here we were about to meet in my case for the first time.

 Straight away he and myself hit it off,wifey said "You're more like long lost brothers" "No way sister,as brothers we used to fight like hell" says Bruce "I know that,it made me cry"  Giving me a hug at the same time as he did his sister, "I love this pom of yours sis!" my retort being, "Bloody hell Jackie' I hope brother's still batting for the right side,me being a virgin in that department" Pointing her finger and wiggling it suggestively, "like hell you are after last night" "Bloody hell sister,fancy starting before I got here with my reamer" Glancing downwards we all laughed at this smutty banter.

 More in a serious tone now, "Thank god you're not a pair of prudes,just imagine a couple of months staying with a couple of frosty buggers" I noticed his time in Aus' showed,complete Bruce accent,not a sign of his pom roots. So it was this way we started our hosting. From the start his eyes undressed every woman young or old in every direction. I must say Jackie my wife wasn't excluded either. As we got in our car his eyes stuck to her cleavage and acting ever the gentleman he,holding the door for her,obviously lensed her thighs as she didn't do what one might call a very gentile entry.

 My wife never did gentile,revelling in the dirty eye assault by men from when being a teen till the present time. She cared not if every man in striking up a conversation with her,spoke only to her now volumptious breasts. "Well that's why I got them,to attract,then feed the resulting baby isn't it?" After all you couldn't flaw that woman logic as far as I could see.

 From the moment we got in home it was fun, "Got any whiskey sport? I'm dry as a ham bone!" "That's all that young flesh you've been undressing for the last 3 hours you dirty old man" My wife joked. "Not only the young stuff, your black knickers and suspenders were something to be reckoned with,they didn't escape my eye either" "I saw you,I'm your sister!" "Yeah and what a sister!" "Flatterer" "I chip in, "Have a heart wife,all those sheila's with armoured tights like over here as well. Stockings and the rest is every man's dream,you know that,that's why you wear them!" "Keep it up Jack' it helps us older guys keep it up too" Laughter all round.

 Now having recently moved into a brand new home,open plan with our stairs on the side in the living room. "Were not going back out tonight are we?" "No we covered enough today Jack' we'll make a new start tomorrow" "Ah right, I'll change into something more comfortable then" On our arrival,Bruce plonked down in what was reckonised as my chair,not a problem that,I would have pointed him to it for the very reason it was where it was. Namely 'vision, not TV vision but body vision for the gloating thereof. GET IT?

 My wife ascending in this instant, the higher she went the greater the vision. Bruce was tracking her every step of the way. "Fuck me pom,I know she's your wife and my kid sister,but excuse me for saying,what a great pair of thighs she has under that frock" "It don't bother me you saying it Bruce, complete stangers apologise then say what you just did and about her other attributes as well" "Don't it piss you off?" "No,she loves the attention and if they start her engine so to speak,I still get to drive the bus home" "That's a novel way of putting it,mind I bet there ain't many blokes would think like that" "Works for me!"

 "Do any of them try it on with her,you know blatant like in front of you?" "You'll see,its bound to happen sometime when we take you around our haunts" I could tell his mind was in overdrive,now that would have been a good pennies worth! (Penny for your thoughts) Our eyes switch to our stairs, "There you are,how quick was that? and I've had a quick shower" Makeup free my wife looked polished and alluring. "I love a woman's natural look" says Bruce, "Mind I always take them as they come" - I had to think about that statement, - was there the implication my dirty mind arrived at? or was it me?

 Ever the Jackie,she exaggerated her bounce down the stairs making her clearly now non bra'd tits bounce as only an expert prick teaser could. Our four eyes tracked these step by sexy step. I also clocked her PJ bottom looked tighter than usual at the crotch. - silk being loose,something had changed there? - in fact her form was visible even walking, I know she'd sit provocatively with her legs in such a way,her PJ's would go in her crack to get me at it. So having got to the bottom, Bruce said, "You look all ready for bed sis' better show me where I'm sleeping" "In a kennel out back" she laughed, "Out back?Australia? come on!" Bruce, "Ah, I get you,my mind was switched off for a second there" More like switched to bum,tit,pussy mode I reckoned!

 Climbing back up the stairs,Jackie closely followed by Bruce studying the crease of my wife's ass exaggerated by this closeness of fit of her PJ bottom arrives at his room. I had intended to stay put down stairs but being polite,HONEST! I followed with his case. My wife on entering first was near the side of the bed, "Remember when we were kids!" A push from him pitched her forward and on to the bed,but she did manage to twist round on to her back just as she hit the mattress. All in one go,her legs went up like a vee,her PJ top floated at the front and the mattress made her bounce.

 She would have been better going face down,because with the movements her PJ flashed one of her ample tits including a nipple and though she realised it there was simply nothing to be done, "Pig" We men had big grins,but she did flush up a bit. "And you,you're a pig for encouraging him!" "Eh! What did I do?" "You know!" "What?" "The whiskey" "Oh that" So we go down again and she sits right opposite Bruce. Pay back I suspect.

 He's already held back at the top of the stairs till she's down and to the side looking up, "What you two bastards up too?" No nothing just on about the house layout. All lies of course, Bruce had held back to be able to look down on my wife and to see whatever there was to see down her front. Certainly one could see the full extent of her breasts valley to her belly. Don't miss a trick this boy,I might even learn a couple of new ones from him.

 Up go the legs and round go her hands on her knees,I've seen this all before,like an innocent school girl but this is a voluptuous fifty year old. Go on then tell us about where you live. I realise she's far more interested in showing herself than where he lives. Slight change of stance. Now lead like a cat half on her side the top leg straight and back while her bottom one has the thigh at right angles to her torso then from the knee going straight down along the lay of the settee seat. It totally reveals the silky covered outline of her pussy and she knows it. A bit more movement and her crack has the silk cloth squashed in a line between the two sides of her vulva and Bruce is facing this show. His sister? yes! but what a prick teaser!

 The conversation goes on and we eventually adjorn to bed. Then for a couple of weeks we do the rounds as one does with constant smut and tease chucked in. Now having sensed Bruce is attracted to his sister and I mean in the sexual way and being a dirty sexual pair of bastards,it had been going round in my head whether I could get him a fuck from his own sister,after all,I'd got her to go over the traces before with mates. Also as Jackie is not shy when cumming off and there was no way we'd go without sex for weeks or for that matter even days,her brother must have heard her cumming night after night.

 I know after virtually all of these happening the toilet light would go on for a while,then the flush would pull. Jackie noticed it as well,Jabbed in the ribs,"What do you reckon" she'd whisper. "Wanking! you could cure him of that" "Dirty bastard,you are" Now I'd decided to push it a bit. I'd found I'd been getting very horny thinking about a brother sister thing. Never in my wildest imagination had I thought Bruce would appear this side of the water,but now he was here with his reputation and the theory I had about Jackie's older sisters knowledge. I was convinced he'd fucked that one so why not another sister,my wife. Having now covered an open swimming pool and observed his most repeated action was to swim under water going through my wife's legs. He had no problem really doing it but had modified to either stopping so his head bumped against her open thighs and pussy or gripping both her thighs only just short of her pussy. Cunning bugger!

 I approached it this way. "Must be a bugger,10 years living like a monk,with only your hand for company. I wonder how a woman in that situation would manage?" "Don'no but then again,most blokes would fuck anything providing he felt a pulse" "Must be a bugger though! Ever thought,you could" "I could what?" "You know,unbugger his situation while he's over here" "How? You know!" being in bed I give her a gentle nudge. "With that" I pat her pussy. Oh dear,she went ape! Not loud but forcefully. "You fucking filthy bastard,you mean fuck my own brother. You do? You do! That's what's in your mind you fucking sicko" "I can't believe you,you know I wouldn't go that far" Keeping up the pressure. "Its you that's driving him mad by showing him some pussy and tits that you claim he has no chance of having" "I haven't" "No course not if you say so"

 "Alright,you tell me anything I've done that I don't always do,go on tell me" "Shrunk those PJ's to show off your pussy to him" "You're wrong already see,Its a new pair that's smaller,how could I have anticipated they would fit round my bits more tightly could I?" "Ah! but you could have reverted to the old set for the time being" Silence,she's trying for a way out I bet. In the limited light from the street,I note a tiny grin at her lips. "Well how was I to know he'd still get randy at his age" "Eyes! he's got eyes" "Yeah,well"

 End of conversation,or is it. Now snuggled in. "Do you think he's thinking about me in that way? You know? - her hand made a wanking movement on my cock - He wouldn't would he,I'm his sister for fucks sake" "He had a desperate interest in your thighs at the pool and I reckon it wouldn't be the first time either,that sister of yours seemed a lot more wary when she wised you up about being careful,perhaps she was one of his wild oats" She giggled at this. "There's a thought,I'd just get his empty husk" "Find out then,you know you need to know" "Filthy pig" "Alright then,just get yourself in a situation and see if he tries it on,like you like doing when we're out on Saturdays" "That's different" "I know,but a cock is a cock,why not get tipsy like you do then and see if the whiskey gets him at you,he told me he'd like to when he'd had a few the other day"

 "What did he say then?" "Only that if he had you in his bed he wouldn't ever get up" "Didn't you notice how he got you that first day,if I'd stayed down stairs then he'd have had you" she thought a bit. "Yeah,his eyes did say that I must admit,course you couldn't see them" "I was thinking watching,with your legs up how they were,all he needed to do was put his shoulders against them,put his hands under your ass,pull the back of your PJ bottom down and he'd had been in you" "Stop now and do me,come on straight up me now. We did and the toilet light went on as always. "See what I mean.


 Coming through the front door quietly as I always did. "No! No! Stop it you dirty bastard,he'll be back now. No don't you dare,you can't you're my brother for fucks sake,you're pissed you'll regret doing it,do-o-n-n't leave me alone you oath. OW,NO its hurting,you're to big you fool. Please don't Harv' OW-OO-fuck" By now I'd got to a vantage point. Having popped out for some more spirits, I'd left Harvey - good name for somebody who fucks like a rabbit, - and my wife sucking on drinks. By the sounds of what I'm now hearing a little,to many drinks me thinks.

 I pushed the living room door ajar just as harvey tossed a cushion to the wall between my wife's head and the table he had her flat on her back on. He had pulled her PJ bottom to her ankles,her legs stretched and dangling over the edge of the table not quite reaching the floor but making her pubic region very pronounced. Her bum cheeks were squashed at the edge of the table and her PJ top was up covering her face with Harvey's hands grasping her soft supple tits making them squeeze out through his spread fingers. "He'll catch you!"

 I'm glad I had. Un-beknown at this point. No wonder she'd said OW. Her pussy was being forced open by one very large cock. The head was already gone in and I couldn't guess how much shaft. What I didn't have to guess was the thickness. I having a thick seven incher could only marvel at what Harvey had. At least twice the thickness of mine and from what was still showing having not been pushed up her yet. I calculated probably twice my length. "OW no more its hurting like this" "Lift your legs like I told you to in the first place,I told you it would hurt if you didn't listen,lift them now so I can catch hold of them" My wife made the attempt and he grabbed them and pushed them to his shoulders. Now I had a full on view of just how big his cock had opened Jackie's cunt. Clearly it was bigger than the biggest cucumber we'd ever got in her. What was still hanging out made me think he was probably as long as that cucumber had been as well.

 What ever had gone before there's no doubt my wife's pussy was juicy enough,whose juice was involved I couldn't tell but she wasn't going to get off without a very good fucking. The cock started disappearing into her. As I watched I was amazed at how easy she swallowed his man meat. I'd just watched about eight inches go in plus what I'd missed,at least 2-3 inches of knob end. She lead there quietly taking it now. "Fuck stop that's all" He wiggled his position a bit. "That better,I can feel the start of your cervix" He pushed again, "Fuck its to big for my wombs neck you cunt" He pushed some more, "OW my womb wont stretch as big as my cunt don't you know" "Just a bit more to go" Lying bastard,I'm looking at three more inches before his balls hit ass. "Pull back and push again" He did. "Fuck I felt something pop" "You'll be alright now that was its head getting through your cervix and reaching into the space of the womb. I always get that,but you're a lot tighter than some I've done.

 Then he gently started to give her three to four inch stokes making her lips track each to and fro. "Fuck it feels better now,hurry up and finish or we'll get caught" No more,don't you're my brother as her ass starts to try to respond to his thrusts. Realising now I'm watching he un-squeezes her tits and makes a guesture indicating she wanted it. I don't know about that but he's now building up speed and my wifes grunting is now turning to gasps and squealing, "My womb,you're pulling it to and fro,its not hurting now aagh! fuck aagh! harder,do me harder ooh! its popping in and out now" "You've loosened,fuck I'm going to shoot" "Not inside,not inside" Why not you're ok now aren't you?" "No I can still click" His ass takes a harder ram at her and jerks then another wham followed by a third,forth and fifth. "To late its right up there" No response,my wife's still in a full orgasm,her legs have dropped to a knee press position up her torso exposing her crinkly asshole with juice trickling onto it.

 He's pulling out now and I realise he'd got those last three inches in. Still hard I could now see the full girth and length and I must say she took a new record for size,length and girth. As she dragged the PJ top away,ignoring or not realising my intrusion. "Fuck did I take all that,I couldn't have,could I and still feel okay?" "You sure did" "How long you bin there?" "Since the knob bit went in" "You dirty bastard and you didn't stop my own brother raping me,fucking bastard" "Stop the act Jackie,before you saw me you were more interested in what you'd been able to take" "Well then, I'm dribbling onto the table,get something to wipe me. You're just a pair of fucking bastards you two are" We looked at each other and smirked.

 Bit long I know, I'll try to make the sequel shorter.

 All's well that ends well.

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