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Cousins fantasy

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A few weeks ago, I was at my cousins house hanging out when her mom had to leave for a doctors appointment. Lauren still had some homework to do, and went to her room to do it. A few minutes later, I walked past her door on the way to the restroom, when I heard a slight moan coming from her room. Her door was slightly cracked so I decide to look in. When I did, I saw something that I'd only been able to see in my dreams: my Hot red headed cousin was masturbating. Naturally, seeing her do this made my cock stand at attention, and I decided immediately I would take measures to make sure I got my chance to de-flower her once and for all. I immediately went to the living room and called Lauren in. a second or two passed and she came scurrying into the living room, rather red faced. "yeah?" she asked me "what do you want?"
    "I was wondering, do you have Mr Brandeburg by any chance?"
    "yeah, he teaches my health class."
    "any homework from him?"
    "No, but I've got a test on the sex unit on friday."
Bingo, this was my shot.
    "I'll help you study for it if you want."
    "sure, if you want to I guess."
I stood up and escorted my petit young cousin to her room. good thing her mom was'nt coming home for a few hours. About five minutes of study, I decided to bring up the issue of her masturbation.
    "by the way, I saw what you were doing a few minutes ago," Her face got a look of suprise and her face turned beet red "and I must say, you were really gonig good." My cock was upright again.
    "oh god, you saw me?"
    "yes. but nevermind that, lets get back to studying for your test."
   When she began reaching for her pencil again, I set my hand on her knee and began running my finger up the inside of her thighs. she looked at me with a look of suprise and closed her legs on my hand.
    "what are yoiu doing?"
    "I thought we might try a more hands on approch." I turned towards her and used my free hand to open her legs. suprisingly, she reluctantly eased up on my hand. I continued to work my way up her skirt to find that her virgin pussy was flowing, absolutely soaking her panties. when I heard a slight moan from her, it aroused me further.
    "I-I don't think we should do this...your my cousin."
    "but your dripping wet already, and to be honest, Iv'e wanted to have sex with you for a while now, and you've been un-knowingly teasing me with your uncommon kindness for months."
    "but thats because your the only one in our family who's nice to me."
    "I know, Lauren. but your dripping wet right now from my touch, and even though you know it's wrong, theres a small part of you that wants to fuck me, right?"
    "y-yeah, I guess, but-"
    "her sentance was cut off with a loud moan of pleasure caused by me pressing hard on her erect clit and massaging it roughtly. Her juices flowed out even more and I felt her vagina let out a small orgasm. It was time. I pulled my hand away and stood up. taking her hand, I guided her to the bed and layed her down on it. I undid my pants and let my cock, which felt like it was about to pop from all the blood filling it, bob out. Without wasting any more time I Put a hand on each or her knees and spread her legs while I thrust my cock to her steaming hot pussy, which was met by her dripping wet panties. I pressed on, teasing her through her panties with the rock solid end of my penis, which made her moan loudly. after a quick moment or two more of this, I pushed her panties aside and attempted to trust into her desperate cunt. I say attempted because it was the tightest pussy I'd ever been in and my penis had a small challenge of getting into it. after forcing it in with all my strength, I plowed into her hymen, feeling it break with very little reistance. she winced with pain but kept moaning loudly. I played with her nipples and they got hard rather quickly. after an hour or tow of sex, I was about ready to blow my load, but obviously did'nt want to further risk me impregnating her, so I pulled my cock out, wich was hard because her pussy seemed to be sucking it in, and quickly positioned myself to thrust my cock into her mouth. It felt wonderfull cumming in her mouth while she sucked on it and slid her tounge along my shaft. we were both exhausted and layed on her bed completely naked for a few minutes. An hour later her mom came home, not suspecting a thing.

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