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Back in My Married Sister's Bed

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                              Back in My Married Sister's Bed 

My sister DD was still my part time lover; but time and distance was a significant deterrent to our bed room fun once she married and moved out of town.  The drive to her house was now through a section of the state that was heavily populated and the traffic could be heavy and slow at times.

Her marriage at first seemed to satisfy her temporary wants, needs and urges that periodically seemed to occur between her legs.  I was confident, based upon her husband’s less than satisfactory bedroom performance in the past, that her overpowering sexual urges would return with more passion and longing. When that happened, I was confident that I would be called upon to squelch those urges and desires. DD also had spoke of our old bedroom romps with me in previous telephone conversations. Now there was the thinking of us together again and confiding in me that she wasn’t being sexually satisfied as much as she would like to be.  Ahhhh the urges were building…. All I had to do was wait!  But how long??


Early in the fall I received a phone call from DD. We had spoken on the phone now and then, just keeping in touch like always since she had been married. The calls were cordial or sensual depending upon who was close to the phones as she spoke. I initially didn’t think this call was anything but a cordial updated of life. That was until DD mentioned that her husband was going out of state for a week and I was then invited to come and visit with her and the kids. She mentioned that their guest bedroom was finished being decorated and that I could put my things in there so it would look like I was using it.


 I heard that comment very clearly but I didn’t say anything about what she had said. There was no doubt what the intent of that statement was meant to convey to me. DD continued explaining that she did not think that I would have to use the guest bedroom all the time. There was a change in her voice inflection as she attempted to make the conversation from her end sound casual brother and sister talk. DD was always dreadful at hiding her emotions when she spoke. The more she talked now, the closer I listened.


 I could hear her irregular breathing …. DD could never discuss sex without a nervous breathing quirk. I told her that I would love to come for the week and I understood what she was saying about my visiting arrangements. With no questioning of that statement from DD, I knew I was right on for what she was suggesting and I was thinking. When I asked if her bed was a warmer bed and could I use it if I got cold, I was told to shush since someone could be listening. What a woman! 


I arrived very late Friday night due to heavy traffic on the long drive to DD’s house. DD answered the door and appeared to be uptight with me for being late …. I could also tell she was so horny. As soon as we closed the front door to her house, she shut of the alcove light and pulled me in close. Her welcoming kiss was not the kiss of a sister! I just reciprocated the sensual kiss with a caress of her ass and a pull in close hug!


DD was all snuggles and began rubbing my chest and shoulders while cooing and smiling. I couldn’t resist the temptation to be just me. While she was attempting her little seduction dance I proceeded to continue my caressing of the cheeks of her ass putting her completely at ease. Then in one swift motion I goosed her ass just like the old days. She recoiled to the finger intrusion and yelled at me as she jumped away.
“Damn you bobby after all these years can’t you ever stop doing that to me?


Then she smiled, then giggled and said “You seem to like aggravating me by goosing me. I kind of like you doing it to me…..sometimes…. once in a while. No one has ever goosed me but you. Do you know that?”


It found it hard for me to believe that no one had ever goosed her but me. But maybe it was true. She seemed to be truthful in her voice inflections and body English.


 DD quickly settled down and we walked into the kitchen area. I was very hungry from the long tiresome drive and I asked if she had a bite for me to eat. She was quite annoyed that I would be thinking of food when she had been waiting so long for me to arrive. When I asked about the kids, DD said they had gone to bed hours ago and I could see them in the morning. It quickly became obvious that I should not be thinking about seeing the kids for the moment along with not wanting a bite to eat. But I was overly hungry and my stomach was in definite control. That, I guess in retrospect, said something to my level of immediate starvation.


After our midnight snack, DD began to fidget. She could not sit still. She said she had something to show me. Ahhh I knew there was something that was causing her to be squirming about besides jumping into bed. I knew all her different little quirks by now and this was a new ‘wiggle.’  DD was very excited … this had to be taken care of before she burst forth and had to tell me and not show me. I was really having very kind thoughts wondering what she had to show me… something new for the house????  Maybe new camping toys???? I was at a loss to venture a guess what the surprise could be. If I was more into scheming at the moment, and got in tune with DD’s thoughts I would be traveling down a different path with my own thoughts.


I was quickly led to her bedroom. Now my thoughts began to wander less. They were becoming more focused as she was speaking very rapidly in a hushed but keyed up, some what stuttering voice, while leading me to the bedroom. A small lamp was turned on to give a soft light to the room. Then the bedroom door was locked behind us with the excuse the kids should be sleeping but could come down unexpected …. Now I was totally focused on the situation that was surprisingly and quickly developing in front of me. Now I was fidgeting about. But it was a frivolous sense of excitement.


DD kept her back to me as she undid her robe and then seductively lowered it to the floor …. Her bare bubble butt indicated that she was completely nude. She stood very still for a few seconds before looking back over her shoulder with a smile. She was prolonging the time before she would show me her surprise… DD was just being coy. I originally thought that she just wanted to be bedded and could not wait. The little surprise show was just a little drama for a start. Now I was caught up in her drama. I was all for this type of theatrics as I was smiling and began to unbutton my shirt. I still had no idea what the surprise she had mentioned she had for me could be possible be. I just thought it was that she wished to be bedded now.


Then DD very slowly began to turn towards me. Even before she was completely facing me straight on, I could see that something was very different. Oh how beautiful… I was now staring and excited at what I could see emerging as she slowly pivoted around. DD was showing me a magnificent set of tits.  DD had gone and bought her self a boob job. She had gone from a petite set of boobs to a nice size of what I guessed was a C cup. They were a beautiful complement to her body size. DD stepped closer to me extending her arms in an asking gesture for me to take her hands. She placed both of my hands. directly on her new tits. DD asked me to caress and kiss them and tell her if I liked them …. I couldn’t tell they were not original issues. I was told that I had guessed right on their new size. I could feel my cock starting to get excited; finally catching up to my visual image.  She did look exquisite with her new body. I could not wait to have her hug me close and gently squish those tits against my chest … just a little.


DD proceeded to help undress me in the semi-darkness while telling me that she had another surprise for me. She crawled on to the bed and spread her legs wide. The dim light illuminated her clean shaven pussy. DD knew that to be a passion of mine soon after we started to share a bed when she was in college. Her arms were outstretched showing me she wanted me to come to bed….. Now,…. not later. I was told that her husband doesn’t get this treatment. … This was reserved for a special family member. It was DD’s idea of being so cute and funny.


We both were too excited after so long a time apart to waste time on preliminaries. I was enthralled with her new tits …. they jiggled and moved around more than I had been led to believe off the shelf tits could do. I was thrilled as I licked and kissed her nipples. I thought that they would be stiff, hard and pointing skyward when she was on her back, but that was not entirely so. They were softer, more squeezable, definitely suckable and now a better size to have my cock caressed with. There would now be less of a chore with these tits to caress both sides of my cock if DD was to tit fuck my cock. We had to use a little bit of caressing and pushing together pressure to close the space between them pre-traded in tits and get a good tit fuck…. But now…… Mmmmmmmm. My thoughts leaped to squirting my cum all over her new tits and rubbing it into her body. DD considered that to be so erotic and it always was a big turn on for her……. and to me. I quietly mentioned that her new boobs needed to be christened with my juices. DD came close to me and said everything needed to be re-christened since she got married. With those encouraging words from DD, followed with a seductive smile, a giggle, and no further growling from my belly, we were ready to begin! 


“We have to be quiet because of the kids. Are you listening to me?”


I knew I was overly excited but I never needed to be reminded to be cautious because of our secret liaisons. DD however, always talked the talked about being cautious and quiet, but she always was the one who did not walk the walk. DD could at times be very vocal during our bedroom romps and she had a propensity to be significantly less than quiet at the most compromising moments.


I crawled up along side of DD and just snuggled against her as she turned to face me. This was not what she had in mind for us. She was passed the snuggling phase of our long anticipated bed dance. I knew what she was thinking. She was purring while she snuggled in close to me letting me know she wanted more than snuggling. She continued her purring until I casually caressed the outside of her smooth camel toe pussy. She could feel me now spreading the puffy lips with my fingers and slipping two fingers deep into her pussy. I curled my fingers deep inside and began my attempt to find and stroke the area located deep behind her clit and touch her “G” spot. The heel of my hand was pressing firmly on her clit and surrounding area.  DD immediately grasped my hand and proceeded to help move my hand in a pumping in and out motion while grinding her hips against our hand.


“I want something else in me tonight. It’s been so long since we’ve been together. You are just playing around with me and my feelings and I don’t think you are funny.”


There was no further need for words. I pulled out my fingers and slowly crawled over DD as she rolled on to her back. DD spread her legs wide while whispering…


“I want to feel you in me, all the way. I want to feel your balls touching me when you are in me. I want you to make love to me like you did in your bed at home.”


I looked down into her eyes from my suspended position of straddling her body while asking…“ Help me.”


DD gingerly wrapped her fingers around my cock squeezing and then releasing the pressure as she guided the tip of my cock into the warmth and waiting open pussy beneath me. I did not feel the least bit of resistance as I first felt my cock slide between her lips. DD released her guiding grip and my cock as it continued its downward slide deep into her body with out further assistance.  Well not exactly accurate….. DD lifted her hips as I put a downward pressure to dive deeper.


DD smiled while she wrapped her arms about me and pulled me in close to her.


“Lay down on top of me Bobby … I want to feel you on top of me.”
She just smiled and pulled me tightly down while wiggling her ass. 


“I want to feel you on top of me ….please. I love what you are doing. Please just stay with me and don’t pull out. I’m back on the pill so you do not have to worry.” There was a long few seconds of quiet as we looked into each others eyes. Then I kissed her softly on the lips. Then a broad smile spread across her face. I smiled back and flexed my cock while she continued smiling ……


“Bobby do you know what ????  If did get pregnant, the baby would look like me anyway….. Well maybe like both of us and nobody would think twice about it.”


DD giggled at the prospect of getting pregnant. I got nervous because there was a time in the past she had talked about us living away from family members as a couple and she would love to have our baby. It was a total fantasy. We had so many extended family members across the country that we never would be very far away from visitors.


Here we were in her marriage bed after being separated for so long, …..all hot for one another ….. and DD starts a conversation while my cock is buried in her pussy full depth with my balls touching her pussy lips. This was not the time to start any conversation and certainly this was a subject that scared the hell out of me. Now DD started to laugh at her own thoughts……


“Well maybe some one would think …. This baby has blond hair and my other two kids have dark hair like my husband. But that has happened in many families.”   


Now that statement was the coup de grace in killing a good hard cock.  DD recognized the look on my face and feeling between her legs and came back to reality.


“Oh Bobby I was just thinking out loud.”


I just let the whole incident go without any comment. DD wrapped her arms about me and once again pulled me down firmly against her body squishing her new tits against me much to my delight. A squeezing of my cock with her pussy muscles caused a resurgence in my cock to start growing back in length and stiffening. She smiled feeling what she had accomplished with so little effort.


We pushed back against one another and I settled down on DD. I however, continued to support the majority of my body weight on my arms and legs. Soon we were wrapped tightly together with DD’s arms around me as we ground or bodies together. Her bed squeaked loudly, seeming to complain about our thrusting against each other and the vigorous fucking that we had initiated.


We both had come to love squeaky beds. Her own bed in our family house and her bed at school that we used before she got married squeaked and creaked loudly when we made love in it ….. just like this one but louder. DD was overly excited with me being in bed with her. She was not going to last long during this energetic fuck session. DD now had her knees flexed with her feet flat on the bed. That gave her the capability to thrust upwards with great force and long strokes as I was impaling her pussy with my own downward thrusting cock strokes. DD’s moaning and A-huh, a-huh, a-huhing to every impact of our bodies was simply a declaration of just how much were needed each other ….for sex …yes … but more than that. It was an affirmation of our love for one another that could not be mentioned any place, at any time,….. except when we were together during our illicit sharing of our bodies …..hiding in our little enclaves of different bedrooms,…… behind closed and locked doors.  This is the way it had been, was now, and would be in the days ahead. There was never going to be any other solution in reality …… only in our little unresolved fantasies and make believe dreams.


Now it was time for both of us to bring some reality to this illicit bed room situation. I was breathing hard. DD was in her deep panting mode attempting to keep her breath and fuck me with passion. She was displaying the entire hidden animal feelings she had been storing deep within her body since we were together last. So many feelings that she could not share with her husband. Not because she didn’t want to share them with him, but because of his inhibitions he could not let himself be a party to her sharing herself with him. So sad for him, so wonderful for me and my secret lover……my sister DD. 


Now without much effort …. without much fanfare… without many words of warning DD cried out quite loudly that she was cuming. That alone was alright except for the volume. But she quickly yelled out rather loudly …….


“Oh Bobby fuck me harder. Fuck me like you use to do in my bed back home.”


In retrospect I possibly sensed her calling out to be much louder than reality. But at the moment I was sure that the neighbors knew what we were doing in her bed.


She muffled her additional passionate vocalizations of elation during her climax by pulling a pillow over her face just after saying……..


“Oh the kids… Oh the kids will hear….Oh the kids will hear us.”


That however, did not stop her from being vocal under her pillow while driving her hips and pussy up to meet my downward thrust each and ever time. The door had been locked …the kids were not going to be able to burst in on us. I remembered the door was locked …DD must have forgotten. I continued to bang her with powerful downward thrusts, slamming myself full depth …. “Ahhhing’ with each and every impact of our bodies. Now the sound of our bodies slapping against one another most likely could have been heard out side the bedroom door and most likely in other adjoining rooms within the quietness of the house. The children were however, too young to know what was causing the bed squeaks and thumping.


 I began to climax just as DD came down from the peak of her climax. DD’s pussy was apparently flowing profusely…. The distinct little sucking sounds associated with a very wet pussy were very perceptible to both of us and I’m sure could be easily heard in the quietness of the bedroom.


 I came quickly with tingling sensations in the cheeks of my face and then over the top of my head and down my neck.  DD was moaning at every ejaculation ….it appeared that she could feel me cuming. We both knew we had shared a loving moment as one and we were now totally exhausted as we entered into our post climax let down. We lay together savoring a slight cool breeze waffling through the slightly opened bedroom window. There were a few minutes to just relax while holding each others hand, thinking about everything about us and feeling the coolness of the breeze across our bodies.
When our love making session came to an end, I made motions to go to the extra bedroom but I was told to stay …. Everything had been thought of  …. we were safe. DD had placed her old remote baby listening devices in the kid’s room. She had become even more devious with time. I loved this devious woman.


I was awakened later in the night …. She want to know if I would like to play again. With the tensions and long yearnings for each other now tempered by our early bed romp, we settled in for and easy, slow lovemaking session.  Our early bed pounding was truly a strong fuck session but this session was something very different…. two lovers looking into each other eyes while we shared and enjoyed each others most intimate feelings. We were both however still very passionate but quiet in our second session of lovemaking for the night. The bed still felt the sway of our motions and squeaked softy with more like a whispering acknowledgement of our lovemaking.


DD snuggled and asked me if I liked her surprises …. She really knew the answer.


 The light of dawn began showing through the window shades and I began to get nervous with us possibility being in a vulnerable position. The kids could awake early for breakfast and could stumble down stairs. While they could not burst in on us holding each other in a bedroom embrace, it could lead to an uneasiness in attempting to explain why I was in their mother’s bedroom instead of mine. We both agreed it was time for me to return to the guest bedroom to finally get a good sleep.


I awoke late the next morning content and rested. DD was all smiles but she didn’t feel good. She was interested if I finally got a good night sleep. DD commented in a giddy manner she had her best night sleep in many months. The kids fell ill that afternoon. DD and the kids were ill in bed for the weekend. They all recovered by Monday morning and the kids were off to school. DD was her old self and I could sense she had something on her mind. She was smiling seductively and touching me at every chance she could. Finally I could not resist the old yearning from years past….again. As she passed by, I gave her a goose that made her jump with a loud cry of surprise and of course elation. She remembered our younger days in growing up together.


DD was shuffling around trying to get behind me but I jockeyed around not letting her get me into a compromising position. She finally gave up and stood in front of me and proceeded to take control of the seduction with a tried and true method of seduction. DD now just stood in front of me …. smiling … and slowly undid her robe and opened it wide to show me she was naked and of course her new tits. She took her fingers and wet them in her mouth and seductively caressed her own nipples.  They quickly stood hard to her loving attention.  She cupped each tit and offered them to me to kiss. Kissing each nipple caused DD to shudder and move about while softly moaning until she said “That’s enough!” It sure was for her and for me too.


  I was led to the TV room and guided into a big soft chair. My pajama bottoms were removed as she knelt in front of me letting me know that she was going to give me a blow job. DD was never much into giving blow jobs unless she had a few drinks. This time she projected to be completely uninhibited and wanting to show me what she wanted to accomplish. It was a very long time since she had given me a blow job but there was now a sense of enthusiasm as she began to suck me off. We watched each other as her head bobbed up and down while stroking me vigorously. She knew how and where to lick and dwell to maximize my pleasure as she seemed to be eager to get me to cum. I thought that she had gained considerable experience in giving blow jobs to her husband but I was to find out that was not the case. He did not like blow jobs although she had tried to get him interested.  DD was surprising me at every sexual encounter we began since I arrived. Now she was licking my shaft from my balls to the head of my cock always attempting to maintain eye contact watching me squirm uncontrollably to her actions. 


DD took my balls in her mouth and hummed deep in her throat as she stroked my slippery cock, finally tightly squeezing the shaft. Her thumb caressed the tip of my cock spreading all my precum all over the head. I could not sit still with her actions. I felt that I could cum very quickly without much forewarning. DD sensed my excitement level and stopped caressing my cock just long enough to whisper but with a sense of sternness….


“I want you to cum in my mouth ….. don’t squirt on my hand!”


I watch her lick and suck just the head of my cock. While sucking hard on the head she would pull back her head while maintaining maximum sucking pressure in her mouth and on my cock. As my cock slipped from between her lips, if left with a loud smack indicating just how hard she was sucking on the head. DD immediately plunged her lips and mouth firmly down on my cock and sucked very hard again slowly lifting her head while licking the under side of my cock until she reached a point where the head and the shaft met. There she lingered, licking both on the underside and then around and around over and along the edge of the rim of my cock head. The intensity was such that I had to lift my hips off of the chair and begin an involuntary pumping against her hand and mouth. DD quickly sensed I was on my way to cuming if she continued with her sensual aggressive blow job. She wanted me to last a little longer probably for her own pleasure seeing me so under her control.


DD left sucking my cock and began to lick my balls followed by licking up and down the shaft of my cock  I  settled back down from my hip lift and the overwhelming urge to cum in DD’s mouth subsided as the cuming urge eased slightly. I looked down as DD stuffed one of my balls into her mouth and was gently pushing my second ball between her lips and holding both in her mouth. I now felt her tongue licking, searching and caressing my balls. Then she began to hum…. first easily and then with increasing intensity. What an un-nerving sensation that first was in my balls then just about everywhere in my crotch region. My cock stiffened with the sensation to its utmost hardness. She had my balls in her mouth as she played with the head of my cock smearing my precum over the head with her thumb. The tingling was so astonishing first on the head of my cock and then rolling over my balls and my cock. I had to just gently hold of DD’s head and run my fingers through her hair while moaning and the whimpering to her about the flow of sensations now cascading through my crotch region.


DD made soft but excited squeaky sounds conveying her heightened level of exhilaration in knowing she was pleasing me with this exceptional blow job. I now knew I could not last much longer. I tried to hold back in anticipation that DD was enjoying her side of the encounter but my resolve was obviously weakening. I felt the tension building. DD sensed my increasing gleefulness to explode my wet load of sweetness in her mouth. I knew she was not going to pull away. She was waiting to taste me and swallow my special present into her waiting mouth. Just knowing she wanted my cum this time raised my level of desire to the point I now could see I was going to explode.


When I mentioned I was going to cum soon she began to slowly run her tongue around and around the rim of my cock always keeping me firmly in her mouth. The intense sensation caused me to lift my hips off the chair sending the message I was about to cum.  DD had been hesitant to let me cum in her mouth in the few blow jobs she had given me in the past. This time she moaned letting me know to cum in her mouth…. she squirmed about on her knees, whimpering and mmmmming allowing me to know she was waiting for the beginning surge of love juice… she was waiting with far more than enthusiasm this time.


Ohh how good it felt to see her sucking my cock and looking up at me waiting and wanting me to cum in her mouth. It was the special look in her eyes that had a triggering effect for me to cum. Now I felt the surge beginning again … it was coming fast and I could not control the humping of my hips as DD energetically stroked my cock as she ran her tongue around and around the rim of my cock head. She was looking up at me….waiting.  She knew what was about to happen and she was in control of my climax ….not me! I uncontrollably thrust into her mouth as the first eruption burst into her mouth followed very quickly by two more. DD almost gagged at the amount of cum but quickly recovered, sucking strongly, squealing in delight ending in a series of slurping sounds as she swallowed all that I gave her …. another surprise! That turned out to be a special blow job just for me again …. no one else wants her to do that. DD also said that I was the only guy that she gave a real blow job too and of course swallowed their cum. Her attempt at giving her husband blow jobs were not allowed to go to completion.  


I slouched back in the chair exhausted. We both now had to rest for a minute. She came along side me in the chair and hugged me asking me if I liked what she had done.


With a softly spoken “yes” from me DD said “I know you did, I could tell! Please try to get a job closer to me so you have to move here and we can share moments like this all the time.”
It was a time to just snuggle and rest. DD continued to lightly kiss my face here and there while questioning my state of resting. There was no doubt that DD was agitated and horny. She needed to be relieved of all her now pent up tensions. I told her to lie on the floor. I wanted to look at her smooth shaven surprise more closely. She knew what I was going to do. She always loved to be eaten and it was a long time since she had her pussy eaten by me with the passion I put into my obsession of eating pussy and especially hers.


I spread the protective and wanting lips covering her clit and entrance to her love box, finding her to be very wet and luscious. As soon as I began sucking and nibbling on her stiff nub DD lifted her hips high off the floor while loudly moaning and proclaiming her need for me to continue as she attempted to push my face deep into her pussy.


I stopped for a second and took my fingers and gently spread her pussy wide open exposing all her pinkness to be visible to us both.  DD lifted her head from the floor and strained to see her own pussy wide open and her little nub so nice, stiff and protruding from the folds of her pussy.  We both reached at the same time to grab a pillow to place under her head so that she could more easily watch me continuing to eat her out.


Once the pillow was in position beneath her head, followed by a little wiggling around to get both of us a little bit more comfortable; DD publicized she was ready again. I knelt and sat back on my haunches just back away from her pussy. My left hand pressed on her right leg which caused her to roll slightly on to her right side. I placed my hand on her left leg up and held it almost in a vertical position and slightly away from her body.  She was now spread wide open and her pussy lips were visibly splayed open also. I could see her little now swollen clit protruding from some of the pink folds. There was also last nights joint wetness visibly coating her pinkness once she further spread her lips to let me have complete access to her love box. When I mentioned what I could see, DD lifted her head and strained to see also. She was visibly excited before I mentioned that I could see our mixed cum in her pussy…. but now she displayed a total exhilaration of wanting me to continue and quickly….. no more talking on my part. She began a purring sound interchanged with a “mmh… mmh…mmh.. mmh” announcing that I was lingering to long in my seduction of her.


I kissed and licked all of the area sucking in last night’s combined juices out of her. DD knew what I was doing and she called out to me excitedly over and over. Finally, I sucked in her clit and surrounding pinkness and pulled my face away while maintaining a strong suction on her clit. DD always loved me to do that and she struggled to watch how far I could stretch her clit and surrounding area before I released it with a smacking kiss.  I was now mimicking the sucking sounds that she elicited as she gave me a blowjob. DD promptly began to fuck my face with her pussy. I was now being careful as I ate her pussy. DD was loosing control and did not seem to appreciate just how aggressive her upward thrusts were pounding her crotch and pussy into my face. I loved it knowing that I was the immediate source of her excitement and also knowing She was experiencing some thing that she was missing since were had been apart. 



DD finally realized how loud she was calling out. She attempted to muffle her voice with the small pillow she had knelt on while giving me that deeply felt blow job. When I inserted two fingers into her wet muffin DD now moved about with more intensity than any other time I ate her. She attempted to grab hold of everything near her ….the rug …. the pillow …my head and hair while her hips and muffin pounded my face. She moaned loudly, the intensity of her feeling showing in her vocalization. With a series of convulsive body movement with her legs flexing and twitching DD screamed out she was going to cum …. Now everybody that lived on her street and around the block knew it. She sure had become loud in her vocalizations since being married. It must have been the result of all those unsatisfied pent up feelings that needed to be released now that I was with her again.


DD came very quickly while holding my face to her pussy. She lay on the floor for a few minutes after her loud vocal climax …. whispering she now did not have the strength to move. I moved to hold her close. She smiled and jokingly reprimanded me for not living close enough so I could make her feel like that all the time.


The remaining days were a repeat of our first day together …. once or twice during the night or early morning after the kids went to school and there was no need to hurry. We tried every position with playing ‘puppy dog’ after the kids went to school. Puppy dog was our saying for the mounting from behind or doggy position. We both loved this position …. it allowed me to caress her pussy and clit while penetrating deeply with every stroke. We showered together two days and soaped each other until we were both very excited. She would bend over and leaned against the shower wall as we played and I mounted her from the rear. We both needed to support each other for a few minutes after both encounters before leaving the shower to dry ourselves. There was electricity between us for the entire week.


DD’s husband was expected to be returning home on Sunday. We were in bed for a couple hours before the kids came home from school on Friday afternoon. DD definitely wanted to give me something to remember as she thrust back against my deep intrusions encouraging the bed to squeak and bounce. I was holding her legs high over her body when she took control and wrapped her legs over my shoulders and around my neck. The new position excited us both and she pumped wildly as I met her every thrust with a deep ball slapping penetration.  While pounding her with deep thrusts and listening to the slapping of our bodies she once again called out to me


 “That’s the way to fuck me bobby…. that’s the way to fuck me!”


 We climaxed in a series of grinding loud moans and grunts. My cumming seemed very powerful to me and DD made deep oohhhh moans to every squirt knowing I was very deep in her pussy.   When we were getting up, DD stood naked before me displaying all there was to see, including her beautiful new tits. She once again told me that if I moved closer to her home I could have her and all I could see every week. After exclaiming her wish for me to move closer and the result of the move, she updated her comment with a big smile. DD whispered that I could have her every night that a certain some one who worked the swing shift went to working nights.  I knew it would be very difficult to move back and it was going to be some time before we could get together again in a bed.


I left in the late evening on Friday night. After DD checked to make sure the kids were down stairs watching TV in the recreation room she kissed me in the darkness of the alcove near the front door. Then she came close to me ear and softly spoke telling me that me that I had fucked her more in a week than she was going to be fucked in the next year. I did not know if that was the truth but the emotion in her voice seemed to substantiate her truthfulness to me. I do know she had given me more blow jobs than she was going to share with anyone else. I also knew no one was going to eat her pussy until we got together again that’s for sure.


The day after I arrived home DD telephoned me and emotionally thanked me for coming to visit. She mentioned that she had been lying awake at night listening to the snores of some one on the other side of her bed and knew if I was there in her bed it would be a creaking of the bed and not snores she would hear.


She sure did excite me when I was in her arms and even just on the phone. 






 I did see her infrequently during the family reunions but jumping in bed was not a possibility even though we discussed it in our quiet moments when we were alone together. There were two many family members always close by. We did have some devious eye contact, smirking, and butt slaps and I of course goosed her at the most inappropriate times.


Hugging her from behind while rubbing my cock against her ass and squeezing her tits was carried out when no one was around and everybody was down on the beach. One afternoon she graciously yielded to my roving hands as I slid my hands down in her pants while we were in the kitchen. We kept a close watch out of the kitchen window as we looked out over the sand dunes to make sure no one would come up unexpectedly from the beach. I rubbed her clit until she climaxed holding on to the edge of the kitchen sink. She humped my fingers with a passion and it was a joy to see her climax and just melt away in a post climatic slow down. She sure did get her panties wet from my educated fingering of her pussy and clit.


She wanted to satisfy me afterwards even though I told her I was just fine. I was however towed back upstairs to a bedroom after her short recuperation period and given a magnificent blow job in front of a large wall mirror. It was exciting to watch her suck me off with such enthusiasm and then swallow the powerful surges of cum with a little difficulty. She remembered that I loved to be kissed after a blow job and we shared a little of my cum in a lengthy passionate kissing embrace. She stood with a smile and came to me slowly exciting me with her smile and body English sending me a message she had something for me in her mouth. It was an afternoon to always be remembered.


 We had intentions several times to try and get together for a few hours alone but one obstacle after another would arise as we would get close to taking off. Eventually it would be time for me to leave. In a few quiet and private minutes, we had a little talk that we needed to plan our secret bed room romps during these family outings in advance such that we could sneak away without any suspicion. Leaving our sexual encounters to chance was dangerous and hard to make happen. I agreed  … we need to be very devious like when we first started to get together. I began to give it much thought and said I would talk to her soon ………………






A year went by and every ones life moved on. I made arrangements to travel to the coast on business and stay at the beach house for a few days in early June.  While there, I was also planning to contact DD and see how she was doing and see if she interested in getting together for lunch and maybe more.


No one was supposed to be there at the beach house during the week. I arrived in the late morning. There was no car in the drive way and I was surprised to find the front door unlocked. There were voices from the kitchen. I found DD and the kids getting ready go down to the water. The kids were excited to see me …DD had her back to me as they yelled out excitedly. She turned slowly …. she had put on more than a little bit of weight and was now ‘pleasingly plump’ … her boobs were now however quite large …. She seemed embarrassed and surprised to see me. I was just as surprised.
The kids were off to the jetty on the beach to fish. DD was making snacks for the day. She talked with her back to me. I slapped her butt as always and did not get much of a response. I hugged her from behind and kissed the back of her neck saying “No welcoming hug after so long a time?” I could sense a problem. She turned with her eyes now wet. When I asked what was wrong, she said she was fat and no one likes her fat. I told her she now had more to love and love handles were good to hold on too when playing puppy dog. She started to smile and kissed me gently.


 “That’s the way my sister would kiss me …. I was hoping for more than that!”


That set everything back a few years and I got a kiss like I remembered getting long ago. All was well now between us…… maybe.


She went back to finishing her cooking chores for the day. She still sniffled every once in a while and kept looking my way with a somewhat forced smile.  When I asked who was sleeping where, I was told the kids were up stairs and she was in one of the downstairs bedrooms. She said our old bedroom was open upstairs. I said the one with the creaky bed springs?  DD’s face flushed … she knew what I meant. I then decided to take a downstairs room with DD giving me a questioning look. I went to her smiling as I approached and put one finger on my lips and then on hers. I ran my finger down her face  and then down her neck continuing down to the base of her tit and out to her nipple location. I leaned down and at first kissed, then blew a warm breath through her blouse and bra where I could now see the nub of a nipple pushing outward. DD sighed to that effort.


I continued to massage her hidden nipple with my finger as DD nervously looked every which way to insure no could see what I was doing .All I heard was “Oh gawd.” but no rejection as to what I did. While DD was nervous, she displayed she loved the special attention her tits and nipples were getting…. It was a pleasant surprise and she was going to make the most of my attention. I cupped both of her tits with my hands and asked if I was going to be kept warm that night.


With another “Oh gawd!” she hugged me close and began to breathe deeply whispering “If you want a fat woman!”


When I told her that I wanted to kiss those beautiful boobs and suck on some nipples before kissing her every where else, she dug her fingers into my side letting me know that I was going to be kept warm.


After hearing “We have to be very careful since the kids are older now” …. I brought my things into the adjoining bedroom. DD was a bundle of joyful enthusiasm as she set about finishing her chores. I was given several love taps on my butt during the afternoon.
In the late evening I announced I was going to bed before the kids went upstairs. After a while my door was opened….. I was asked if I was asleep. With a no answer, DD said she was going in to her bed and for me to wait a little while to make sure the kids were asleep.


Soon it was quiet upstairs …. no squeaks could be heard coming from the old floors. When I entered her room I could see her night gown on her bed in the moon light coming through the window. I lifted the covers to confirm my suspicions …. total nudity. I dropped my pajama bottoms …. slid under the sheet and was met by a very willing and horny woman. After a few sensual kisses and a couple of tongue kisses to her nipples she pulled the bed covers aside and told me to get on top …. she did not want to wait any longer.


The bed squeaked loudly to our love making. She was very nervous and we whispered to each other to go slow and easy on the thrusting. When she went to her moaning and heavy breathing I knew the springs were going to squeak loudly with the bed trying to keep up with our cadence. Sure enough she could not keep her own rules….. as always. The bed banged loudly ….loud moans of ecstasy came from deep in her throat as we through caution out the window  until she squelch her own voice by pulling my pillow over her face. With her arms tightly around me I could feel her body convulse as we climaxed almost in unison. We both went quiet as we rolled on to our sides still joined together. The quick and heavy breathing slowed. After a few minutes she whispered…


 “That’s the way I love to be fucked!”


 I was taken back by DD’s now frequent use of the word fuck. It was not something she callously muttered in times past.


We both rested. She said she had something to tell me before I went to my room. I was asked if I could remember our first time that I took her in my bed. How could I forget! I was told that she felt anger and excitement at the same time after we made love in my bed. There were thoughts that she should be angry because we were brother and sister. She however was torn with emotion because she really enjoyed being bedded by me. It was something that she wanted to experience with me for a time period before we made love together. By the time she arrived back at her room at school, it was all excitement. Sleep escaped her until she made the phone call to me days later. There was anxiety on her part and worries that I would be angry with her. DD almost turned around on the way to school to come back and say she was sorry and ask me to go back to bed with her. The emotional intensity that came from our love making over the years was far above anything else she had experienced. I was then sent back to my room for safety.


We slept together every night before I had to leave. Our love making was just as intense as the many times before. The bed squeaked and groaned in its continuous complaining to our pounding on its top mattress.  We would both snuggle under the sheets after a good fuck and giggle about how loud the bed would ‘complain’ to our illicit romp.   Playing ‘puppy dog’ again was a delight. When I left, DD was smiling and jovial … unlike when I arrived. We’ve not been together in bed since that week. I need to correct that problem as quickly as possible.     


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