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Brother Visits Sister at College Part 2

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My brother and I both just stood there for a moment staring at each other.   Neither of us knew how to react.   He had just caught me in bed with my best friend engaging in (what I considered to be some pretty hot) lesbian sex, and we had caught him jacking off to us.   Finally he broke the silence in a soft calm voice.   “Wow, who would’ve ever thought I would’ve learned that my parents were getting it on like teenagers and my sisters is a lesbian, all in the same weekend.

  “I’m not a lesbian.” I informed him

  “Well that defiantly wasn’t a guy.” He said referring to Michelle.

  “Michelle and I just like to enjoy each other’s company once and a while, I like guys too though.”   I couldn’t believe I was telling my brother this.   I couldn’t believe I was telling him all about my sex life.

  “I don’t believe you,” he said with a smirk on his face, “prove it to me.”

  “What!” I exclaimed, “How am I supposed to prove it to you?” I asked suddenly confused.

  “Simple, bring someone in and fuck him right now and prove it to me.   After all, it is pretty easy to tell if someone is faking their enjoyment during sex.”

  “Eww… That’s gross, I’m not fucking someone in front of my own brother, and what do you know about sex?”   I asked somewhat disgusted, but at the same time turned on by the thought of fucking someone in front of my brother.


  “Well, first of all, I know that it’s a college campus, therefore, it’s filled with college guys, and second, as a guy who just saw you naked, I would want to fuck you senseless.”   He was surprising me with all his boldness.   Reluctantly I agreed to fuck someone in front of him.   I told him to go and get Michelle, which he did, and I told her to go get Ted.   She went and put on a bath robe and went and got Ted and told him to come to my room.


  Ted appeared a short time later with Michelle right behind him and asked me what was up.   I was getting more comfortable with the idea, and had also come up with an evil plan.   By the time he arrived, I pulled the covers down far enough to expose my still naked breasts, and had a hand under the covers rubbing myself as well as on my breasts playing with them and tweaking my nipples.   Brian was enjoying this quite a bit and I could see his dick starting to grow inside his pants.   I shot him an evil glance, which he returned with a playful kiss.


  I explained to Ted that Brian was an ex-boyfriend who had flown in from home to try to get me back.   I told him that I was over with Brian, and just to rub it in to him I wanted to fuck him right there in front of Brian so hopefully he would get the idea.   I pushed my breast up to my face and licked my nipple while he was deciding.


  He answered by taking off his shirt and walking over towards me more.   He climbed on the bed and moved up to my mouth and started to kiss me, normal at first then he started sticking his tongue in and swirling it with mine.   He was propping himself up with one arm and was rubbing the other one across my breasts and moving them and just doing things that he knew I liked.   He was really good at what he did, and before long I was moaning softly.   My hands were working on his jeans and zipper and trying to get them off.   I got them down to his knees, then he broke and slipped them all the way off and pulled the covers all the way off my body, exposing our naked bodies to each other.


  He took a couple seconds to look at my body, then he laid down on top of me again and resumed kissing me and kneading my breasts. His hard dick was pressed between his stomach and mine, and I could feel his long hard 8” member between us.   He started grinding his pelvis into mine as a preview for what was to come.   I found his rhythm and matched it, grinding back into him.


  So there we were, laying on my bed dry fucking, making out between breaths and moans and his hands all over my body.   I was in heaven, it felt great.   I totally forgot about our audience.   Ted the broke our kiss and started moving down my body, leaving a trail of kisses.   He spent lots of time, nibbling on my ear, down and around my neck, all while having one hand on each breast massaging them and playing with them.   He then moved down farther to my breasts and started kissing them, licking my nipples, teasing me and all those other amazing things that he did.   It didn’t help that while his mouth was concentrating on one breast, his hand was working on the other like nothing was happening.   The stimulation I got from that was absolutely amazing.   My moans were becoming louder and I was grinding my pelvis into his leg harder and harder.   I was nearing an orgasm.


  Finally, when I thought I was about to die or pass out from the pleasure I was getting, he stopped and started moving down my body again.   I knew where he was headed and didn’t think that I would last long at all if he didn’t give me any time to stop and catch my breath.   Luckily he did though.   He stayed at my stomach and trailed around my belly button and other stuff as if he knew that I was going to pass out if he continued.


  Then, as if I had told him I was ready again, he moved down and latched himself like a magnet onto my pussy.   I screamed out, not because it was shocked or anything, but because I knew any self control I had at that point was gone.   I don’t know where this boy learned to eat pussy, but he was good!   There were times he could rival and even surpass Michelle.   I mean this guy was good.


  So as Ted started his magic, I suddenly remembered the audience we had.   I looked over to see what they were up to.   I was shocked at what I saw.   Michelle was sitting next to Brian.   Her robe was completely undone and open in the middle showing everything.   Brian’s pants were on the floor around his ankles.   Michelle had one hand around his dick and was jacking him off slowly, and had the other hand buried in her pussy pleasuring herself.   They were both staring at us watching the hot show we were putting on in front of them.


  Just then Ted hit my spot and my attention suddenly went back to myself and what was being done to me.   I started moaning once again and brought my hand up to my breasts and played with and tweaked my nipples to add more pleasure to what he was already doing, not that I needed to, but I needed to do something!


  It wasn’t too long later that I knew I was about to explode.   My moans were becoming more and more and louder and louder, and I was pushing my hips into his face in a mostly uncontrollable movement.   I felt my orgasm building then moving past the point of no return, then I screamed out as I exploded onto his face.   I felt some much needed relief at that point and laid back down and spread my legs as far as they would go at that point and closed my eyes to catch my breath.


  Ted took advantage of the easy access as well as the lubrication I just gave him from my orgasm and he took his big dick and started to push it into me.   I was caught by surprise by this and let out a yelp when he entered me.   I opened my eyes to see his 8” monster disappearing into me.   I opened my mouth and was gasping deep breaths as he slowly slid into me.   His giant cock felt great inside of me, rock hard, felt like I had a giant pole pushing up inside my stomach.   He then slowly started pushing in and pulling out so that just his head would appear at my pussy lips.   He started in this slow rhythm and then picked up the pace more and more, faster and faster until he was getting all the way in with each thrust.


  His balls were slapping my ass as he fucked me right there on my bed.   I was in so much pleasure I couldn’t contain myself.   I didn’t know what to do.   Between my gasps and breaths my hands were fumbling around with my tits and then with my pussy, spreading it father apart and feeling that point of contact on the surface where his dick met my body for the first time.   We were really getting into it too.   The bed was starting to shake, I was unknowingly meeting his thrusts and rhythms so that on each thrust he got as deep as he could.


  As I was laying there holding my breasts to keep them from jumping around too much, I looked over again to see what Michelle and Brian were up to.   What I saw shocked me. Brian was still sitting in the chair, and Michelle was kneeling on the floor between brains legs giving him a blow job.   Brian’s eyes went between watching his sister get the shit fucked out of her, and looking down to the beautiful girl giving him head.   He didn’t know what was hotter, watching his sister get fucked, or receiving head from one of her hot friends.   I knew down inside though that it was me who had gotten him hard the first time, and I got some sort of satisfaction from that.   I liked the feeling of knowing that I was making my brother, and (well somewhat) aiding in keeping him hard.


  As I was laying there getting fucked by Ted, I was watching Michelle, who was now paying absolutely no attention to Ted and I, just to Brian and his dick, I couldn’t help but stare at Brian’s beautiful dick as Michelle bobbed up and down on it.   Yes I know, I just said that my brothers dick is beautiful, and well, it is.   Any girl who would’ve seen it would’ve said that it was beautiful.   I began fanaticizing what it would be like to be fucked by Brian, or have that be me that was holding onto the base of his shaft with one hand, and kneeding his balls with the other while I bobbed up and down, having my brothers own dick move in and out of my mouth.


  As if the sex could get any better, somehow it did.   Somehow thinking of Brian up there sliding in and out of me was getting me even hotter and hornier and somehow made the pleasure Ted was giving me all that much better.   My moans became deeper and deeper, more and more meaningful.   Finally I reached another orgasm as my body shook, contracted on Ted’s dick and soaked the sheets beneath us even more.   After my second orgasm of the fuck had subsided, Ted started to fuck me again.   It wasn’t too long later that he was reaching an orgasm of his own.


  He knew that I didn’t like to be cummed in (well, I loved it actually, but he knew I had to tell him to) so he pulled out and started shooting load after load of his hot, white, sticky cum all over my stomach, chest and face.   Having another couple in my room must have done it for him too because he just kept shooting.   I was surprised at how much stuff came out of him, more than ever had before.   When he finally stopped, he fell beside me on the bed exhausted.   I just laid there with his cum all over my body and started rubbing it into my breasts.   I liked the way it felt and it made me all shiny and slippery.


  Michelle was at my side a few seconds later.   She climbed on the bed with me and strattled my stomach.   She hung over my face and opened her lips and let something start to ooze out.   It didn’t come to me at first what it was, but when it was halfway down between her mouth and mine, I realized finally what it was.   Brian had cummed in her mouth and she was sharing that cum with me.   She was spitting it out of her mouth so that it landed in mine!   I was beginning to like this more and more.


  I opened my mouth and received the blob of my brothers own cum.   I swirled it around in my mouth a few times, savoring the taste, then I switched places with Michelle and spit it back to her.   We did this a couple times before she finally swallowed it.  


  She then moved down and started licking off my face, neck and breasts of Ted’s cum.   It took her a little while, but she finally had me all cleaned off.   She then collapsed right there with both Ted and I, as she was exhausted, although not as much as me.   Just today, I had been through three orgasms, had some pretty hot lesbian sex, and been fucked out of my mind while envisioning it to be my brother.


  A short time later Ted gave me a kiss, gathered up his clothes and left.   He knew we only told him to come because I wanted a fuck.   That was ok with him, and that was ok with me.   We were fuck buddies.


  Michelle was still laying beside me with her arm drapped across my stomach, her head on my shoulder, and on led drapped across mine.   Then she whispered in my ear…


  “So… you gonna do him?”

  I looked over to Brian and looked at him sitting there with his now limp cock and just a shirt on.   He saw me looking at him and gave me a really sweet smile, like he had never given before.


  I looked back at Michelle and whispered in her ear, “go get the video camera…”

  With that Michelle just smiled at me and slowly got out of bed and left.



Part 3 coming soon!   Let me know what you think so far!


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