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Brother and two sisters have fun

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I had always dreamt of fucking my two sisters. I hear from my friends that most men wanna bang twins. My sisters and I got on fine and generally were very close. They were extremely close they shared a room and did most of their activities together which turned out to be very good for me!

Zoe was thin and curvy with brown hair from the breif glimpses I got of her naked her pussy had a thin line of hair above her forbidden fruits. Kim was thin and busty with 32dd breasts already. I caught her shaving one time in the bathroom so from what I know she had a bald pussy.

One night I woke up suddenly and needed a piss. My sisters' room is just across from mine and the bathroom is in between our rooms. I heard a low moaning coming from my sisters rooms as I was relieving myself. I crept over to the door and edged it open to see my sisters in the 69 position moaning and groaning. Kim brought Zoe to a shaking orgasm just as I started to take advantage of this beautiful sight.

I didn't notice they had stopped until they noticed I had started. They both came out naked and dragged me into their room to ask why I was outside their room with my 7 1/2" dick in my hand. I didn't answer I just asked why they were performing oral on each other. They said they wouldn't tell mom on me if I didn't on them.

I asked if they were lesbians and not into guys but they told me they just enjoyed masturbating together. I also asked if either of them had had a dick. One said yes. I had an idea forming in my head and I think they both had the same idea. I walked forward towards Kim and embraced her sweet body and kissed her passionately with tongues. I felt a fantastic sensation around dick as I broke from Kim to get some air I looked down to see Zoe with her hands wrapped around my pulsing dick and licking its head. "That's right darling common babe suck it."

As Zoe was giving me my first blow job I wrapped my hands around Kim's nipples and pinched and twisted them until they became erect. I latched my mouth onto her left nipple and suckled like a child. She started a low moaning. I told Zoe to get on her knees and bend over as I placed me head underneath her forbidden fruits. Just before I started the job. I told Kim to suck my pulsing rock hard dick. I could tell straight away that Kim had done this before she had her lips over 3 inches of my cock and was using her tongue to caress the head of my dick. It felt fantastic while she was doing this she was using her hands to wank the other 4 1/2 inches of my cock.

Just as I was getting into it Zoe moaned "John my pussy has been waiting for you since I first saw your cock common don't make me wait any longer!" I jumped at the chance to taste my sister's pussy juice. I started by parting her labia and licked the inside of her sweet pussy. which was already moist. I lick her inside for a while the flicked my tongue inside and out and she enjoyed that. I knew one thing that would drive her crazy. I found her clit and sucked it long and hard while finger fucking her sweet pussy hole. She writhed and moaned with pleasure and pushed her pussy into my face grinding it in there and I kept on licking and licking and every stroke of my tongue and every thrust with my finger brought her closer to to a shaking and violent orgasm. "Wait John! Will you lick my asshole?" She was quite light so I lifted her so she was sitting on my face and licked her asshole around the sides and poked my tongue in and out of her surprising sweet asshole.

I felt the usual feeling as Kim was about to receive a wave of my hot cum she took 6 1/2 inches of my cock into her mouth and used her tongue to lick my shaft as shot wave after wave of my cum down her throat and she enjoyed it, she kept her mouth latched onto my dick and sucked all of my juices out of me when it was all gone she kissed my balls and went round to Zoe's pussy and finger fucked it fast, deep and hard while I lick and fingered Zoe's asshole. Zoe's orgasm came in gushing waves she moaned so loudly we thought mom might have woken up. Her orgasm finally subsided and my face and Kim's fingers were soaked in Zoe's cum and it tasted sweet and juicy all at the same time.

I said "We have to do this again sometime!" Zoe and Kim looked at each other and said at the same time "Hell yes baby!" Kim added in "You still haven't made me cum yet!"

This was my first story written tell me if you enjoyed it and whether or not I should write another.

P.S Sorry for the length I got carried away.

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