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Brother Fucks Younger Sister

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It was the winter of 2007, January 17th to be exact. My name is Kevin Scheel, I’m seventeen years old, about 5’10, and athletic build. I’m currently on winter break from high school. It’s close to Eleven PM in the evening on this cold, chilly Friday night. I was home alone with my younger sister, Elisha, who is only sixteen. She’s about 5’5, slim body, and a perfect round ass, with a set of perfect tits to go with it. I was in the den, reading one of my fantasy novels when my sister entered the room.

“Hi Kevin.” She said.

“Hey you..” “What are you up to?” Kevin asked.

“Bored, none of my friends are home.” She added.

“Oh.” “Kevin said, looking back at his novel.

“Kevin?” “Yeah..?” Kevin responded.

Before Kevin could look up, his sister then proceeded to jump onto the couch, staring straight into her brother’s eyes. “I know you watch me, in the shower”.

“What?” Kevin responded, sounding angry at such an accusation.

“Don’t lie, you know you do. I see you, I see you watching”. She said. “I just wanted you to know that I don’t mind, and that it’s kind of sexy that such a secret exists within.” She added.

“You like what you see” she asked.

“Yeah, of course I do. Why else would I take chances at peaking” Kevin said.

With that said, Elisha got off the couch and stood up, facing Kevin, in which she proceeded to strip down to nothing. “Then have your way with me.”

“Wh…a..t?” Kevin was caught off guard by her sister standing there, naked and willing.

“Have your way with me” She said again. “Nobody’s home, won’t be for the weekend”

There standing naked in front of me, was my gorgeous sixteen year old sister, and all I could think of doing was grabbing her right there and then. So I did.

I motioned for her to lie down on the couch, which she promptly did. I proceeded to get on my knees and spread her legs. At first I was a little hesitant, but she continuously persisted I do it, to which I caved and went on. I placed my tongue on the tip of her clit, slowly moving it about, to which she began to softly moan over. I could tell she was enjoying it as she took hold of my head and brought me in closer. I continued to swivel my tongue around the top area of her clit before I slowly moved downwards, to the opening of her vagina. I then began to lick the outer walls of her vagina, to which she responded with deep moans as her body twitched to my every move. As I continued to divulge myself between her legs, I moved my hands around her thighs. This slight touching sensation made her squirm even more as my tongue made its rounds. I then proceeded to insert my middle finger into her vagina as her mouth let out a soft, sounding moan. I continued to finger my sister before I inserted another finger. This gave her an unparallel amount of satisfaction. She told me to go fast, so I complied. I could feel her walls cave closer as she was nearing climax, and then it happened. I wrapped my mouth around her sweet thing and proceeded to suck up her juices.

Before I could continue, she stood up and threw me down on the couch. She then pulled down my pants and underwear down to my ankles, while I took my shirt off. With my cock standing up tall and proud, she proceeded to take it deep into her mouth. My head went back as I felt extreme pleasure. As my sister started bobbing her head up and down my hard shaft, all I could feel was the pressure building as I could feel my juices joining together. She took it out of her mouth and started to stroke it while her tongue ran around my ball sack. She then placed my cock back in her mouth as she began to deep throat it, managing to fit all seven inches down her throat without gagging and back. She continued this for several minutes, stopping just long enough to tease me.

She then got up and lowered herself precisely over my throbbin’ cock and began to ride me. We both started to moan as the pleasure was unbearable. As I lay there, my sister continued to ride me, and it felt great. For many minutes, she would continue to pick up her pace as she started bouncing up and down my shaft, her perfect tits bouncing up with her. As she got off, I got up and got behind her. I slowly placed the head of my cock outside of her awaiting pussy and began to tease her. “Put it in already” she proclaimed. “Heh.” I responded. As I began to slowly enter my sister from behind, I placed a hand on her hip as I guided her down my shaft. I began to quickly pick up the pace as I continued to guide her back and forth. She moaned, as I let her move her hips to the motion. I could feel my body tensing up as her inner walls started to shrink around my throbbing cock. “Uh” I moaned as I was just about to explode, and at that instant I pulled out as she flipped over and I unleashed a fury of cum all over her tits. She looked up at me, pleasantly surprised as she took my package down her throat as she cleaned me out.

I fell back on the couch as she leaned over and started to blow me. It was an amazing feeling, to which I guided her head up and down my shift and from that day on, whenever our parents left, we would have fun of our own.

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